Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ah Long” Name Cards, stickers, and banners / loan shark malaysia

Sabah DAP Local government and Housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie today disclosed to the press that there is growing anger among the KK folks towards DBKK for not putting an effort and stunt action towards the “Ah long” promotion activities in the City. They are distributing name cards, sticking stickers on walls, hanging banners on lamp poles, advertise on newspaper and so on.

The people had collected some of the cards and stickers, and brought to the DAP office requesting DAP to do some thing about it. They said the cards always appear on the car window and wind screen, the stickers stuck on pipes and wall is difficult to remove.

The Ah Long’s activities is getting out of hand, and is about time that DBKK should take action to stop all this “illegal promotion” activities, called Edward. Actually, how many of this Ah Longs are licensed money lenders, and what is the police and DBKK going to do about this? If DBKK can not do anything towards stopping this, one might think DBKK is protecting them. The KK folks are complaining that the DBKK only knows how to go after the poor hawkers who is trying to earn a few ringgits to feed their family, but can not deal with bigger and more serious issues.

DAP wants to see action taken and hope DBKK would take stunt action towards any illegal activities in the city, and we propose DBKK should make the person who put the stickers and banners to remove immediately. There is telephone numbers printed on these stickers and banners, so it is easy to contact them. If they are illegal money lenders, what DBKK should do?

Edward Ewol Mujie.

(Edward showing the stickers and cards provided by complainers)


有人把收集到的卡片和粘纸,带到沙巴民主行动党的办公室请求该党加于处理。 投诉人说,该些卡片每次都是被放在车镜上或夹在车门,而粘在水管和墙上的贴纸是很难除掉,造成很不雅观。

‘阿窿’的活动越来越猖狂,爱德华呼吁亚庇市政厅应该采取严厉行动来压制,阻止这一切“非法促销”的活动。 到底这些‘阿窿’有多少是持有合法执照?警方和市政厅对目前的情况应该怎么处理呢? 如果市政厅不能控制这一点,可能市政厅是在维护他们。 市民抱怨说,亚庇市政厅只会为难小贩们,却不能处理这些严重的问题,而这些小贩都是辛苦的营业找生计。

沙巴民主行动党希望亚庇市政厅能够阻止城市里的非法贷款活动,我们建议市政厅应该立即除去墙上的贴纸和布条。 这些贴纸和布条印有他们的电话号码,所以很容易与他们联系。 如果他们是非法放贷公司,市政厅会要立即采取行动执法。