Tuesday, 28 April 2009

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Sabah Medical Services Dilemma.

The Sabah DAP chairman cum KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu together with Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin and Edward Ewol Mujie visited the Tawau General Hospital last Sunday for the regular round Sabah visit tour. They received comment on the Tawau hospital concerning the lack of car park, lack of certain medicines, long queues for medicine dispensary, and no enough air conditioning and some minor areas needed improvement. Besides these, the hospital is generally acceptable. DAP hopes the facilities can be up graded soonest possible.

The statement from the Assistant Minister of Health, Datuk Rosnah Shirlin on the decision to purchase the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) came without surprise. This is because the Ministry of Health has no choice, had to buy over the SMC to cover their mistake and gross negligence in failing to provide the KK folks with the basis health care facilities. For the past years, KK health facilities and services have not improved and developed into what it should be. There are many associated problems like lack of doctors, specialists, equipments, hospital beds, buildings, ambulances and even the essential medicine supply. This is definitely not enough to serve the population of half a millions.

Sabah DAP strongly recommends to the Ministry of Health to immediately make available allocation of fund to Sabah to continue the construction of the 660 beds QEH Twin tower blocks which also house other important facilities like the operating theaters, Intensive care units and scan equipment. The building contractor must be selected through open tendering from contractors well qualified, experience, and capable to handle the project. He should not be any “Ali Ba Ba” or politically related contractors. The previous contracts had failed badly, what should the government do?

At the mean while, it is suggested that the government may continue to rent the beds and facilities from SMC to supplement its short fall until the new QEH buildings are ready. This will facilitate a saving compared to buying out right the whole lot from SMC. When the General hospital is ready, the SMC will be able to continue to serve those who don’t wish to go for government hospitals. At the moment, the car park in SMC remains insufficient, the motorist and hospital visitors risked being booked by traffic police while parking their cars on the outside roads. There should be additional car parks built immediately. The car parking fees are too expensive. The SMC is being used by the government now, therefore the parking fees should be lowered to accommodate and suit the low and general income group.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,斯里丹戎州议员黄仕平及爱德华慕吉于上个星期天,前往巡视斗湖医院。他们收到许多有关该医院的投诉,如缺乏停车场,缺乏某些药物的供应,拿药须久等,没有足够的冷气空调和另有一些地方需要改进和提升。 该医院的运作大致上是可以被接受的。 民行党希望该医院的以上所提能够尽快的进行提升和改进。

针对卫生部副部长拿督罗斯娜所宣布卫生部将要购买沙巴医药中心(SMC),大家觉得一点也不感到意外。 这是因为卫生部已经别无选择,因此不得不购买该医药中心, 来弥补他们未能提供给亚庇人一个最基本的医院的严重过失。 在过去的几年,医院服务并没有达到应有的改善和发展。 比如缺乏医生,专科医生,设备,病床,建筑物,甚至以救护车和基本的药品供应都是沙巴州经常面对的问题。 现有的服务肯定不足够以应付五十多万的人口。

沙巴民主行动党强烈建议卫生部立即提供额外拨款给沙巴州,以立即继续建造该拥有六百六十张病床的伊利沙白医院的双子大楼,以及包括其他重要的设施如手术房,重病监护病房和扫描设备。 该建筑工程必须要通过透明及公正的公开招标方式来选定有资格,经验和有能力的承包商来承接该工程,不该有任何‘阿里巴巴’或和政治裙带关系的承包商。 此外政府对之前的新医院的承包商毁约而无法依期竣工,会怎样的去处理及对付呢?

此外,我们建议政府可以继续租用私人医药中心的病床和设施,以补充目前的短缺,直到新的伊利沙白医院建好。 如果与购买整个私人医药中心相比,这将会比较节省的多。 当新的中央医院准备就绪时才搬迁回去。 然而,该私人医药中心能够继续提供医药服务给某些不愿到政府医院就医的病人。 目前,该私人医院的停车场仍然不足使用,很多汽车被逼停泊在泊车场的外面的马路,随时会面对交通警员给罚票。 该医院应该既刻建立更多的泊车位。 另外,该处的泊车费太昂贵,现在是政府正在租用该私人医药中心,因此,泊车费应该降低,以配合低收入的公众人士。