Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Old Tawau Airport, what next?

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu visited the old Tawau airport last Sunday during the state round tour of the DAP mobile service. The concern Tawau folks wanted the MP to find out what is the government going to do with this long abandon airport. This airport is used to be the main airport serving the Tawau area until the new airport is in use.

Dr. Hiew said that this is a Federal matter, and the old Tawau Airport should be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport. He said he can bring this matter up with the Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat in the coming Parliament sitting on the 15th June, to enquire about the decision on the abandon airport.

The old airport is sited just by the side of the Tawau town centre and it covers a total area of 300 over acres. It is next to the town and it is a waste to leave it abandon like this, claimed one of the complainers. In order to make good use of the old airport which is still in good condition, both the building and the runway strip, Dr. Hiew suggested that the flying club and its school to make use of the airport for their flying training courses. The old airport can also be converted to house the hospital emergency helipad for helicopters bringing in patients from the rural district for emergency medical treatment. This is because the Tawau General Hospital is just one kilometer away. Besides, it is important to consider the possibility to move the highly congested bus terminal away from the town centre to this airport location. This will help to ease the traffic congestion of the town too. Since the bus terminal is also part of the responsibility of the Federal Transport Ministry, this can be easily arranged.

There are many other viable proposals for the conversion of the old airport land to proper usage that can bring benefit to the Tawau folks, and it should only be use for public purpose only. Hiew said that he was told that some private companies wanted to take over the 300 acres for private development. He hopes the government will not approve this type of personal gain proposal. The peoples’ interest must be protected and promoted.

On the new Tawau airport, it is surprise to see that there are so many items on the list which needed immediate attention by the Malaysia Airport Bhd. (MAB). The air conditioning system in the boarding waiting hall is out of service about one and a half months now, and there is no sign of its repair. There are only two stand-fans blowing the hot waiting room. The lighting is not enough, and it is so dark at places because many lights are not switch on. Are they trying to safe money? There is complaint that the canteen closed at 5pm and passenger can’t get to buy food and drinks, the time must follow the flight schedules. Besides, the toilets are not clean and the floor tiles are torn off. The MAB has to immediately put right the situation in the airport, due to Tawau airport is the important tourist gateway.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

在上个星期日(26/04/09)亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士带领沙巴民主行动党流动服务队,前往斗湖进行流动服务和巡视。 该处的人们希望邱国会议员能为他们询问政府,对弃置已久的旧机场有什么未来的计划。 在新机场启用后,这个旧机场已被废弃,以前这机场是斗湖区的主要机场。

邱博士说,这项问题是联邦政府的问题,斗湖旧机场应该是属于联邦交通部的管辖范围。 他说他将会在六月十五日的国会中,向部长拿督翁诗询问有关被弃置的斗湖旧机场的问题。

该旧机场的位置就在斗湖市中心的附近,而它的总面积超过三百多英亩。 该区的人抱怨说,旧机场距离斗湖镇很近,却被如此的荒废弃置着实在是很浪费。目前旧机场,无论是在建筑物和跑道地带仍处于良好状态。 为了充分利用该地方,邱博士建议设立飞行俱乐部,或是飞行训练学校。 要不然可以在旧机场设立直升机降落坪,让直升机以最短的时间把来自远处乡区的紧急病患者带到斗湖中央医院进行急救和治疗,斗湖医院离开旧机场只有一公里之遥。 此外,也可以考虑把巴士终站搬迁到旧机场,远离拥挤的市中心,这能够帮助缓解交通拥堵。 由于客运巴士终站也是联邦交通部的责任之一,这应该是在他们的职权之下安排。

其实还有许多其他可行的建议把旧机场的土地加以好好利用,以造福斗湖人,并且该土地应该只供于公众用途。 邱氏说他被告知,一些私人公司想要接管这三百英亩的地作为私人发展计划。他希望政府不要批准这种类型的个人利益提案。 大众的利益必须优先受到保护和考量。

在斗湖的新机场,很惊讶的看到有许多地方需要马来西亚机场有限公司(MAB)立即加以关注的。候机大厅的冷气空调系统已经坏大约一个半月,到现在并没有看任何维修迹象。在炎热的候机室里只有两座大型风扇。 此外,该处的电灯也不足够,而且有许多地方灯光不足,许多灯都没有开,试图在节省电费吗? 有人投诉说,机场的食堂只营业到下午五点,很多乘客都买不到食品和饮料,该食堂的时间应该是按照航班的时间经营。 另外,厕所很不干净和该地板都已毁坏。马来西亚机场有限公司必须立即纠正机场的遭糕情况,因为斗湖机场是旅游业重要的门户。

DBKK anti kota kinabalu Member of Parliment, Elected peoples’ representative not allowed in District Action Committee meetings

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew King Cheu today strongly protested after being refused again to attend the District Action Committee meeting, when he made the request. He said this is a total disrespect of the right of the elected representative of the people in Kota Kinabalu City for not allowing him to attend the District Action Committee meeting. Last Year Dr. Hiew was refused attendance in spite of receiving invitation during the April meeting by the DBKK. The KK City Mayor, Datuk Illyas Ibrahim explained the case as a mistake, because the officer did not notice there is a “bar” to all opposition representatives. The Mayor later apologized for the mistake made, but in any case the KK MP can always sit as an observer in the meeting.

This time round, when Dr. Hiew asked to be a member of the committee, the officers forwarded him a copy of the “National Action Council Instruction No. 1, 2004” from the Prime Minister Department, published on the 15th October, 2004, to Dr. Hiew to explain why he cannot be included as a member of the District Action Committee (Jawantan Kerja Tindakan Negrei, JKTNg). It states that under the section 2.6 – District Action Committee, clause 2.61 - Committee Members of JKTNg includes Member of Parliament and State assemblyman, and there is no mentioned of opposition members are not allowed, but later In Section 5, clause 5.5, this clause specified that the committee members are only from the ruling party.

Dr. Hiew said this is highly unfair as far as the Kota Kinabalu folks are concern. Their elected representative, the KK MP had not been given a chance to participate in such an important meeting that involved many pressing issues in the district and the KK City. The MP wants to attend the meeting does not mean that he will give them “headache”, but he is doing his job as the peoples’ representative, he has the duty to be present and listen to various happening in City. As seen from the past, Dr. Hiew had help in many ways to improve the Kota Kinabalu City and other areas in Sabah. We are elected member, therefore, we should not be deprived of the basic right to represent the people.

Dr. Hiew said he will write to the Prime Minister requesting him to amend the Standing instruction to allow opposition representatives in Sabah to attend as a committee member in the state and district level action committee meeting. We hope he can grant the privilege to us in Sabah.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天强烈抗议再次被拒绝参加县级行动委员会的会议。 他指出,不让他参加县级行动委员会会议是一个完全不尊重亚庇人民选出来的代议士。 尽管在去年四月期间接受到亚庇市政厅的邀请卡,邱博士却被拒绝出席该会议。 亚庇市长拿督依利雅士解释该情况是一个误会,因为他的官员没有发现该会议是不包括反对党议员代表的“规定”。 市长过后道歉,并说明在任何情况下, 国会议员随时可以成为观察员前来旁听。

今年的会议,当邱博士要求成为委员时,市政厅官员转交了一份由首相署于二零零四年十月十五日所发出的‘二零零四,国家行动理事会指示’,解释邱博士为什么不能被列为县级行动委员会(Jawantan Kerja Tindakan Negrei ,JKTNg)的委员。 在指示中指出,根据第2.6项的第2.61条 - 委员会成员包括国会议员和州议员,却也没有提到反对党成员是不允许的,但后来在第5项的第5.5条 ,则指定只有执政党的议员才可以成为委员。

邱博士指出,这对亚庇人民来说是非常不公平的。他们所选出的国会议员,却未有机会参加如此重要的会议,而这会议涉及许多对亚庇市和各地区民生和社会发展迫切的问题。 国会议员要参加该会议并不意味着,他将使到他们“头痛” ,而是他身为人民的代议士,他有责任出席并听取各方面在城市里的进展及问题。 正如从过去,邱博士帮助了在沙巴州和亚庇市及其他地区许多方面的问题改善,也提供了良好的意见。 我们是民选的议员,因此,我们是不应该被剥夺代表人民的基本权利。

邱博士说,他将会致信给首相要求他严正看待该项指示,让人民的反对党代议士能够在沙巴州出席州和县级的行动委员会会议,并且成为委员之一。 我们希望首相能给予在沙巴州的反对党代议士一个更好的机会服务。

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Power Cut and load shading all over Sabah

The electricity supply becomes the heaviest complain from consumers in Sabah this few days. There is power cut every day beginning last week until today, and consumers faced heavy loses due to the interruption and power failure. Dap offices received plenty of complaints all over Sabah, like Tawau, KK, Lahad Datu and Sandakan. The heavily affected area is in KK. The whole electricity supply system is temporarily put under “power shedding” mode.

When enquired by Dap Sabah Chairman Dr. Hiew King Cheu regarding the reasons behind this situation, he was told that there is a power shortfall of nearly 45% in the state due to some SESB power generators broke down and IPP having problem in several major power generating station. This acute power shortage created a general out cry for power in many areas in Sabah.

The many power stations in Sabah needed immediate overhaul and renewal. Some of the generator sets are more then twenty years old, including those of the IPP. This round of power cut is contributed mainly by the power plants in Tenom Panggi and Labuan. The Panggi hydro power lost two out of the three generators due to debris and silt jamming the turbine from the river. The Labuan gas turbine lost half of its power generation.

The power shortage night mare has returned and it is believed that this will stays for sometimes before it can return to normal supply. Dr. Hiew urges the SESB and the TNB to immediately to solve the problem and bringing in new power plants to replace the condemned units. The government should immediately make arrangement to build bigger electric power plant to supply the whole state. We can not survive without electricity, and how is the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) going to be carried out? In the mean time, Dr. Hiew advice consumer should cut power usage and save energy whenever they can, especially during peak demand hours. This can be done by using less on air conditioners, lighting, water heaters, fans, fridges, freezers, and all electrical appliances. We don’t want the remaining power to go overloaded and become malfunction.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

这几天在沙巴州消费者不断抱怨和投诉电力的供应。从上周直到今天,每天人们须面对停电的问题,由于电力供应的中断,引起许多消费者面临着严重的损失。 民主行动党办事处收到很多各处的投诉,如斗湖, 亚庇,拿笃和山打根。 影响比较严重的地区是在亚庇,整个供电系统须轮流分区来提供电源。

当沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士询问有关的该问题的原因,他被告知说,本州面对严重的电供短缺,约45 %。 这是因为沙巴电力局的大部分发电机发生了故障,此外还有几个主要的独立发电站面临着技术上的问题。 这一项严重的电力短缺在沙巴州引起许多地方因电源提供不足而被逼面临停电或分区轮流供电。

沙巴州有许多发电站急需进行大维修和更新。 沙电力局有一些发电机已经用了二十多年,其中也包括独立发电站。 这一次的停电主要的问题是来自丹南邦基(Panggi)和纳闽的发电厂。 由于河里的杂物和淤泥堵塞了发电机的涡轮操作,使到邦基水力发电厂失去三部中的两部发电机操作。 而纳闽岛的天然气发电机也因故障而失去一半的功能。

目前缺电的问题将会连续下去,这要等上一段时间才能完全恢复正常。邱博士促电力局和国能立即解决该问题,为沙巴州建立新的发电厂以取代陈旧的。 政府也应立即作出安排建立更大的发电厂,来供应整个沙巴州。 我们不能没有电流的供应,此外,沙巴发展走廊(SDC)将会如何去进行? 在此同时,邱博士呼吁消费者应该节省电源的使用,尤其是在需求量处于高峰时。这可以通过节省使用,比如调低冷气空调,关闭电灯,少用热水器,电风扇,冰箱,和其他电器。 我们不希望电量负荷,更加造成更多发电机的故障。

hospital SMC sabah tawau

Sabah Medical Services Dilemma.

The Sabah DAP chairman cum KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu together with Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin and Edward Ewol Mujie visited the Tawau General Hospital last Sunday for the regular round Sabah visit tour. They received comment on the Tawau hospital concerning the lack of car park, lack of certain medicines, long queues for medicine dispensary, and no enough air conditioning and some minor areas needed improvement. Besides these, the hospital is generally acceptable. DAP hopes the facilities can be up graded soonest possible.

The statement from the Assistant Minister of Health, Datuk Rosnah Shirlin on the decision to purchase the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) came without surprise. This is because the Ministry of Health has no choice, had to buy over the SMC to cover their mistake and gross negligence in failing to provide the KK folks with the basis health care facilities. For the past years, KK health facilities and services have not improved and developed into what it should be. There are many associated problems like lack of doctors, specialists, equipments, hospital beds, buildings, ambulances and even the essential medicine supply. This is definitely not enough to serve the population of half a millions.

Sabah DAP strongly recommends to the Ministry of Health to immediately make available allocation of fund to Sabah to continue the construction of the 660 beds QEH Twin tower blocks which also house other important facilities like the operating theaters, Intensive care units and scan equipment. The building contractor must be selected through open tendering from contractors well qualified, experience, and capable to handle the project. He should not be any “Ali Ba Ba” or politically related contractors. The previous contracts had failed badly, what should the government do?

At the mean while, it is suggested that the government may continue to rent the beds and facilities from SMC to supplement its short fall until the new QEH buildings are ready. This will facilitate a saving compared to buying out right the whole lot from SMC. When the General hospital is ready, the SMC will be able to continue to serve those who don’t wish to go for government hospitals. At the moment, the car park in SMC remains insufficient, the motorist and hospital visitors risked being booked by traffic police while parking their cars on the outside roads. There should be additional car parks built immediately. The car parking fees are too expensive. The SMC is being used by the government now, therefore the parking fees should be lowered to accommodate and suit the low and general income group.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,斯里丹戎州议员黄仕平及爱德华慕吉于上个星期天,前往巡视斗湖医院。他们收到许多有关该医院的投诉,如缺乏停车场,缺乏某些药物的供应,拿药须久等,没有足够的冷气空调和另有一些地方需要改进和提升。 该医院的运作大致上是可以被接受的。 民行党希望该医院的以上所提能够尽快的进行提升和改进。

针对卫生部副部长拿督罗斯娜所宣布卫生部将要购买沙巴医药中心(SMC),大家觉得一点也不感到意外。 这是因为卫生部已经别无选择,因此不得不购买该医药中心, 来弥补他们未能提供给亚庇人一个最基本的医院的严重过失。 在过去的几年,医院服务并没有达到应有的改善和发展。 比如缺乏医生,专科医生,设备,病床,建筑物,甚至以救护车和基本的药品供应都是沙巴州经常面对的问题。 现有的服务肯定不足够以应付五十多万的人口。

沙巴民主行动党强烈建议卫生部立即提供额外拨款给沙巴州,以立即继续建造该拥有六百六十张病床的伊利沙白医院的双子大楼,以及包括其他重要的设施如手术房,重病监护病房和扫描设备。 该建筑工程必须要通过透明及公正的公开招标方式来选定有资格,经验和有能力的承包商来承接该工程,不该有任何‘阿里巴巴’或和政治裙带关系的承包商。 此外政府对之前的新医院的承包商毁约而无法依期竣工,会怎样的去处理及对付呢?

此外,我们建议政府可以继续租用私人医药中心的病床和设施,以补充目前的短缺,直到新的伊利沙白医院建好。 如果与购买整个私人医药中心相比,这将会比较节省的多。 当新的中央医院准备就绪时才搬迁回去。 然而,该私人医药中心能够继续提供医药服务给某些不愿到政府医院就医的病人。 目前,该私人医院的停车场仍然不足使用,很多汽车被逼停泊在泊车场的外面的马路,随时会面对交通警员给罚票。 该医院应该既刻建立更多的泊车位。 另外,该处的泊车费太昂贵,现在是政府正在租用该私人医药中心,因此,泊车费应该降低,以配合低收入的公众人士。

Monday, 27 April 2009

Pertanyaan-Pertanyaan Untuk Jawapan Lisan Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah 17 – 20 November 2008

Soalan 20

Y.B Tuan Jimmy Wong Sze Phin [Sri Tanjong] bertanya kepada KETUA MENTERI, kenapakah Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur sekarang mengambil masa yang lebih panjang sehingga empat (4) bulan untuk mengesahkan grant tanah untuk pinjaman bank sedangkan dahulu cuma perlu satu minggu.


Tuan Speaker,

Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat dari Kawasan N.57 Sri Tanjong bahawa pengesahan pendaftaran transaksi yang melibatkan cagaran di atas geran tanah adalah dikendalikan oleh Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah (Central Land Registry) di Kota Kinabalu terutamanya jika ia melibatkan geran-geran CL, PL, TL atau ST. Permohonan untuk Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah Rasmi (Official Land Title Search Certificate) diminta oleh pihak peguam/firma guaman bagi pihak institusi kewangan yang berkenaan, dikemukakan kepada Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah pada masa mereka menyampaikan geran tanah serta dokumen cagaran (charge) untuk pendaftaran bersama-sama dengan permintaan untuk Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah. Dalam pada itu, pihak peguam/firma guaman sepatutnya tidak mengemukakan permintaan untuk mendapatkan Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah sehingga cagaran berkenaan selessai didaftarkan. Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah tidaklah dapat mengeluarkan Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah yang diperlukan sehingga pendaftaran cagaran telah selesai. Untuk kes-kes tersebut di atas, permohonan untuk Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah adalah proses serentak dengan pemprosesan untuk pendaftaran “Memorandum of Charge” dan akan dikeluarkan apabila pendaftaran selesai. Pada kebiasaannya, masa yang diambil ialah diantara 8 hingga 10 minggu daripada masa dokumen-dokumen dan permohonan pengesahan diterima sehingga dokumen-dokumen didaftarkan dan Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah dikeluarkan.

Akibatnya daripada peningkatan pembangunan di seluruh Negeri, khasnya 5 tahun terakhir ini, di mana pihak para pemaju telah bermula menjual lot-lot rumah/kedai yang sedang dibina kepada para pembeli atau bakal pemilik, kebanyakan penjualan dan pinjaman dikendalikan dengan tanpa geran-geran individu bagi lot-lot yang dijual, tetapi perjanjian jual beli dan permohonan pinjaman bank terikat kepada geran asal ataupun “Master Title”. Ini bereti, jika seorang pemaju projek perumahan hendak menjual 500 lot rumah kepada para pembeli/bakal pemilik rumah yang meminjam daripada pihak bank yang berlainan, semua 500 institusi pemberi pinjaman/bank yang berkenaan akan mengemukakan Kaveat masing-masing melalui pihak peguam mereka untuk didaftarkan di atas “Master Title” yang berkenaan sebelum mereka dapat memulakan pengeluaran wang pinjaman secara berperingkat. Kebanyakan bank yang berkenaan memerlukan Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah tentang status Kaveat mereka di atas “Master Title”. Masalah yang dihadapi bagi semua pihak ialah dokumen geran hanya satu sahaja, tetapi dokumen Kaveat yang diterima dari semasa ke semasa (selepas penjualan) tidaklah dapat diproses sementara waktu kerana “Master Title” yang berkenaan masih digunakan untuk pemprosesan pendaftaran Kaveat-kaveat sejenis, yang telah diterima lebih awal lagi. Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah tidak menafikan bahawa dalam keadaan ekstrim, masa yang diambil untuk pendaftaran Kaveat/pengeluaran Sijil Penyiasatan Geran tanah bagi pengesahan pendaftaran Kaveat, telah mengambil masa sampai 4 bulan bermula daripada masa penyampaian Kaveat kepada “Master Title” oleh pihak firma guaman. Pada masa ini Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah mempunyai lebih kurang 150 “Master Title” yang aktif yang sentiasa dalam tindakan seperti tersebut di atas. Geran-geran ini termasuklah “Master Title” kepada geran-geran subsidiary bagi bangunan tinggi yang bertingkat.

Untuk makluman Dewan yang mulia, sejak 5 tahun kebalakang ini, permohonan untuk mendapatkan Sijil Penyiasatan Geran tanah telah meningkat lebih 20% dan secara purata Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah menerima lebih kurang 10,000 permohonan pada setiap tahun. Pendaftran urusniaga tanah, termasuk pengeluaran Sijil-Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah dikendalikan oleh kakitangan Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah yang mahir dalam hal-hal urusniaga tanah. Tugas-tugas yang dikendalikan tersebut amatlah mencabar kerana sebarang kesilapan yang tidak sengaja, (i.e satu Sijil Penyiasatan Geran tanah yang disediakan dengan makluman yang salah dan disahkan oleh Pendaftar Tanah) boleh mengakibat transaksi tanah yang dilaksanakan berdasarkannya oleh pihak berkenaan, yang mana kemudiannya membawa kerugian besar kepada kerajaan dalam kes-kes yang dibawa ke Mahkamah. Di samping itu, kakitangan Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah juga diamanahkan dengan tanggungjawab menjaga ketulenan dokuman-dokuman yang diterima untuk pendaftaran. Berhubung dengan perkara ini, sekumpulan kakitangan yang berpengalaman dengan urusniaga tanah telah bersara pada beberapa tahun ini dan pesaraan mereka telah mewujudkan satu kekosongan dalam satu jenis kemahiran yang diperolehi melalui pengalaman, dan yang sangat diperlukan oleh Bahagian Pusat Pendaftran Tanah.

Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur sedar akan isu/permasalahan tersebut yang dihadapi oleh Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah.Dalam usaha untuk menangani isu/permasalahan tersebut, Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur sedang mengambil tindakan untuk melantik semula beberapa kakitangan yang bersara sebagai pendekatan masa jangka pendek. Kakitangan Bahagian Pusat Pendaftaran Tanah telah juga dibenarkan bekerja lebih masa supaya pendaftaran urusniaga tanah dan penyediaan Sijil Penyiasatan Geran Tanah dapat diproses dengan lebih cepat. Sementara itu, pengstrukturan semula kakitangan Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur sedang dijalankan sebagai rancangan masa jangka panjang untuk memperbaiki system penyampaian Jabatan. Dalam pada itu, pada tahun ini Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur telah menubuhkan satu Jawatankuasa Bersama Dengan Persatuan Undang-Undang Sabah, dengan tujuan untuk memperbaiki proses pendaftaran dan juga untuk mebina system “e-Pendaftaran Tanah” dan “e-Search” bagi negeri Sabah.


國家政治晉納吉紀元 黃仕平:沙首長也應撤換

斯里丹絨區州議員黃仕平指出,我國已 晉入拿督斯里納吉為首相的新紀元,而沙巴也正是時候更換首 席部長。他建議,納吉如果真的關心和愛護沙巴。就請立即把 拿督慕沙給撤換,并強調,這是大多數沙巴人的心願,他誠懇 的要求首相重視這股人民的聲音。他今日發文告指出,在很多讓人民,當然也包括國陣成員 黨成員不滿的事件上,慕沙表現的優柔寡斷不知所為,今就拿 本州種植者面對的七點五巴仙油棕銷售稅為列,明明是油廠把 此稅轉嫁給園主,由園主繳付,但慕沙卻硬硬的說非也,非也 ,并指他黃仕平要求撤銷是在捍衛頭家的利益,實在是強辭奪 理。他說:『過去一年來,我在州議會內外曾多次以口頭或書 面向慕沙解釋和陳情,甚至以證據白紙黑字提呈,證明有關銷 售稅是由種植人繳付,但是他卻完全不理會和重視,表現的像 一位“教極都不明,打極卻不懂的”小孩,仍然一意孤行,讓 種植人在此金融風暴期蒙受重大打擊,而連唯一可以協助他們 渡難關的州政府也抽手旁觀,不理他們困境。』他指出,其實,慕沙要了解種植人的困境是很容易的,事 因國陣有許多國州議員擁有油棕園,尤是在東海岸一帶,或是 ,立即去與油廠對話,或是指示有關部長或官員去向油廠查證 ,由州政府抽取的七點五巴仙銷售稅是由誰繳付,就立即可取 得一個明顯和正確的答案:是由種植人所付。黃仕平強調:『如果州政府或慕沙認為大油棕園園主取得 數以億萬令吉的利潤,那麼是否可以體恤那群沒有什麼利潤小 園主的痛苦,如不給在一百英畝以下,至少得給廿畝以下的小 園主免繳該銷售稅,我要提醒慕沙,他們的地契上清楚證明他 們是小園主,他們是屬於窮困而非富有者,就是油棕有好價他 們也得益有限。』他說,他為種植人爭取取消七點五巴仙銷售稅的立場是顯 明的,絕對非慕沙所指為捍衛頭家利益,肯定是以理據爭去捍 衛人民的利益,大多數的人民代議士(雖然不敢言)和人民都 清楚,在目前的情勢下,撤銷銷售稅是有必要的,只是讓他和 人民感到不明的是,為何偏偏就是慕沙不明不懂,是在裝聾扮 矇,完全看不到其要合理處理此事的誠意。他重申:『現在我國已有了新的首相,沙巴的人民也期望 有新的首席部長,我們要求拿督斯里納吉慎重和認真的考慮把 沙巴的首長給撤換。』

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Philippine claim on Sabah (North Borneo) not an issue

The Philippine claim on Sabah (North Borneo) not an issue

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew King Cheu had received the document proof that the Philippine and the Sulu sultanate had totally no claim over the sovereignty on Sabah, previously the North Borneo. After months of research, Dr. Hiew had got hold of the document proof to clear the air over the said claim. He hopes this will help to clear the matter once for all.

The document proof came from the famous “Macaskie Judgment, 1939” in the High Court of the state of North Borneo. During which, the Government of North Borneo and the British North Borneo Company claimed that the 1873 Agreement, concluded between Messrs. Overbeck & Alfred Dent and the Sultan of Sulu, had granted and ceded the rights and power of the Sultan in North Borneo to the former and that the lands and territories were already vested in the Company. Nevertheless, in his judgment, the Chief Justice found inter alia that the “ deed of Cession was a complete and irrevocable grant of territory and the right reserved was only the right to an annual payment ( cession Monies), a right which is in the nature of moveable property”. The heir of the Sultan, had a rightful claim to the cession monies, had never been contested by the British Government then, which had succeeded the British North Borneo Company by virtue of the Agreement of 26 June, 1946.

However, the Philippines was already under American administration in 1939, and the United State had assumed the sovereignty of Spain over the Philippines and the Sulu Archipelago under the terms of the Treaties of 1898 and 1900 (concluded between the United State and Spain), the Bate Treaty of 1898, the Carpenter Agreement of 1915 and the Boundary Convention of 1930 (concluded between the USA and United Kingdom). The terms of these treaties and convention were subsequently adopted in the Philippine Proclamation of Independence in 1946, under which the Republic of Philippines inherited the sovereignty of the United State over the Philippines as well as the Sulu Archipelago. However, in all these agreements and boundary conventions, North Borneo had never been the object of the pronouncement of the Chief Justice who did not specify in categorical terms that the Philippine Government was sovereign over North Borneo. He proclaimed that the “Successors in sovereignty of the Sultan of Sulu are the Government of the Philippines Island” i.e. the USA. As such the decision could never be the true basis of the Philippine claim to the Territory of North Borneo.

The British government, in fact continued to pay the cession money to the rightful heirs under the terms of the 1878 Agreement. The Malaysian government which had, in turn, succeeded the British government, too did not contest this right, and continue to pay the money.

Therefore the claim towards the territory of North Borneo by the Philippines when all the Chief Justice’s decision did, inter alia, was to make pronouncement over the rights of certain heirs of the late Sultan to succeed to the cession monies under the term of the 1878 Agreement. Therefore, the Philippines could not put her claim to the sovereignty over North Borneo.

Based on the facts given and the historical records, it is factual that Sabah is no longer belonging to any one, but as an integral part of Malaysia.

Dr. Hiew wanted the New Minister of Foreign Ministry, Datuk Anifah Aman, to immediately work with the Philippine Government to declare there is no more claim towards Sabah, and the Cession Money shall also cease permanently. The Philippine government shall immediately with effect to establish its Consulate in Sabah. An extract of the “Macaskie Judgment” has been handed over to Datuk Anifah for his reference.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到文件证明,菲律宾和苏禄苏丹后裔已经完全没有对沙巴州有任何主权,前称北婆罗洲。 经过几个月的研究和探讨,邱博士已掌握了证据和文件针对该索回的课题。他希望这能够将索回的件事一劳永逸。

该文件是北婆罗洲最高法院著名的‘一九三九年,麦加斯基的判决’(Macaskie Judgment, 1939)。 在这期间,北婆罗洲的政府和英国北婆罗洲公司声称在一八七三年的协议中,,奥维贝克(Overbeck)及阿尔弗雷德邓特(Alfred Dent)和苏禄苏丹,注明苏丹已经授权及转移/割让北婆罗洲领土的所有拥有权归于该公司。 然而,在他的判决里,主审法官觉得该“割让契约”是一个完整并且是不可撤销授的领土拥有权契约,而唯一保留的权益只是一项‘割让款项 - 年费’而该权益为‘流动资产性质’。 苏丹的继承人,纵然可以合法的要求割让留存,但随后从来不曾向英国政府争议,因此英国北婆罗洲公司凭该协定于一九四六年六月二十六日有效拥有领土拥有权。

然而,在一九三九年菲律宾已经受美国政府所管制,就是美国根据一九八九年和一九零零年的条约(美国和西班牙之间缔结)已经继承西班牙之后在菲律宾及苏禄群岛的拥有权,一八九八年‘贝特条约’,一九一五年‘卡便德契协’和一九三零年的‘国际边界公约’(结束在美国与英国)。这些协定和公约的条例,随着在一九四六年菲律宾宣布独立的时候已被该国纳入独立宣言里,菲律宾共和国已经自动从美国手中继承苏禄群岛的主权。然而,在所有的协定和国际边界公约中,北婆罗州并没有在宣告中,而且最高法院的主审法官也没有具体明确指出北婆罗州的主权为菲律宾政府所有。他只是宣布说,‘继承苏丹[苏禄]主权为菲律宾群岛政府,即是美国’。 所以这项裁决已充分表明菲律宾索回北婆罗洲领土的不可能性。

根据一八七八年所规定的协定中,英国政府实际上继续支付割让款项给的合法的继承者。 马来西亚政府成立之后,也承认该项割让款项。

因此,针对索回北婆罗洲的土地的说法,尤其当主审法官已经判决,除此之外,根据一八七八年所签署协定的条例之下,继承人只有继承割让款项所留存的权益。 所以,很明显的菲律宾是不能索取北婆罗洲土地的拥有权。 根据历史记录的事实和提供,沙巴州事实上不再属于任何人,它是马来西亚的一份子。

邱博士希望新上任的外交部部长,拿督阿尼法阿曼立即与菲律宾政府宣布,不要再向沙巴要求索回及不需再支付任何的割让款额。而菲律宾政府应该立即在沙巴州设立其领事馆。 此外,邱博士已经已把‘麦加斯基的判决’的摘录移交给拿督阿尼法阿曼作参考。

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Paddy Planters not given enough assistance by government

The paddy planters in Sabah are not given enough government assistance in terms of pricing, subsidies, and infrastructure development. This is the main cause for the drop in the production of rice in the state. The paddy planters refused to plant because of the small profit margin, coupling with the lack of good infrastructure. They are in deep hardship.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu was at hand to explore into the various problems affecting this compulsory food production. He had been following the various stages of negotiation and meeting between the Paddy planters association (Padikom) and the Federal / State Ministry of Agriculture.

The Assistant Chief Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Dato’ Br. Baharom Jani said the problem on the drainage, irrigation, roads, and other infrastructures needed immediate attention by the Sabah government. They are very slow to implement all the projects funded by the Federal Government. There was a RM 75 millions allocation for drainage projects announced last July and released to the Sabah government in September, but very unfortunately the tender process for the work had not even been carried out until November. In many areas, the drains are still mud drains, these should be concrete drains by now. This is not the fault of the Federal Ministry because the State level is not doing their job. Therefore the state government will have to speed up with all their work to improve the same.

Dr. Hiew had asked in Parliament on the allocation provided for Sabah to develop the paddy planting for the year 2009 to 2013, and whether the funding is only for the small planters or the bigger companies are included. The written reply from the Minister of Agriculture is as follows:-
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
(1) for commercial paddy planter in Kota Belud 5.0 7.5 55.5 55.5 55.5
(estimated in million ringgit)

(2) To guarantee food production - rice 174.5 169.0 - - -

(3) to upgrade abundant paddy field 3.0 3.0 - - -

Under the ‘Guarantee food production policy’, Sabah is given a sum of RM 174.50 million for the year 2009 and RM 169.00 million for 2010. This is for the development of infrastructure, irrigation, leveling of fields, and other related items like fertilizers and insecticide. This is applicable for the all small and big commercialized paddy planters.

With the financial backing from the Federal, Dr. Hiew wants the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman to be held responsible for the slow, neglected, ineffective, and inefficient administration and execution of the work related to the paddy production in Sabah. The reason is very clear as mentioned from the figures and facts provided. We have the resources, money, and land, but why are we still importing up to 95% (220,000 ton) of our rice requirement, a total staggering figure of RM 770 million. For so many years, Sabah had not improved on its own rice production but turns to depend solely on imported rice. There is so much talk on achieving self - sufficiency and opening up some 11,000 hectares of new paddy field this year. Is it possible, based on the present performance of the state government? The answer is definitely “NO”!

Dr. Hiew wants the Sabah government to let out for free all the available state land that is suitable for planting paddy to capable planters with experience, capability and financial back ground. This is a way of productivity, when compared to leaving the land to grow wild grass and left idling for years. The Federal government can always assist to provide the necessary supporting infrastructure and irrigation work, in terms of allocation of money. We should make full use of the situation to produce more rice. Vietnam can export rice after the long war and destruction, why can’t Sabah?

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

政府无论在价目,津贴和基础设施的发展都没有给予沙巴州的稻农足够援助和关注。 这就是稻米生产下降的主要原因。 稻农们不热衷耕种是因为利润很低及缺乏良好的基础设施。 他们一直在面对许多的困难。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士一直有跟进及研讨有关影响该稻米生产的各种问题。他也曾参与稻农协会( Padikom )和中央及州农业部在各阶段的商讨和会议。

联邦农业部副秘书长,拿督巴哈鲁贾尼说,沙巴州政府须要立即关注排水系统,水利灌溉,道路和其他基础设施的问题。 纵然联邦政府已经拨款资助他们,但是州方面的执行工作却非常缓慢。 在去年七月中已经批准了马币七千五百万的排水系统工程的拨款,并且在去年九月已转交给沙巴州政府,但非常不幸的是,该招标程序却延迟到十一月才进行。 目前有许多地区仍然是以泥渠排水,其实现在这些应该是三合土排水渠。 这不是联邦的问题而是州政府没有做到他们的工作。 因此,州政府应该即刻努力改善目前稻农所面对的困境。

邱博士在国会提问有关从二零零九年至二零一三年将分配给沙巴州发展稻米种植的拨款金额,该金额是否会分配给小型稻农或是大型种稻企业。 农业部长的书面回答如下:-

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 (一)古打毛律(Kota Belud)商业稻农的资助 5.0 7.5 55.5 55.5 55.5
(二)保证粮食生产计划 - 稻米 174.5 169.0 - - -
(三 )提升荒弃的稻田 3.0 3.0 - - -

根据‘粮食生产保证的政策’,沙巴州在二零零九年将会得到的拨款是一亿七千四百五十万马币,而在二零一零年则是一亿六千九百万马币。 这笔拨款是用于发展基础设施,灌溉,提升稻田及其他相关的设施,如肥料和杀虫剂。这是适用于所有小型和大型商业稻米种植。

联邦政府已经在钱财上大力的支持,因此邱博士要沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼对处理有关稻米工作的缓慢,忽视,没有实效和行政效率低负上责任。 从上述的确实的数字和书面回答中看到,我们拥有充足的资源,金钱和土地,但是为什么我们仍然要进口高达95 %(二十二万吨)估计约值七亿七千万马币的进口米。 这么多年,沙巴州的稻米生产并没有任何的改善,反而完全依赖进口米。 政府如此多次的空谈说要‘自给自足’,及刚在州议会中宣布今年将开启一万公顷的新稻田。 这有可能办得到吗? 根据目前州政府执政的状态看来,答案当然是‘绝对不可能’!

邱博士希望沙巴州政府能够提供免费适合种植稻米的土地,分派给有足够种植经验,能力和财力的稻农进行耕种。政府应该将荒废及空置着的土地,转变成为有价值及高生产率的肥田。 联邦政府相信可以协助及提供拨款以提升必要的基础设施和灌溉工程。 我们要充分利用政府所给的资助,生产更多的稻米。 越南经过漫长的战争和高度破坏仍然能够出口白米,为什么沙巴州不能?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New techniques of “AH Long”

New techniques of “AH Long”

Many people had approached Sabah DAP to seek help regarding the activity and cases involving the Ah Long (illegal money lender) in Sabah. They said the Ah Long usually seek security from the borrowers in terms of bank cheques, motor vehicles registration card, house title deeds, guarantors, and any form of cashable item. The latest is using the bank ATM card, where borrowers will let the Ah Long hold possession of the card, and he can withdraw money from the borrower’s bank account anytime when there is money in the account. This is frequently aimed at the civil servants who needed money fast. The money will be drawn by the Ah Long using their ATM card as soon as their salaries are banked into the account. Some times there is no money left for the family. After payday, we can see the Ah Long holding stack of ATM cards cashing out money from the machine.

Dr.Hiew advices the people to seek help directly from the commercial banks. They give out ‘special personal loan’ on a quick and ‘cheap’ way. They need no special guarantee but only to show your monthly pay-slip to prove your steady monthly income. This loan can be repaid over a period of 2 to 3 years with low interest rate of 9% per annual. This is safe, secured, and no trouble, unless you don’t pay.

On the other hand, Sabah DAP leaders, KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin, State Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, State Treasurer Frederic Fung Kong Win, State Publicity Chief Teddy Yang were invited by the Commercial Crime Investigation officer of the Police Department for a briefing in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday, concerning the Ah Long activities. Dr. Hiew led the group for an hour-long discussion, where Jimmy Wong also highlighted the cases in Tawau. The Police said they will not take the cases lightly.

Dr. Hiew said under the “Moneylenders Act 1951 (Act400), Regulation and Orders 2008” - Clause 10E – if any person is found committing an offence under this Act, or is reasonably suspected of having committed, or has attempted to commit, or is about to commit, he may be arrested by an Inspector or police officer with a warrant and shall be brought immediately before a Magistrate to be dealt with according to the law, and whereas under clause 10D (2b) of the Act says that any mark, signboard, card, letter, pamphlet, item, thing, article or goods that are reasonably believed to furnish evidence regarding the commission of such offence, the police can take this as a strong proof for charging the person in court. This applies to the sticker and name card that had been distributed throughout the town.

Dr. Hiew advised that the best way to obtain loan is to have some form of written agreement with witness to safe guard the interest of both party concerned.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu
(Photo : Dr. Hiew showing the Moneylenders Act 1951 (Act400), Regulation and Orders 2008”)

许多人向沙巴民主行动党提供有关在沙巴州“阿窿”(非法贷款)的活动和运作的方式和手法。他们说,阿窿通常要求借款人的银行支票,汽车登记证,房屋地契,担保人及或任何拥有现金价值的物件作为贷款的担保。 目前最常用的方式是拿借款人的银行提款卡(ATM card),这样他们可以在每当该户口有钱进账时,随时从借款人的银行户口提取付还款项。 这种的方式常受到公务员的欢迎,尤其是当他们急需要钱时。 一旦他们的薪水汇进了户口时,阿窿就会立即用该刷卡把钱提出来。 通常该户口全部的钱都被提光。通常在发薪后,可见到阿窿拿着一大叠的刷卡在提钱。

邱博士建议人民应该直接向商业银行寻求贷款。 银行有一项快速申请而低利息的‘特别个人贷款’。 他们不需要任何担保,只需要您的月薪表来证明您每月的收入稳定。 这笔贷款可以分为二至三年的期限来偿还,而且年利只是9%而已。 这是即安全,有保障,也没有任何问题的贷款方式。除非您不想付还贷款。

上星期天,沙巴民主行动党领袖们,包括国会议员邱庆州博士,斯里丹戎州议员黄仕平,民行党州副主席爱德华慕吉,州财政冯光荣和州宣传秘书扬展之受到邀请前往亚庇警察局与商业罪案调查组会面,事宜有关阿窿的活动和运作 。邱博士和该小组进行了长达一个小时的会面,而黄仕平也强调阿窿在斗湖的非法活动。警方将会对这些案件采取更严厉的行动对付。

邱博士说,根据“一九五一年贷款人法令( 第四百条 ),二零零八年规则和条规” - 第10E项 - 任何人如被发现犯下根据该法令的罪行,或有理由被怀疑所犯,或有企图,或是即将实施,他可能会被督察或警务人员的发出逮捕令,并立即被提控,依法办事,而根据第10D项的( 2B )条规中说明 - 任何标记,招牌,卡片,信件,小册子,事项,物品或货物,有理由相信有犯下这种罪行的情况之下,警察可以借此作为一个强而有力的证据,提控这人上法庭。这项条规适用于对付那些满街发布贴纸和名片给的人。 邱博士建议,要借钱的时候最好要签署适当的及合法的协议书,并拥有见证人,来保护两位当事人的利益及权益。

(邱博士展示“一九五一年贷款人法令( 第四百条 ),二零零八年规则和条规”的法令)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ah Long” Name Cards, stickers, and banners / loan shark malaysia

Sabah DAP Local government and Housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie today disclosed to the press that there is growing anger among the KK folks towards DBKK for not putting an effort and stunt action towards the “Ah long” promotion activities in the City. They are distributing name cards, sticking stickers on walls, hanging banners on lamp poles, advertise on newspaper and so on.

The people had collected some of the cards and stickers, and brought to the DAP office requesting DAP to do some thing about it. They said the cards always appear on the car window and wind screen, the stickers stuck on pipes and wall is difficult to remove.

The Ah Long’s activities is getting out of hand, and is about time that DBKK should take action to stop all this “illegal promotion” activities, called Edward. Actually, how many of this Ah Longs are licensed money lenders, and what is the police and DBKK going to do about this? If DBKK can not do anything towards stopping this, one might think DBKK is protecting them. The KK folks are complaining that the DBKK only knows how to go after the poor hawkers who is trying to earn a few ringgits to feed their family, but can not deal with bigger and more serious issues.

DAP wants to see action taken and hope DBKK would take stunt action towards any illegal activities in the city, and we propose DBKK should make the person who put the stickers and banners to remove immediately. There is telephone numbers printed on these stickers and banners, so it is easy to contact them. If they are illegal money lenders, what DBKK should do?

Edward Ewol Mujie.

(Edward showing the stickers and cards provided by complainers)


有人把收集到的卡片和粘纸,带到沙巴民主行动党的办公室请求该党加于处理。 投诉人说,该些卡片每次都是被放在车镜上或夹在车门,而粘在水管和墙上的贴纸是很难除掉,造成很不雅观。

‘阿窿’的活动越来越猖狂,爱德华呼吁亚庇市政厅应该采取严厉行动来压制,阻止这一切“非法促销”的活动。 到底这些‘阿窿’有多少是持有合法执照?警方和市政厅对目前的情况应该怎么处理呢? 如果市政厅不能控制这一点,可能市政厅是在维护他们。 市民抱怨说,亚庇市政厅只会为难小贩们,却不能处理这些严重的问题,而这些小贩都是辛苦的营业找生计。

沙巴民主行动党希望亚庇市政厅能够阻止城市里的非法贷款活动,我们建议市政厅应该立即除去墙上的贴纸和布条。 这些贴纸和布条印有他们的电话号码,所以很容易与他们联系。 如果他们是非法放贷公司,市政厅会要立即采取行动执法。

Prime Minister on 1 Malaysia

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak recently invited Malaysians to send comments to his blog on their thought on his new Cabinet and the performance-based approach (to be reviewed every six months) which he intends to adopt.

He wanted to know the aspirations of the people for the new administration and to ensure that the welfare and development of all communities are well covered. He also wants to ensure that the cabinet is truly a People’s Cabinet which would be able to serve the people fairly and effectively, and would strive to propel the country forward, leaving no one behind, in the true spirit of “1Malaysia”, as told to BERNAMA recently.

While we welcome such a noble intention and move, we hope it would not be just another ‘political gimmick’ or rhetoric to hoodwink the people, like the one “work with me, not work for me” slogan shouted by the former prime minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he first took office. We have no qualms to give the new prime minister the benefit of doubt and we are eagerly looking forward for him to prove our skepticism over his move wrong.

We especially would like to see how he and his Cabinet deliver his vision of serving the people “fairly and effectively, and to propel the country, leaving no one behind”. He as the Prime Minister should have ample confident in his selected Cabinet members, why need to review every six months? There is no need to seek public opinion.

For a start, perhaps Dato Seri Najib should review and abolish some of the outdated and controversial laws and unjust policies like the New Economic Policy (NEP), Internal Security Act (ISA), the Printing Presses and Publication Act 1984 which had caused more harms than good to our nation.

His administration should also make corruption fighting its top agenda and for this, he should lead by example to declare his assets as well as those belonged to his spouse and children, followed by his cabinet members to declare the same. He should also walk his talk to strictly enforce the ‘open tender’ system in awarding of government projects and procurements which he advocated recently, before he became the prime minister. This is to ensure credibility, accountability, and transparency of his government administration, to ensure total corruption free.

As for his ‘1Malaysia’ concept, we sincerely believe that this can only be achieved if and when the people of this country, regardless of their race, color and religious belief, are treated as equal. This is the only means to achieve what he proclaims “leaving no one behind”. We have been waiting for this to happen for the past 46 years since the formation of Malaysia, and we shall pray for this day to come, sooner the better, so that our country can progress in the right direction and to regain its past glory in a truly harmonious and gracious manner.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP, Sabah DAP State Chairman.


首相表示,他想藉此部落网站,知道人民对新政府的期待并确保能够涵盖各造的福利和发展。 他也希望能确保内阁是一个为人民的内阁,能够公正和有效的为人民服务并且能把国家带向繁荣的未来,而不忽略任何一个人,促成一个真正的‘统一马来西亚’。

沙巴民主行动党州主席邱庆洲博士欢迎这样的概念和行动,而且希望这并不是一个‘政治花招’来欺骗人民,就像当初前首相敦阿都拉巴达威当时上任时曾经用的口号:“与我同工,而不是为我工作”。 我们并不是在质疑新上任的首相,而我们急期等待他能够向我们证明他的言论正确及做的到。

我们想知道他和他的新内阁如何推行他们所谓的‘公正和有效的为民服务,并一起走向繁荣而不忽略任何一个人’的言论。 首相应该对自己所选定的内阁成员有充分的信心,因此,为何需要进行每六个月一次的检讨?更不需要询问人民的观点。


首相应该注重及执行反贪污的行动,此外,他也应该以身作则,公布于民他和他家庭成员现有的财产资料状况,而且这项行动也将包括他所有的内阁成员在内。拿督纳吉在还没有当首相前,他曾经强调说政府工程必须以严格的“公开招标方式”进行,希望他能言行一致。 这是为了确保他所执政的政府是有诚信,公信力和透明度,绝对没有贪污。
有关首相‘统一马来西亚,一起走向繁荣而不忽略任何一个人’的概念,我们希望他能够实现,而唯一能达到这项目标的方式就是让我国的全民,不论是种族或其宗教信仰,都能得到平等的对待和地位。马来西亚成立了四十六年至今,我们一直在期待和每天祈祷有这么一天的来临。 希望我们的国家能够有正确的进展方向,并且恢复到有一个真正和谐及繁荣的社会。

Jalan Bundusan - Road construction work slow and dusty

DAP office in Kota Kinabalu received complaints from residents along the Jalan Bundusan, Penampang, concerning the slow progress of project work, construction work hindering access way and the heavy dust emitted from the lorries transporting earth in the area. The KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu and Edwrad Ewol Mujie inspected the road construction work yesterday.

One complaint said his family and his house are being showered with heavy dust during hot days. It is unbearable, especially the kids with asthma sickness, almost cannot breath. The cloth line is sprayed with dirty dust too. They requested DAP to seek help from the road building contractor to clean up the muddy and dusty road. There must be water trucks to spray water on the road to damp down the dust. What is JKR doing? They seem don’t care at all.

The whole work will not be able to complete by April, 2009, may be it will take another 4 more months to final completion. At the moment, the bridge is still under construction, the road pavement is incomplete, drains and retaining walls are on going. There is no street lights installation as yet. The whole road becomes dark and dangerous to users at night. Some lighting must be installed immediately. The owners of some properties here where their entrance access drive ways are affected by the construction work also failed request to the DAP to get JKR to make good and construct a better entrance drive way for them. At the moment, it is too steep to drive in and out.

The Work Minister Raymond Tan promised the whole road will be completed by April this year, now seem impossible. What is the new date of completion? DAP urges the JKR to speed up the work and to take care the public while they are doing the construction work there. Public safety is upmost important.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu

卜杜山路 -公路建设工作缓慢又污染
亚庇民主行动党办事处收到兵南邦卜杜山路两旁的居民投诉,有关该建路工程进展缓慢并造成许多不便和污染。 在该区的建设造成阻塞进出路口及运泥车辆常把泥土带上马路,造成尘土飞扬。亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉视察了该公路的建设工程。

有一宗投诉说,他的家人和他的房子每天在炎热天气的时候总是受到尘埃的洗礼。这是无法忍受的,尤其是孩子有哮喘疾病,几乎不能呼吸。 因为尘埃太多而无法再晒衣服。 他们寻求行动党的帮助向道路建设承包商要求清理淤泥和尘土。 必须时常用水车洒水在道路上,潮湿灰尘。 到底工务局在做什么?他们是否不在乎。

整个工程将无法在今年四月完成,可能还需要多四个月才能完成。目前,大桥仍在建设中,还有不完整的路面要填补铺上沥青,排水渠及挡土墙仍然在进行中,和该段路的路灯尚未安装。 整个道路在晚上变得黑暗和危险。 一些临时的街灯必须安装以防意外发生。 一些业主投诉说,他们的入口处受到建设工作的影响,要求行动党向工务局为他们争取一个建设良好的入口处。目前,入口处的斜度实在太陡,进出非常困难。

沙巴工程部长陈树杰答应整个公路的工程将会在今年四月完成,现在看来是不可能的事。 请问部长什么是新的竣工日期? 行动党要求工务局加快工作和照顾公众的安全。

Jalan Bundusan - Road construction work slow and dusty

DAP office in Kota Kinabalu received complaints from residents along the Jalan Bundusan, Penampang, concerning the slow progress of project work, construction work hindering access way and the heavy dust emitted from the lorries transporting earth in the area. The KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu and Edwrad Ewol Mujie inspected the road construction work yesterday.

One complaint said his family and his house are being showered with heavy dust during hot days. It is unbearable, especially the kids with asthma sickness, almost cannot breath. The cloth line is sprayed with dirty dust too. They requested DAP to seek help from the road building contractor to clean up the muddy and dusty road. There must be water trucks to spray water on the road to damp down the dust. What is JKR doing? They seem don’t care at all.

The whole work will not be able to complete by April, 2009, may be it will take another 4 more months to final completion. At the moment, the bridge is still under construction, the road pavement is incomplete, drains and retaining walls are on going. There is no street lights installation as yet. The whole road becomes dark and dangerous to users at night. Some lighting must be installed immediately. The owners of some properties here where their entrance access drive ways are affected by the construction work also failed request to the DAP to get JKR to make good and construct a better entrance drive way for them. At the moment, it is too steep to drive in and out.

The Work Minister Raymond Tan promised the whole road will be completed by April this year, now seem impossible. What is the new date of completion? DAP urges the JKR to speed up the work and to take care the public while they are doing the construction work there. Public safety is upmost important.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu

卜杜山路 -公路建设工作缓慢又污染
亚庇民主行动党办事处收到兵南邦卜杜山路两旁的居民投诉,有关该建路工程进展缓慢并造成许多不便和污染。 在该区的建设造成阻塞进出路口及运泥车辆常把泥土带上马路,造成尘土飞扬。亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉视察了该公路的建设工程。

有一宗投诉说,他的家人和他的房子每天在炎热天气的时候总是受到尘埃的洗礼。这是无法忍受的,尤其是孩子有哮喘疾病,几乎不能呼吸。 因为尘埃太多而无法再晒衣服。 他们寻求行动党的帮助向道路建设承包商要求清理淤泥和尘土。 必须时常用水车洒水在道路上,潮湿灰尘。 到底工务局在做什么?他们是否不在乎。

整个工程将无法在今年四月完成,可能还需要多四个月才能完成。目前,大桥仍在建设中,还有不完整的路面要填补铺上沥青,排水渠及挡土墙仍然在进行中,和该段路的路灯尚未安装。 整个道路在晚上变得黑暗和危险。 一些临时的街灯必须安装以防意外发生。 一些业主投诉说,他们的入口处受到建设工作的影响,要求行动党向工务局为他们争取一个建设良好的入口处。目前,入口处的斜度实在太陡,进出非常困难。

沙巴工程部长陈树杰答应整个公路的工程将会在今年四月完成,现在看来是不可能的事。 请问部长什么是新的竣工日期? 行动党要求工务局加快工作和照顾公众的安全。

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

DBKK to clear bags of garbage and rubbish from road side Foh Sang.

DAP Local government and housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie received public complaint about the pile of garbage and rubbish left by DBKK workers at the road side of Foh Sang shops. The bags of garbage were there sitting by the road side for almost two weeks, and it is obstructing the public road which could also caused road accident and unsightly.

Edward said that DBKK should have it removed immediately after clearing these rubbish from the drain, and not leaving it sitting by the road side for weeks. It is unsightly and this can reflect on the efficiency of their work. One might think that DBKK is under slack management, and inefficient too.

The work of DBKK is important in the city, especially this is the gate-way to Sabah. The city must be maintained to its tip-top condition, there are many areas to receive face-lift, upgrade, beautify, rebuild and at least keep up with the cleanliness. For example, the broken pavement slabs, street lights, dirty back lane, smelly drains, pile of floating plastic bottles in the open drains, dirty central market, all had to be taken care of. We all wish to be proud of Kota Kinabalu City.

By: Edward Ewol Mujie.

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉收到市民投诉,有关亚庇市政厅的工人在做清理工作后,在和生园的路旁留下了一堆的垃圾袋。 裹在塑胶袋的垃圾被弃在该路旁已经有两个星期,这不但阻碍公共道路,也可能会造成道路交通意外和不雅观。

爱德华说, 亚庇市政厅应该在清理路旁的水沟的垃圾时,就立即把垃圾拿走,而不是弃在路旁数周。 这是非常不雅观,同时这也反映出他们的工作效率。 人们或许会认为市政厅的管理层是如此的松懈和低效率。

市政厅的工作对一个亚庇市是很重要的,尤其是要提升沙巴州。 城市必须时时刻刻都要保持在最佳状态,有许多的地方确实需要翻新,提升,美化和重建,但最起码一定要保持环境的清洁。 例如,修补损坏的路面,街灯,清理肮脏的后巷,臭水渠及漂浮在排水沟的塑料瓶,复新肮脏的中央巴刹,都必须要得到好好处理。我们每个人都希望都能够为亚庇市感到自豪。

Police officers involved in Corruption charges / malaysia sabah PDRM / parliment

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu enquired in Parliament for the record of Police officers in Sabah charged under the Anti-corruption Act 1997, and their rank, from year 2000 to 2008, and the status of their punishment.

The Minister in the Prime Minister department in charge of this, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz replied to Dr. Hiew that there is 11 person from the police force in Sabah were brought to court for corruption charges from 2000 to 2008. There is only 7 person convicted for the criminal offences. The following chart shows the breakdown of the various cases according to rank and offences;-

in court KPL-1, SJN-1, INSP-2
convicted SJN-1
admit guilty KONST-3
release KONST-3
conditional ASP- 1
disciplinary KONST-5, KPL-1, SJN MJR-1

Dr. Hiew noticed that the number of Police Officers involved in corruption given by the Minister Dato’ Nazri seem surprisingly fewer from then those we heard and knew. If we take his figure as correct, that means only 7 out of 11 persons from the police involved in corruption convicted during the period 2000 to 2008. There could be more who were not exposed and reported. Looking at the chart and figures given, there is an indication that most of the cases were just simply given disciplinary action. This small figure could be indicating to us that our police force in Sabah is not bad at all, in terms of corruption.

Police force in Malaysia are the keeper of the laws and the regulations, therefore, the police themselves must stand up to any wrongful act and to fight all corrupt practices. The country depends on them, and they should be in the fore front to fight corruption. The country can be destroyed if corruption is not put under control.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


负责该部门的首相署部长,拿督斯里穆罕默纳兹里书面回答邱博士表示,从二零零零年至二零零八年间在沙巴州共有十一位警察被带到法庭面对贪污的指控。 而只有七位警官被判罪。 以下的图表显示所指控人数及其警阶和处罚:-

一 。控上法庭 伍长 :一人 , 沙展 :一人 ,督察:二人
二。定罪 沙展 :一人
三。认罪 警员:三人
四。无罪释放 警员:三人
五。有条件释放 助理督察:一人
六。纪律处分 警员:五人 ,伍长 :一人, 高级沙展:一人

邱博士发现部长拿督纳兹里所提供的资料中,被指控贪污的警务人员的人数似乎比我们所听闻到的出奇的少。如果我们接受他所提供的数字,这意味着在2000至2008年间十一位被控者中,只有七位警察被定罪。这可能还有许多贪污者不被揭露。 他所提供的数字有迹象表明,大多数情况下,只是简单地给予纪律处分。 这个数目字对我们来说,我们沙巴的警察部队实在是不错,至少没有严重的腐败问题。

马来西亚皇家警察部队是负责维持及严保法律和规条的机构,因此,警察本身必须经得起任何不法行为的引诱和打击一切腐败贪污行为。 我国依赖于他们的力量及保持崇高的警务人员的精神,他们应该站在最前线来反击腐败贪污而斗争。 如果腐败贪污没有受到适当的控制,国家很容易被摧毁。

Monday, 13 April 2009

A better role for Kuala Penyu Hospital

The DAP mobile service team lead by Dr. Hiew King Cheu with Edward Mujie, Jerry Wong, and John Lee arrived in Kuala Penyu town last Saturday 11th April, morning for a visit. They visited the Kuala Penyu general hospital after hearing various comments from the folks there.

The Kuala Penyu hospital is a big and new hospital, completed and operational in 2006. It is equipped with modern facilities, and set in a fine environment. The hospital, all though is big in size, but providing only with 42 hospital beds, 3 doctors and 3 broken down ambulances. For this size of hospital, there should be normally at least 14 doctors, 6 ambulances and at least some 100 beds. The whole complex looks empty during the visit, although this hospital is intended to serve the large population to as far as Sindumin.

When briefed by the Director of the Kuala Penyu Hospital, Encik Zulkifli B. Mohd.Tahir, the KK MP and his team was truly amazed by the work that the Director had installed for his hospital, (in spite of various difficulties). He viewed the medical health service differently, he believes in ‘Prevention is better then Cure’. A hospital is not only to cure the sick, but also needs to educate the people about proper health care and sickness prevention measures. With that, he introduces the system of regular exercise to all staffs, patients, doctors, nurses, and the people in Kuala Penyu. They organize trips to the Kampongs to brief the kampong folks about health care and sickness prevention. “Don’t get very sick, and then seek cure”, he said. You must seek medical help at the early stage of your sickness, because it is easier to cure at the early stage.

The hospital has a bank service (Agro Bank) to serve the hospital staffs and the people of Kuala Penyu in providing ATM services. This is the only hospital in Sabah with this type of service. The people here will no longer need to travel to Beaufort to take money. There are other facilities like the sundries shop and the proposed SPA facilities to help the people here. There are several new ideas being implemented soon, may be KFC?

Dr. Hiew suggests that the Kuala Penyu hospital to have a new role as a hospital for the recovering patient and for the patient who needs longer hospitalization. This is due to its unique environment and location. The patients can be transferred from Kota Kinabalu to here for temporary stay, so as to reduce the load in KK. We need to immediately increase the number of doctors to serve there, and to get few more ambulances to cater for the emergencies in the area. We don’t want to see the new hospital goes unutilized. May be the new Assistant Minister of Health, Puan Rosnah Binti Haji Abdul Rashid Shirin can do take note of this, and fight for the benefits for Sabah. Health care services had been long neglected in Sabah by the Federal.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

沙巴民主行动党流动服务队由邱庆洲国会议员带领和爱德华慕吉,黄势恩及约翰李在四月十一日星期六抵达瓜拉班尤镇进行流动服务活动。 他们巡视瓜拉班尤医院并宁听该处居民的各种意见和问题。

瓜拉班尤医院是一所大型的新医院,在二零零六年竣工后就即刻启用。 它有现代化的设施装备及拥有良好的环境。 尽管这是一所大规模的医院,但却只提供了四十二张病床,三位医生和三辆破旧抛锚的救护车。 对于这种大规模的医院,应该至少拥有十四名医生包括专科医生,六辆性能良好的救护车和至少有一百张病床。 在巡视该医院时,这个看起来能够服务很多病人的医院却有很多地方都空搁着。

瓜拉班尤医院主管朱基菲塔希尔(Encik Zulkifli B. Mohd.Tahir)告知邱国会议员和他的团队关于他如何为该医院进行的工作。 这让邱议员和他的团队感到赞叹(尽管他面对各种困难)。 朱基菲认为医疗保健更重要,他相信‘预防胜过治疗’的观点。 医院不仅是医治病人,而且还需要教育人民关于适当的保健和疾病预防措施。 凭这一个观点,他提倡所有的工作人员,病人,医生,护士和瓜拉班尤的居民要有系统的去预防疾病,列如经常运动。 他们也常组队前往甘榜,教育甘榜人有关医疗保健和疾病的预防。 “不要等到病得很厉害,才前来寻求治疗,”他说,“在发现患病时,您就必须立既寻求医生的帮助,因为病情在早阶段是较容易治愈的。”

该医院设有一间银行的提款机(农业银行),为医院工作人员和在瓜拉班尤镇的居民提供服务。这是唯一在沙巴州有此类型的服务的医院。 这里的人们将不再需要前往保佛银行取钱。 此外还有其他的特别设施,如杂货商店和提议设立水疗健康保健设施(SPA),以帮助这里的居民保健。 不久将会有其他新的建议很快的实施,可能是肯德基家乡鸡快餐店吗?

邱博士认为,瓜拉班尤医院应该增加另一项服务,成为需要长期住院治疗的康复病人的主要医院,这是由于其独特的良好环境和地点。 病人可以从亚庇移到这里疗养,以便减少亚庇医院的重负荷。 我们也需要立即增加该医院的医生,并获得更多的救护车,以应付在该地区的紧急状况。我们不希望看到这新的医院不能好好的运作,可能新上任的助理卫生部长,罗丝娜可以注意到这一点,为沙巴州争取应有的利益。 在沙巴州医疗保健服务已长期被联邦政府所忽略。

Friday, 10 April 2009

kota kinabalu pasar, wet market

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu and the DAP Local government and housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie today made their round to the KK central Market, they were accompanied by the DBKK superintendant and staffs in the central market.

The purpose of the visit is to inspect and listen to the views of the people in the market, concerning various aspects of the market. The lack of car parking space in the market is an urgent topic. They complain that there is frequent double parking in front of the market due to insufficient parking lot, these cars always received police and DBKK summons. Dr. Hiew found out that there is still space to allocate more parking lots in front the market. He suggests removing the wide pavement in front of the market to continue the car parking lots, so that at least thirty over more vehicles can park there. The same can be applied to the back of the market to increase the parking lots.

The new fish market has the problem of very badly done concrete floor which shows sign of losing the surface layer quickly. The concrete used was of not enough cement content and the concrete can be washed off by bloom. The floor is wet and will wear off in no time. Dr. Hiew requested to install some ‘wet and slippery floor’ sign in the fish market. There is the need for ceiling fans to be installed in the fish market for use during the hot hours.

The beef market is smelly and flies gathered over the meat, the meat tables are dirty and dripping with blood. The MP suggested that some new modern stainless tables are to be supplied to the meat sellers. For the flies problem, there should be some electric insect catchers installed at the market. We can not afford our meat to be contaminated by the dirty flies.

The lighting problem, DBKK will have to rewire and install new light fittings, so that there is enough light for the stall operators and the customers. More ceiling fans are to be installed in the market for their comfort.

Dr. Hiew urges the DBKK to put in more effort to make use of the rates collected from here to renew the facilities in the central market, so that more KK city folks can buy their daily supply from this market, and the stall operators can earn a better living.
Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

(pic: shows Dr. Hiew and Edward standing in front of the central market where the portion of the pavement is proposed to be removed to put in more car park lots.)


邱国会议员的列常巡察的目的是要了解该巴刹设施的近况,并宁听人民的意见有关各个方面的问题和投诉。 这巴刹其中主要的问题是严重缺乏泊车位。 他们抱怨说,因为泊车位的不足够,经常出现双叠泊车的问题,因此车主经常收到交通警察和市政厅执法单位的传票。 邱博士发现在巴刹的前面仍然有空间可以用来增加更多的泊车位。 他建议巴刹前面空档地点改成泊车位,这样至少增加三十多个泊车位。 巴刹后面也可以同样增加泊车位。

此外,该新的鱼巴刹也出现问题,新完成的洋灰地面已失去它的表层。 这是因为没有足够的洋灰参在混凝土内。 另外地面很潮湿和加上经常冲洗,更加快促成地面的损坏。 邱博士吩咐巴刹管理层必须装上‘地滑’的告示牌。 还有必要安装吊风扇,用于炎热的时刻。

巴刹的牛肉市场臭气熏天和苍蝇满聚,肉的表皮是肮脏和鲜血滴滴。 邱氏指出,应该更换一些新不锈钢贩卖桌给肉贩。 对于苍蝇的问题,应该安装电动猎蝇机。 我们不能让我们的肉食受到污染。

至于照明的问题, 市政厅应该将所有的电线,电制换新及安装新的照明灯,以便有足够的光线。 安装更多吊风扇让巴刹有舒适感。



Thursday, 9 April 2009

DAP Mobile service at Tamparuli.

The DAP mobile service team lead by the Vice Chairman of Sabah DAP Edward Ewol Mujie, with Peter Liew Fui Ken the Tuaran branch chairman, Teddy Yang, Jeffrey Wong, and the KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu were at the Tamparuli town today to provide service and health check up for the people there.

The team has received complaints; one of them is concerning the bad location of the meat stalls during ‘Tamu’ days. The location of the stalls is placed next to the main road. The road is busy and dusty, and it is not hygienic and dangerous to do business there. The meat sellers said that a new public toilet is under construction next to the stalls and the road. This will give them more problems in the future. Also there is no dustbin provided by the town council in the area.

The DAP Tuaran chairman, Peter Liew seeks the consent and attention of the Tamparuli town council to immediately rectify the situation and find a suitable location to move the meat stalls away from the road side.

Besides, the people wanted the town council to repair all the potholes on the road in Tamparuli town. There are many potholes in town which needed immediate action, and the town council for many years has not carried out repair work. It is a small town, why can’t the town council expedite their work efficiently? DAP estimated this work will only take one day to complete.

Peter Liew Fui Ken,
DAP Tuaran Branch Chairman.

(pictures taken at the road side meat stalls and the potholes in Tamparuli)


该流动服务队收到投诉;其中是有关于斗磨场猪肉档位置的问题,该档位的地点是设放在主要道路的旁边。 这条道路很繁忙并且尘土飞扬,摆设档位在该处是极不卫生及危险。 肉贩说,在摊位的旁边正在建立一个新的公共厕所,这将给他们带来更多的问题。 另一方面当局在该区也没有安置垃圾桶让他们使用。


此外,该镇人民希望当局能将所有马路上坑洞修复。 可以看见有许多坑洞,这是因为当局多年以来虽然接到投诉都没有进行过修复的工作。 这是一个小城镇,为什么不能立即加快及有效地开展填补工作?刘氏估计,该项填补工作只需要一天的时间就能完成。


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Penalize vehicle owner on ‘Black Smoke’ not proper.

Sabah DAP had received many complaints regarding the summon action taken by the Department of Environment (DOE) on the black smoke emitted from the diesel operated vehicles. The DOE issued summon on vehicles failing the black smoke test up to RM 2,000.00 on the spot. The drivers who were fined for excessive black smoke emitting from their vehicle were very angry and refused to pay the summon fine. They said the action was unfair and unjust, the following were observed:-

(a) the vehicles were not given a chance to make good the “black smoke” situation and the summon were issued on the spot, and the amount is too high,
(b) the testing procedure by DOE and Puspakom is double standard, and showing different test results.
(c) the DOE test method is extreme, and beyond the normal operation condition of driving.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu had earlier on forwarded the complaints to the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment concerning the matter. The deputy minister replied on the 24th March, that the DOE given him the reply saying:

(1) The Sabah DOE is carrying out the black smoke test (Operasi Statik) by the ‘Kerbside enforcement’ following the ‘Prosedur tetap operasi kawalan perlepasan Asap Hitam dari kenderan berenjin diesel Pindaan Disember 2007’. (Procedure on control of black smoke emitting from Diesel engine, Act December, 2007). The procedure stated the test required the vehicle under ‘idling’ condition to raise the fuel pedal quickly to its maximum engine speed (RPM) and hold for 2-3 second then released. This is to be repeated for 3 times in order to get the average reading on the smoke emitted. The Puspakom personals are trained by our department to carry out this test procedure, and given the certificate of competency. The test procedure is following the Operation manual provided by the Manufacturer of the test meter and equipment.

(2) For the cases of complaint, it is known that the vehicles were tested in Puspakom after they were tested by the DOE, they could have made good the engine before going for the Puspakom test. That’s why they passed the Puspakom test.

The answer received was not satisfactory. Hiew said the DOE issued summon to vehicles emitting excessive black smoke was not right in the sense that they should give chance for the vehicles to at least a second chance to make good and come back for a second test. A vehicle tested by the Puspakom should be taken as final and the result is to be accepted.

Besides this, the diesel supply in Sabah, and Malaysia are the lowest grade of diesel fuel – Euro 1. The government had been for long wanted to change to a higher grade and clean diesel grade – Euro 2. The Euro 1 diesel is no good, this can damage our engine fuel pump and the fuel injectors, and black smoke emitted in excess. The high grade Euro 2 to 5 had been improved to cater for better power, less black smoke, and less harm to the engine.

Therefore, how can the government penalize the people for producing excessive black smoke to spoil the clean air and the environment, they should be responsible to help by giving us good diesel fuel. All the government vehicles should go for black smoke test too, because these vehicles are also emitting excessive black smoke. There are plenty of the government vehicles can be seen shooting black smoke in town.

The DOE must find a better solution to control the situation and not just penalizing the people. The fine of RM2,000 is definitely too high. This will be a good Parliament question to debate on, Dr. Hiew will raise this in the coming sitting of the Parliament in June.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

沙巴民主行动党已接获不少投诉有关环境部(DOE),对排放黑烟的柴油车辆所采取严厉的罚款,所有车辆未能通过黑烟测试的现场罚款为马币两千。 对排放过量黑烟而被罚款的车主们感到非常生气,并且拒绝交付。 他们说,这是不公正的做法,原因如下:-

(一) 当场‘三万’,而没有给于车主机会来处理车辆“黑烟”的问题,并且罚款数额昂高。
(二) 环境部在“黑烟”测试过程和验车中心(Puspakom)的测试拥有双重标准,而且双方显示出不同的测试结果。
(三) 在环境部的测试方法超出正常的驾驶方式之下进行测试。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士曾向天然资源和环境部副部长提出有关的问题。 而副部长于三月二十四日给于书面回答,以下是环境源部长所给他的答复:

一)沙巴州环境部现实施的‘黑烟测试’(Operasi Statik)是以‘路边执法’ (Kerbside Enforcement)方式进行,并且根据“十二月二零零七年法令”所定的程序执行,即是柴油机的黑烟排放控制程序。 该程序的测试需要车辆停放,然后尽踏油门达到最高的机器转速(RPM)约两到三秒钟然后放开,这要重复三次,以获得平均黑烟的排放数字。 验车中心的测试人员是由环境部所提供训练,并颁发了合格证书。 测试程序的测试仪表和设备是根据制造商提供的操作手册作为标准。

(二) 据了解在投诉的案件中,这些车辆是经过环境部测试不合格后,前往把引机维修好,才到验车中心测试,所以他们才能够通过验车中心的测试。

邱博士表示所收到的答复不能令人满意。 环境部立即发出传票给排放过量黑烟的车主是不正确的,他们应给予机会车主至少有机会在维修后得到第二次的测试,而验车中心的检验结果才为作准。

此外,沙巴的柴油供应,是最低级的柴油‘油烙一号’(Euro 1)。 政府有提议想要改用高品质和清洁的柴油‘油烙二号’(Euro 2)。 ‘油烙一号’(Euro 1)的柴油品质比较差,也就是我们所熟悉的‘油渣’,这会损害我们汽车的油泵和喷油器,而引起黑烟排放超限。 高品质的油烙二号至五号已经在其他国家被使用,有更好的发动力,减少黑烟,不损害机器。

因此,政府惩罚车主破坏空气和环境,其实政府应该负责提供帮助,给我们更好品质的柴油燃料。 反观所有政府车辆也应该受到黑烟测试,因为这些车辆也排放过量黑烟。有很多政府车辆可能不能通过黑烟测试。

环境部必须找到更好的执法方式,以控制车辆的黑烟的污染,而不仅仅是惩罚车主,罚款两千令吉肯定是太高了。 这课题将是一个很好的国会辩论的问题,邱博士将在六月的下季国会议会中提出。

Monday, 6 April 2009

Burning Sabah flags - Serious offence

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu today commented that the Lahad Datu incident of burning six Sabah State flags is to be viewed as a serious offence. This case is not to be taken lightly, and the people involved should be investigated thoroughly for what is behind their motive in burning the Sabah flags. Further more, they had openly declared that they are linked to the ‘Sultan of Sulu’, and they are also Malaysian Mycard holders. The 12 people involved in the incident were detent by the police in Lahad Datu, and the police at the moment are investigating into the incident.

Dr. Hiew said the so call “Sulu Sultan” type of movement already in existence in Sabah for quite sometime now. These people are still claiming that part of Sabah belongs to the Sulu. The group in Lahad Datu were carrying the yellow flag with the red insignia of a lion, is this a ‘Sulu’ flag?

The Sabah land claim staged by the so called descendants of the ‘Sultant of Sulu’ who are residing in Sabah had on many occasions brought up the issue. Dr. Hiew had brought up this up in Parliament to seek clarification with the Ministry of Foreign Affair, and was told that such claim is no longer valid, because Sabah is an integral part of Malaysia since 1963. This is recognized by the international community.

This situation should be quickly put under control and the rights of the Sabahan are to be protected.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲国王博士评论说,在拿督(Lahad Datu)被示威者燃烧六个沙巴州旗是被视为一项严重的罪行。这种做法是不能被容许。 当局不能掉以轻心,而且应该彻底的调查涉及燃烧沙巴州旗的人士背后到底有什么人主使及其动机何在。 此外,这些人已经公开宣称,他们是‘苏禄苏丹’的人,同时他们也拥有我国身份证(Mycard)。 共有十二个人参与燃烧州旗的事件,如今已被拿督的警方逮捕,目前警方正在调查这起案件。

邱博士说,这个所谓‘苏禄苏丹’争取沙巴的主权问题已经存在相当久。 这些人仍然声称沙巴州的一部分是属于苏禄的。 在拿督惹事的团体携带着印有红色狮子标志的黄色旗,这是否就是‘苏禄’的旗号?

这些居住在沙巴州又自称为‘苏禄苏丹’后裔的人,已经有很多次不断的向外宣示说沙巴州是属于苏禄的说法,而又在沙巴州发出苏禄报生纸。 邱博士已经在国会里向外交部长提出了这个问题并且要求澄清及解释。 他得到的回应是,这类的说法是不确实的,因为沙巴州的在一九六三年联合成立了今天的马来西亚,并且这是国际所公认的事实,沙巴州已不属于苏禄苏丹。


Saturday, 4 April 2009

dumping money of the malaysia people into the sea- sabah- papar - pantai manis

papar mobile services

DAP Mobile Service in PAPAR

The Sabah DAP mobile service team was in PAPAR town on the 4th April, Saturday morning. The State Organizing chairman, Jeffrey Kumin said the team had successfully on the spot recruiting enough new party members to form the new DAP Papar parliament branch. The Papar folks are keen to join the DAP, and they have actually waited for the DAP to extend its wing and operation to Papar. They said they wanted a strong opposition party in Papar to help them to voice out their problem. A simple case like garbage collection, the Papar council did not executed well, usually had to wait for many days before the truck to come to pick it up. By then, the worms are already appearing. We want people to voice it out.

The Sabah DAP is planning to set up two more branches within the Papar Parliamentary constituency, that is the Kawang, and the Pantai Manis state branches. All the interested people can call the DAP office at 088-254987.

At the meantime,there are many young people, aged 21, have not registered themselves as voters in Papar. They are advised to come forward to register as voters and exercise their power to elect their representative. The DAP can assist them for the registration as voters, just call us at our office.

By: Jefrrey Kumin.

Pic: Dr. Hiew , Jefrrey Kumin and Edward Mjuie at Papar mobile service boot.

沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于四月四日星期六上午前往吧巴镇服务。 民行党州组织秘书杰菲利古明说,该小组已成功地在吧巴镇招募足够的新党员来成立支部。 吧巴居民很热衷加入民行党,他们说,实际上他们期待已久民行党能够在该镇成立支部和举办活动。 又说,他们想要一个强而有力的反对党,以帮助和解决他们的问题及投诉。 一个简单的问题如垃圾收集,吧巴镇当局都没有办法执行好,他们通常必须等待很多天才有垃圾车来收取,这时候垃圾都长满了蠕虫。我们希望我们的问题能得到解决和处理。

沙巴民主行动党计划在吧巴选区设立多两个新支部,这是加望(Kawang),以及班代麻尼士(Pantai Manis)的两个州选区的支部。 有兴趣的人可致电给沙巴民主行动党办事处088-254987 。

此外,在吧巴镇的年轻人达 21岁却还没有登记为选民,请前来登记,以致能执行其公民的职责,选出自己心目中的国或州议员。 民行党可以协助他们登记,欢迎致电到我们的办公室询问详情。

Friday, 3 April 2009

Jambatan Gantung Kg. Suang Kepoh, kota marudu

di area Tandek, Kota Marudu..
Sudah ada kes kejatuhan di kawasan seperti dalam gambar di atas. Nasib baik tidak mati.)

(Cuba lihat gambar di atas. Jambatan senget ketepi, agak-agak kamurang berani lalu ka? Jambatan ini merupakan laluan harian penduduk kampung terutama murid-murid sekolah)
Masuk entry kali ini sudah kedua kali saya postkan mengenai keaiban Jambatan Gantung Kg. Suang Kepoh. Sepertinya tidak ada pihak yang ingin mengambil tahu tentang permasalahan yang dihadapi khususnya penduduk di kampung ini. Semakin hari jambatan ini semakin tenat. Pihak berkenaan sila perhatikan gambar yang dipostkan ini. Samada wajar atau tidak wajar diberikan bantuan? Atau masih boleh dipakai atau biarkan saja begitu!!!Walaupun saya bukan penduduk asal Kampung Suang Kepoh namun kekurangan yang dihadapi jiran sudah menjadi kewajipan bagi saya sebagai jiran untuk membantu. Penduduk kampung sudah membuat aduan kepada pelbagai pihak berkaitan tetapi seperti tiada maklum balas. Adakah penduduk kampung Suang Kepoh gelojoh meminta bantuan Jambatan baru??? Kalau betul gelojoh kemana lagi penduduk mengadu nasib untuk meminta bantuan. Penduduk buat tabung sendiri??? Majoriti penduduk ini adalah bekerja sebagai petani dan nelayan. Pendapatan boleh dikatakan seperti kais pagi makan pagi saja. Siapa yang bertanggungjawab??? Itu terserah kepada mana-mana pihak yang berkewajipan yang terbaca entry kali ini. Yang pasti 100% pengundi dari kampung ini mengundi Barisan Nasional@Kerajaan...Kelihatan penduduk kampung melalui jambatan ini. Perlu sentiasa berwaspada!!! Kayu-kayu pada jambatan ini semakin hari semakin reput.

G-20 leaders blacklist Malaysia as one of 4 tax havens

03-04-2009: G-20 leaders blacklist Malaysia as one of 4 tax havens
LONDON: Four nations were blacklisted as uncooperative tax havens after G-20 leaders declared the age of banking secrecy was over and said they would no longer tolerate shady havens draining away badly needed tax revenue.
At the request of the Group of 20 summit of rich and developing nations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development named the Philippines, Uruguay, Costa Rica and the Malaysian territory of Labuan as the worst offenders, saying they had refused to adopt new rules on financial openness.
Leaders also said Thursday that nations that refuse to exchange tax information could in the future face tough sanctions - including the withdrawal of financing by the World Bank or International Monetary Fund.
"The time of banking secrecy has passed," French President Nicholas Sarkozy said following the summit. "Everyone around the table wants an end to tax havens. Everyone knows we need sanctions."
The announcement reflects mounting concern that banking secrecy in tax havens has helped to worsen the economic crisis by disguising the true value of some global assets.
Anti-poverty activists say such places provide corrupt officials places to stash illicit funds, often depriving poor nations of needed resources.
The OECD has divided countries into three categories: those who comply with rules on sharing tax information, those who say they will but have yet to act and nations which have not yet agreed to change banking secrecy practices.
Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which both have strong banking secrecy traditions, said last month they would adopt international rules on tax cooperation and were ready to comply with G-20 demands.
Liechtenstein, Switzerland's tiny Alpine neighbor, said it has already met with British officials to prepare for the new standards. Monaco said earlier that it would be more transparent with foreign tax authorities.
In return they were spared the fate of being blacklisted but were left in a gray area of countries that still have to implement their commitment to accept new information-exchange standards. China supported the blacklisting, but would not agree to have two territories, Hong Kong and Macau, classified as uncooperative tax havens.
Potential sanctions for transgressors include extra audits of those who use tax havens and curbs on tax deductions claimed by businesses using the territories.
In their communique, leaders said they may consider further penalties in their bilateral relations with tax haven territories. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Brown and President Barack Obama played a key role in pushing for a crackdown on tax havens.
At least 35 offshore tax havens, from Britain's Channel Islands to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, are under increasing pressure to provide more information to international authorities to prevent people from evading taxes or hiding income by shifting money to such places.
Stephen Timms, financial secretary to the British Treasury, said a culture of banking secrecy had worsened global economic problems.
"That lack of transparency - that opaqueness - has contributed to the severity of the problems we are seeing in the world economy at the moment," he said. - AP