Wednesday, 15 April 2009

DBKK to clear bags of garbage and rubbish from road side Foh Sang.

DAP Local government and housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie received public complaint about the pile of garbage and rubbish left by DBKK workers at the road side of Foh Sang shops. The bags of garbage were there sitting by the road side for almost two weeks, and it is obstructing the public road which could also caused road accident and unsightly.

Edward said that DBKK should have it removed immediately after clearing these rubbish from the drain, and not leaving it sitting by the road side for weeks. It is unsightly and this can reflect on the efficiency of their work. One might think that DBKK is under slack management, and inefficient too.

The work of DBKK is important in the city, especially this is the gate-way to Sabah. The city must be maintained to its tip-top condition, there are many areas to receive face-lift, upgrade, beautify, rebuild and at least keep up with the cleanliness. For example, the broken pavement slabs, street lights, dirty back lane, smelly drains, pile of floating plastic bottles in the open drains, dirty central market, all had to be taken care of. We all wish to be proud of Kota Kinabalu City.

By: Edward Ewol Mujie.

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉收到市民投诉,有关亚庇市政厅的工人在做清理工作后,在和生园的路旁留下了一堆的垃圾袋。 裹在塑胶袋的垃圾被弃在该路旁已经有两个星期,这不但阻碍公共道路,也可能会造成道路交通意外和不雅观。

爱德华说, 亚庇市政厅应该在清理路旁的水沟的垃圾时,就立即把垃圾拿走,而不是弃在路旁数周。 这是非常不雅观,同时这也反映出他们的工作效率。 人们或许会认为市政厅的管理层是如此的松懈和低效率。

市政厅的工作对一个亚庇市是很重要的,尤其是要提升沙巴州。 城市必须时时刻刻都要保持在最佳状态,有许多的地方确实需要翻新,提升,美化和重建,但最起码一定要保持环境的清洁。 例如,修补损坏的路面,街灯,清理肮脏的后巷,臭水渠及漂浮在排水沟的塑料瓶,复新肮脏的中央巴刹,都必须要得到好好处理。我们每个人都希望都能够为亚庇市感到自豪。