Friday, 10 April 2009

kota kinabalu pasar, wet market

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu and the DAP Local government and housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie today made their round to the KK central Market, they were accompanied by the DBKK superintendant and staffs in the central market.

The purpose of the visit is to inspect and listen to the views of the people in the market, concerning various aspects of the market. The lack of car parking space in the market is an urgent topic. They complain that there is frequent double parking in front of the market due to insufficient parking lot, these cars always received police and DBKK summons. Dr. Hiew found out that there is still space to allocate more parking lots in front the market. He suggests removing the wide pavement in front of the market to continue the car parking lots, so that at least thirty over more vehicles can park there. The same can be applied to the back of the market to increase the parking lots.

The new fish market has the problem of very badly done concrete floor which shows sign of losing the surface layer quickly. The concrete used was of not enough cement content and the concrete can be washed off by bloom. The floor is wet and will wear off in no time. Dr. Hiew requested to install some ‘wet and slippery floor’ sign in the fish market. There is the need for ceiling fans to be installed in the fish market for use during the hot hours.

The beef market is smelly and flies gathered over the meat, the meat tables are dirty and dripping with blood. The MP suggested that some new modern stainless tables are to be supplied to the meat sellers. For the flies problem, there should be some electric insect catchers installed at the market. We can not afford our meat to be contaminated by the dirty flies.

The lighting problem, DBKK will have to rewire and install new light fittings, so that there is enough light for the stall operators and the customers. More ceiling fans are to be installed in the market for their comfort.

Dr. Hiew urges the DBKK to put in more effort to make use of the rates collected from here to renew the facilities in the central market, so that more KK city folks can buy their daily supply from this market, and the stall operators can earn a better living.
Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

(pic: shows Dr. Hiew and Edward standing in front of the central market where the portion of the pavement is proposed to be removed to put in more car park lots.)


邱国会议员的列常巡察的目的是要了解该巴刹设施的近况,并宁听人民的意见有关各个方面的问题和投诉。 这巴刹其中主要的问题是严重缺乏泊车位。 他们抱怨说,因为泊车位的不足够,经常出现双叠泊车的问题,因此车主经常收到交通警察和市政厅执法单位的传票。 邱博士发现在巴刹的前面仍然有空间可以用来增加更多的泊车位。 他建议巴刹前面空档地点改成泊车位,这样至少增加三十多个泊车位。 巴刹后面也可以同样增加泊车位。

此外,该新的鱼巴刹也出现问题,新完成的洋灰地面已失去它的表层。 这是因为没有足够的洋灰参在混凝土内。 另外地面很潮湿和加上经常冲洗,更加快促成地面的损坏。 邱博士吩咐巴刹管理层必须装上‘地滑’的告示牌。 还有必要安装吊风扇,用于炎热的时刻。

巴刹的牛肉市场臭气熏天和苍蝇满聚,肉的表皮是肮脏和鲜血滴滴。 邱氏指出,应该更换一些新不锈钢贩卖桌给肉贩。 对于苍蝇的问题,应该安装电动猎蝇机。 我们不能让我们的肉食受到污染。

至于照明的问题, 市政厅应该将所有的电线,电制换新及安装新的照明灯,以便有足够的光线。 安装更多吊风扇让巴刹有舒适感。