Thursday, 9 April 2009

DAP Mobile service at Tamparuli.

The DAP mobile service team lead by the Vice Chairman of Sabah DAP Edward Ewol Mujie, with Peter Liew Fui Ken the Tuaran branch chairman, Teddy Yang, Jeffrey Wong, and the KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu were at the Tamparuli town today to provide service and health check up for the people there.

The team has received complaints; one of them is concerning the bad location of the meat stalls during ‘Tamu’ days. The location of the stalls is placed next to the main road. The road is busy and dusty, and it is not hygienic and dangerous to do business there. The meat sellers said that a new public toilet is under construction next to the stalls and the road. This will give them more problems in the future. Also there is no dustbin provided by the town council in the area.

The DAP Tuaran chairman, Peter Liew seeks the consent and attention of the Tamparuli town council to immediately rectify the situation and find a suitable location to move the meat stalls away from the road side.

Besides, the people wanted the town council to repair all the potholes on the road in Tamparuli town. There are many potholes in town which needed immediate action, and the town council for many years has not carried out repair work. It is a small town, why can’t the town council expedite their work efficiently? DAP estimated this work will only take one day to complete.

Peter Liew Fui Ken,
DAP Tuaran Branch Chairman.

(pictures taken at the road side meat stalls and the potholes in Tamparuli)


该流动服务队收到投诉;其中是有关于斗磨场猪肉档位置的问题,该档位的地点是设放在主要道路的旁边。 这条道路很繁忙并且尘土飞扬,摆设档位在该处是极不卫生及危险。 肉贩说,在摊位的旁边正在建立一个新的公共厕所,这将给他们带来更多的问题。 另一方面当局在该区也没有安置垃圾桶让他们使用。


此外,该镇人民希望当局能将所有马路上坑洞修复。 可以看见有许多坑洞,这是因为当局多年以来虽然接到投诉都没有进行过修复的工作。 这是一个小城镇,为什么不能立即加快及有效地开展填补工作?刘氏估计,该项填补工作只需要一天的时间就能完成。