Wednesday, 29 April 2009

DBKK anti kota kinabalu Member of Parliment, Elected peoples’ representative not allowed in District Action Committee meetings

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew King Cheu today strongly protested after being refused again to attend the District Action Committee meeting, when he made the request. He said this is a total disrespect of the right of the elected representative of the people in Kota Kinabalu City for not allowing him to attend the District Action Committee meeting. Last Year Dr. Hiew was refused attendance in spite of receiving invitation during the April meeting by the DBKK. The KK City Mayor, Datuk Illyas Ibrahim explained the case as a mistake, because the officer did not notice there is a “bar” to all opposition representatives. The Mayor later apologized for the mistake made, but in any case the KK MP can always sit as an observer in the meeting.

This time round, when Dr. Hiew asked to be a member of the committee, the officers forwarded him a copy of the “National Action Council Instruction No. 1, 2004” from the Prime Minister Department, published on the 15th October, 2004, to Dr. Hiew to explain why he cannot be included as a member of the District Action Committee (Jawantan Kerja Tindakan Negrei, JKTNg). It states that under the section 2.6 – District Action Committee, clause 2.61 - Committee Members of JKTNg includes Member of Parliament and State assemblyman, and there is no mentioned of opposition members are not allowed, but later In Section 5, clause 5.5, this clause specified that the committee members are only from the ruling party.

Dr. Hiew said this is highly unfair as far as the Kota Kinabalu folks are concern. Their elected representative, the KK MP had not been given a chance to participate in such an important meeting that involved many pressing issues in the district and the KK City. The MP wants to attend the meeting does not mean that he will give them “headache”, but he is doing his job as the peoples’ representative, he has the duty to be present and listen to various happening in City. As seen from the past, Dr. Hiew had help in many ways to improve the Kota Kinabalu City and other areas in Sabah. We are elected member, therefore, we should not be deprived of the basic right to represent the people.

Dr. Hiew said he will write to the Prime Minister requesting him to amend the Standing instruction to allow opposition representatives in Sabah to attend as a committee member in the state and district level action committee meeting. We hope he can grant the privilege to us in Sabah.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天强烈抗议再次被拒绝参加县级行动委员会的会议。 他指出,不让他参加县级行动委员会会议是一个完全不尊重亚庇人民选出来的代议士。 尽管在去年四月期间接受到亚庇市政厅的邀请卡,邱博士却被拒绝出席该会议。 亚庇市长拿督依利雅士解释该情况是一个误会,因为他的官员没有发现该会议是不包括反对党议员代表的“规定”。 市长过后道歉,并说明在任何情况下, 国会议员随时可以成为观察员前来旁听。

今年的会议,当邱博士要求成为委员时,市政厅官员转交了一份由首相署于二零零四年十月十五日所发出的‘二零零四,国家行动理事会指示’,解释邱博士为什么不能被列为县级行动委员会(Jawantan Kerja Tindakan Negrei ,JKTNg)的委员。 在指示中指出,根据第2.6项的第2.61条 - 委员会成员包括国会议员和州议员,却也没有提到反对党成员是不允许的,但后来在第5项的第5.5条 ,则指定只有执政党的议员才可以成为委员。

邱博士指出,这对亚庇人民来说是非常不公平的。他们所选出的国会议员,却未有机会参加如此重要的会议,而这会议涉及许多对亚庇市和各地区民生和社会发展迫切的问题。 国会议员要参加该会议并不意味着,他将使到他们“头痛” ,而是他身为人民的代议士,他有责任出席并听取各方面在城市里的进展及问题。 正如从过去,邱博士帮助了在沙巴州和亚庇市及其他地区许多方面的问题改善,也提供了良好的意见。 我们是民选的议员,因此,我们是不应该被剥夺代表人民的基本权利。

邱博士说,他将会致信给首相要求他严正看待该项指示,让人民的反对党代议士能够在沙巴州出席州和县级的行动委员会会议,并且成为委员之一。 我们希望首相能给予在沙巴州的反对党代议士一个更好的机会服务。