Monday, 13 April 2009

A better role for Kuala Penyu Hospital

The DAP mobile service team lead by Dr. Hiew King Cheu with Edward Mujie, Jerry Wong, and John Lee arrived in Kuala Penyu town last Saturday 11th April, morning for a visit. They visited the Kuala Penyu general hospital after hearing various comments from the folks there.

The Kuala Penyu hospital is a big and new hospital, completed and operational in 2006. It is equipped with modern facilities, and set in a fine environment. The hospital, all though is big in size, but providing only with 42 hospital beds, 3 doctors and 3 broken down ambulances. For this size of hospital, there should be normally at least 14 doctors, 6 ambulances and at least some 100 beds. The whole complex looks empty during the visit, although this hospital is intended to serve the large population to as far as Sindumin.

When briefed by the Director of the Kuala Penyu Hospital, Encik Zulkifli B. Mohd.Tahir, the KK MP and his team was truly amazed by the work that the Director had installed for his hospital, (in spite of various difficulties). He viewed the medical health service differently, he believes in ‘Prevention is better then Cure’. A hospital is not only to cure the sick, but also needs to educate the people about proper health care and sickness prevention measures. With that, he introduces the system of regular exercise to all staffs, patients, doctors, nurses, and the people in Kuala Penyu. They organize trips to the Kampongs to brief the kampong folks about health care and sickness prevention. “Don’t get very sick, and then seek cure”, he said. You must seek medical help at the early stage of your sickness, because it is easier to cure at the early stage.

The hospital has a bank service (Agro Bank) to serve the hospital staffs and the people of Kuala Penyu in providing ATM services. This is the only hospital in Sabah with this type of service. The people here will no longer need to travel to Beaufort to take money. There are other facilities like the sundries shop and the proposed SPA facilities to help the people here. There are several new ideas being implemented soon, may be KFC?

Dr. Hiew suggests that the Kuala Penyu hospital to have a new role as a hospital for the recovering patient and for the patient who needs longer hospitalization. This is due to its unique environment and location. The patients can be transferred from Kota Kinabalu to here for temporary stay, so as to reduce the load in KK. We need to immediately increase the number of doctors to serve there, and to get few more ambulances to cater for the emergencies in the area. We don’t want to see the new hospital goes unutilized. May be the new Assistant Minister of Health, Puan Rosnah Binti Haji Abdul Rashid Shirin can do take note of this, and fight for the benefits for Sabah. Health care services had been long neglected in Sabah by the Federal.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

沙巴民主行动党流动服务队由邱庆洲国会议员带领和爱德华慕吉,黄势恩及约翰李在四月十一日星期六抵达瓜拉班尤镇进行流动服务活动。 他们巡视瓜拉班尤医院并宁听该处居民的各种意见和问题。

瓜拉班尤医院是一所大型的新医院,在二零零六年竣工后就即刻启用。 它有现代化的设施装备及拥有良好的环境。 尽管这是一所大规模的医院,但却只提供了四十二张病床,三位医生和三辆破旧抛锚的救护车。 对于这种大规模的医院,应该至少拥有十四名医生包括专科医生,六辆性能良好的救护车和至少有一百张病床。 在巡视该医院时,这个看起来能够服务很多病人的医院却有很多地方都空搁着。

瓜拉班尤医院主管朱基菲塔希尔(Encik Zulkifli B. Mohd.Tahir)告知邱国会议员和他的团队关于他如何为该医院进行的工作。 这让邱议员和他的团队感到赞叹(尽管他面对各种困难)。 朱基菲认为医疗保健更重要,他相信‘预防胜过治疗’的观点。 医院不仅是医治病人,而且还需要教育人民关于适当的保健和疾病预防措施。 凭这一个观点,他提倡所有的工作人员,病人,医生,护士和瓜拉班尤的居民要有系统的去预防疾病,列如经常运动。 他们也常组队前往甘榜,教育甘榜人有关医疗保健和疾病的预防。 “不要等到病得很厉害,才前来寻求治疗,”他说,“在发现患病时,您就必须立既寻求医生的帮助,因为病情在早阶段是较容易治愈的。”

该医院设有一间银行的提款机(农业银行),为医院工作人员和在瓜拉班尤镇的居民提供服务。这是唯一在沙巴州有此类型的服务的医院。 这里的人们将不再需要前往保佛银行取钱。 此外还有其他的特别设施,如杂货商店和提议设立水疗健康保健设施(SPA),以帮助这里的居民保健。 不久将会有其他新的建议很快的实施,可能是肯德基家乡鸡快餐店吗?

邱博士认为,瓜拉班尤医院应该增加另一项服务,成为需要长期住院治疗的康复病人的主要医院,这是由于其独特的良好环境和地点。 病人可以从亚庇移到这里疗养,以便减少亚庇医院的重负荷。 我们也需要立即增加该医院的医生,并获得更多的救护车,以应付在该地区的紧急状况。我们不希望看到这新的医院不能好好的运作,可能新上任的助理卫生部长,罗丝娜可以注意到这一点,为沙巴州争取应有的利益。 在沙巴州医疗保健服务已长期被联邦政府所忽略。