Monday, 6 April 2009

Burning Sabah flags - Serious offence

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu today commented that the Lahad Datu incident of burning six Sabah State flags is to be viewed as a serious offence. This case is not to be taken lightly, and the people involved should be investigated thoroughly for what is behind their motive in burning the Sabah flags. Further more, they had openly declared that they are linked to the ‘Sultan of Sulu’, and they are also Malaysian Mycard holders. The 12 people involved in the incident were detent by the police in Lahad Datu, and the police at the moment are investigating into the incident.

Dr. Hiew said the so call “Sulu Sultan” type of movement already in existence in Sabah for quite sometime now. These people are still claiming that part of Sabah belongs to the Sulu. The group in Lahad Datu were carrying the yellow flag with the red insignia of a lion, is this a ‘Sulu’ flag?

The Sabah land claim staged by the so called descendants of the ‘Sultant of Sulu’ who are residing in Sabah had on many occasions brought up the issue. Dr. Hiew had brought up this up in Parliament to seek clarification with the Ministry of Foreign Affair, and was told that such claim is no longer valid, because Sabah is an integral part of Malaysia since 1963. This is recognized by the international community.

This situation should be quickly put under control and the rights of the Sabahan are to be protected.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲国王博士评论说,在拿督(Lahad Datu)被示威者燃烧六个沙巴州旗是被视为一项严重的罪行。这种做法是不能被容许。 当局不能掉以轻心,而且应该彻底的调查涉及燃烧沙巴州旗的人士背后到底有什么人主使及其动机何在。 此外,这些人已经公开宣称,他们是‘苏禄苏丹’的人,同时他们也拥有我国身份证(Mycard)。 共有十二个人参与燃烧州旗的事件,如今已被拿督的警方逮捕,目前警方正在调查这起案件。

邱博士说,这个所谓‘苏禄苏丹’争取沙巴的主权问题已经存在相当久。 这些人仍然声称沙巴州的一部分是属于苏禄的。 在拿督惹事的团体携带着印有红色狮子标志的黄色旗,这是否就是‘苏禄’的旗号?

这些居住在沙巴州又自称为‘苏禄苏丹’后裔的人,已经有很多次不断的向外宣示说沙巴州是属于苏禄的说法,而又在沙巴州发出苏禄报生纸。 邱博士已经在国会里向外交部长提出了这个问题并且要求澄清及解释。 他得到的回应是,这类的说法是不确实的,因为沙巴州的在一九六三年联合成立了今天的马来西亚,并且这是国际所公认的事实,沙巴州已不属于苏禄苏丹。