Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Power Cut and load shading all over Sabah

The electricity supply becomes the heaviest complain from consumers in Sabah this few days. There is power cut every day beginning last week until today, and consumers faced heavy loses due to the interruption and power failure. Dap offices received plenty of complaints all over Sabah, like Tawau, KK, Lahad Datu and Sandakan. The heavily affected area is in KK. The whole electricity supply system is temporarily put under “power shedding” mode.

When enquired by Dap Sabah Chairman Dr. Hiew King Cheu regarding the reasons behind this situation, he was told that there is a power shortfall of nearly 45% in the state due to some SESB power generators broke down and IPP having problem in several major power generating station. This acute power shortage created a general out cry for power in many areas in Sabah.

The many power stations in Sabah needed immediate overhaul and renewal. Some of the generator sets are more then twenty years old, including those of the IPP. This round of power cut is contributed mainly by the power plants in Tenom Panggi and Labuan. The Panggi hydro power lost two out of the three generators due to debris and silt jamming the turbine from the river. The Labuan gas turbine lost half of its power generation.

The power shortage night mare has returned and it is believed that this will stays for sometimes before it can return to normal supply. Dr. Hiew urges the SESB and the TNB to immediately to solve the problem and bringing in new power plants to replace the condemned units. The government should immediately make arrangement to build bigger electric power plant to supply the whole state. We can not survive without electricity, and how is the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) going to be carried out? In the mean time, Dr. Hiew advice consumer should cut power usage and save energy whenever they can, especially during peak demand hours. This can be done by using less on air conditioners, lighting, water heaters, fans, fridges, freezers, and all electrical appliances. We don’t want the remaining power to go overloaded and become malfunction.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

这几天在沙巴州消费者不断抱怨和投诉电力的供应。从上周直到今天,每天人们须面对停电的问题,由于电力供应的中断,引起许多消费者面临着严重的损失。 民主行动党办事处收到很多各处的投诉,如斗湖, 亚庇,拿笃和山打根。 影响比较严重的地区是在亚庇,整个供电系统须轮流分区来提供电源。

当沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士询问有关的该问题的原因,他被告知说,本州面对严重的电供短缺,约45 %。 这是因为沙巴电力局的大部分发电机发生了故障,此外还有几个主要的独立发电站面临着技术上的问题。 这一项严重的电力短缺在沙巴州引起许多地方因电源提供不足而被逼面临停电或分区轮流供电。

沙巴州有许多发电站急需进行大维修和更新。 沙电力局有一些发电机已经用了二十多年,其中也包括独立发电站。 这一次的停电主要的问题是来自丹南邦基(Panggi)和纳闽的发电厂。 由于河里的杂物和淤泥堵塞了发电机的涡轮操作,使到邦基水力发电厂失去三部中的两部发电机操作。 而纳闽岛的天然气发电机也因故障而失去一半的功能。

目前缺电的问题将会连续下去,这要等上一段时间才能完全恢复正常。邱博士促电力局和国能立即解决该问题,为沙巴州建立新的发电厂以取代陈旧的。 政府也应立即作出安排建立更大的发电厂,来供应整个沙巴州。 我们不能没有电流的供应,此外,沙巴发展走廊(SDC)将会如何去进行? 在此同时,邱博士呼吁消费者应该节省电源的使用,尤其是在需求量处于高峰时。这可以通过节省使用,比如调低冷气空调,关闭电灯,少用热水器,电风扇,冰箱,和其他电器。 我们不希望电量负荷,更加造成更多发电机的故障。