Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New techniques of “AH Long”

New techniques of “AH Long”

Many people had approached Sabah DAP to seek help regarding the activity and cases involving the Ah Long (illegal money lender) in Sabah. They said the Ah Long usually seek security from the borrowers in terms of bank cheques, motor vehicles registration card, house title deeds, guarantors, and any form of cashable item. The latest is using the bank ATM card, where borrowers will let the Ah Long hold possession of the card, and he can withdraw money from the borrower’s bank account anytime when there is money in the account. This is frequently aimed at the civil servants who needed money fast. The money will be drawn by the Ah Long using their ATM card as soon as their salaries are banked into the account. Some times there is no money left for the family. After payday, we can see the Ah Long holding stack of ATM cards cashing out money from the machine.

Dr.Hiew advices the people to seek help directly from the commercial banks. They give out ‘special personal loan’ on a quick and ‘cheap’ way. They need no special guarantee but only to show your monthly pay-slip to prove your steady monthly income. This loan can be repaid over a period of 2 to 3 years with low interest rate of 9% per annual. This is safe, secured, and no trouble, unless you don’t pay.

On the other hand, Sabah DAP leaders, KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin, State Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, State Treasurer Frederic Fung Kong Win, State Publicity Chief Teddy Yang were invited by the Commercial Crime Investigation officer of the Police Department for a briefing in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday, concerning the Ah Long activities. Dr. Hiew led the group for an hour-long discussion, where Jimmy Wong also highlighted the cases in Tawau. The Police said they will not take the cases lightly.

Dr. Hiew said under the “Moneylenders Act 1951 (Act400), Regulation and Orders 2008” - Clause 10E – if any person is found committing an offence under this Act, or is reasonably suspected of having committed, or has attempted to commit, or is about to commit, he may be arrested by an Inspector or police officer with a warrant and shall be brought immediately before a Magistrate to be dealt with according to the law, and whereas under clause 10D (2b) of the Act says that any mark, signboard, card, letter, pamphlet, item, thing, article or goods that are reasonably believed to furnish evidence regarding the commission of such offence, the police can take this as a strong proof for charging the person in court. This applies to the sticker and name card that had been distributed throughout the town.

Dr. Hiew advised that the best way to obtain loan is to have some form of written agreement with witness to safe guard the interest of both party concerned.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu
(Photo : Dr. Hiew showing the Moneylenders Act 1951 (Act400), Regulation and Orders 2008”)

许多人向沙巴民主行动党提供有关在沙巴州“阿窿”(非法贷款)的活动和运作的方式和手法。他们说,阿窿通常要求借款人的银行支票,汽车登记证,房屋地契,担保人及或任何拥有现金价值的物件作为贷款的担保。 目前最常用的方式是拿借款人的银行提款卡(ATM card),这样他们可以在每当该户口有钱进账时,随时从借款人的银行户口提取付还款项。 这种的方式常受到公务员的欢迎,尤其是当他们急需要钱时。 一旦他们的薪水汇进了户口时,阿窿就会立即用该刷卡把钱提出来。 通常该户口全部的钱都被提光。通常在发薪后,可见到阿窿拿着一大叠的刷卡在提钱。

邱博士建议人民应该直接向商业银行寻求贷款。 银行有一项快速申请而低利息的‘特别个人贷款’。 他们不需要任何担保,只需要您的月薪表来证明您每月的收入稳定。 这笔贷款可以分为二至三年的期限来偿还,而且年利只是9%而已。 这是即安全,有保障,也没有任何问题的贷款方式。除非您不想付还贷款。

上星期天,沙巴民主行动党领袖们,包括国会议员邱庆州博士,斯里丹戎州议员黄仕平,民行党州副主席爱德华慕吉,州财政冯光荣和州宣传秘书扬展之受到邀请前往亚庇警察局与商业罪案调查组会面,事宜有关阿窿的活动和运作 。邱博士和该小组进行了长达一个小时的会面,而黄仕平也强调阿窿在斗湖的非法活动。警方将会对这些案件采取更严厉的行动对付。

邱博士说,根据“一九五一年贷款人法令( 第四百条 ),二零零八年规则和条规” - 第10E项 - 任何人如被发现犯下根据该法令的罪行,或有理由被怀疑所犯,或有企图,或是即将实施,他可能会被督察或警务人员的发出逮捕令,并立即被提控,依法办事,而根据第10D项的( 2B )条规中说明 - 任何标记,招牌,卡片,信件,小册子,事项,物品或货物,有理由相信有犯下这种罪行的情况之下,警察可以借此作为一个强而有力的证据,提控这人上法庭。这项条规适用于对付那些满街发布贴纸和名片给的人。 邱博士建议,要借钱的时候最好要签署适当的及合法的协议书,并拥有见证人,来保护两位当事人的利益及权益。

(邱博士展示“一九五一年贷款人法令( 第四百条 ),二零零八年规则和条规”的法令)