Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Jalan Bundusan - Road construction work slow and dusty

DAP office in Kota Kinabalu received complaints from residents along the Jalan Bundusan, Penampang, concerning the slow progress of project work, construction work hindering access way and the heavy dust emitted from the lorries transporting earth in the area. The KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu and Edwrad Ewol Mujie inspected the road construction work yesterday.

One complaint said his family and his house are being showered with heavy dust during hot days. It is unbearable, especially the kids with asthma sickness, almost cannot breath. The cloth line is sprayed with dirty dust too. They requested DAP to seek help from the road building contractor to clean up the muddy and dusty road. There must be water trucks to spray water on the road to damp down the dust. What is JKR doing? They seem don’t care at all.

The whole work will not be able to complete by April, 2009, may be it will take another 4 more months to final completion. At the moment, the bridge is still under construction, the road pavement is incomplete, drains and retaining walls are on going. There is no street lights installation as yet. The whole road becomes dark and dangerous to users at night. Some lighting must be installed immediately. The owners of some properties here where their entrance access drive ways are affected by the construction work also failed request to the DAP to get JKR to make good and construct a better entrance drive way for them. At the moment, it is too steep to drive in and out.

The Work Minister Raymond Tan promised the whole road will be completed by April this year, now seem impossible. What is the new date of completion? DAP urges the JKR to speed up the work and to take care the public while they are doing the construction work there. Public safety is upmost important.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu

卜杜山路 -公路建设工作缓慢又污染
亚庇民主行动党办事处收到兵南邦卜杜山路两旁的居民投诉,有关该建路工程进展缓慢并造成许多不便和污染。 在该区的建设造成阻塞进出路口及运泥车辆常把泥土带上马路,造成尘土飞扬。亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉视察了该公路的建设工程。

有一宗投诉说,他的家人和他的房子每天在炎热天气的时候总是受到尘埃的洗礼。这是无法忍受的,尤其是孩子有哮喘疾病,几乎不能呼吸。 因为尘埃太多而无法再晒衣服。 他们寻求行动党的帮助向道路建设承包商要求清理淤泥和尘土。 必须时常用水车洒水在道路上,潮湿灰尘。 到底工务局在做什么?他们是否不在乎。

整个工程将无法在今年四月完成,可能还需要多四个月才能完成。目前,大桥仍在建设中,还有不完整的路面要填补铺上沥青,排水渠及挡土墙仍然在进行中,和该段路的路灯尚未安装。 整个道路在晚上变得黑暗和危险。 一些临时的街灯必须安装以防意外发生。 一些业主投诉说,他们的入口处受到建设工作的影响,要求行动党向工务局为他们争取一个建设良好的入口处。目前,入口处的斜度实在太陡,进出非常困难。

沙巴工程部长陈树杰答应整个公路的工程将会在今年四月完成,现在看来是不可能的事。 请问部长什么是新的竣工日期? 行动党要求工务局加快工作和照顾公众的安全。