Saturday, 4 April 2009

papar mobile services

DAP Mobile Service in PAPAR

The Sabah DAP mobile service team was in PAPAR town on the 4th April, Saturday morning. The State Organizing chairman, Jeffrey Kumin said the team had successfully on the spot recruiting enough new party members to form the new DAP Papar parliament branch. The Papar folks are keen to join the DAP, and they have actually waited for the DAP to extend its wing and operation to Papar. They said they wanted a strong opposition party in Papar to help them to voice out their problem. A simple case like garbage collection, the Papar council did not executed well, usually had to wait for many days before the truck to come to pick it up. By then, the worms are already appearing. We want people to voice it out.

The Sabah DAP is planning to set up two more branches within the Papar Parliamentary constituency, that is the Kawang, and the Pantai Manis state branches. All the interested people can call the DAP office at 088-254987.

At the meantime,there are many young people, aged 21, have not registered themselves as voters in Papar. They are advised to come forward to register as voters and exercise their power to elect their representative. The DAP can assist them for the registration as voters, just call us at our office.

By: Jefrrey Kumin.

Pic: Dr. Hiew , Jefrrey Kumin and Edward Mjuie at Papar mobile service boot.

沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于四月四日星期六上午前往吧巴镇服务。 民行党州组织秘书杰菲利古明说,该小组已成功地在吧巴镇招募足够的新党员来成立支部。 吧巴居民很热衷加入民行党,他们说,实际上他们期待已久民行党能够在该镇成立支部和举办活动。 又说,他们想要一个强而有力的反对党,以帮助和解决他们的问题及投诉。 一个简单的问题如垃圾收集,吧巴镇当局都没有办法执行好,他们通常必须等待很多天才有垃圾车来收取,这时候垃圾都长满了蠕虫。我们希望我们的问题能得到解决和处理。

沙巴民主行动党计划在吧巴选区设立多两个新支部,这是加望(Kawang),以及班代麻尼士(Pantai Manis)的两个州选区的支部。 有兴趣的人可致电给沙巴民主行动党办事处088-254987 。

此外,在吧巴镇的年轻人达 21岁却还没有登记为选民,请前来登记,以致能执行其公民的职责,选出自己心目中的国或州议员。 民行党可以协助他们登记,欢迎致电到我们的办公室询问详情。