Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Prime Minister on 1 Malaysia

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak recently invited Malaysians to send comments to his blog on their thought on his new Cabinet and the performance-based approach (to be reviewed every six months) which he intends to adopt.

He wanted to know the aspirations of the people for the new administration and to ensure that the welfare and development of all communities are well covered. He also wants to ensure that the cabinet is truly a People’s Cabinet which would be able to serve the people fairly and effectively, and would strive to propel the country forward, leaving no one behind, in the true spirit of “1Malaysia”, as told to BERNAMA recently.

While we welcome such a noble intention and move, we hope it would not be just another ‘political gimmick’ or rhetoric to hoodwink the people, like the one “work with me, not work for me” slogan shouted by the former prime minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he first took office. We have no qualms to give the new prime minister the benefit of doubt and we are eagerly looking forward for him to prove our skepticism over his move wrong.

We especially would like to see how he and his Cabinet deliver his vision of serving the people “fairly and effectively, and to propel the country, leaving no one behind”. He as the Prime Minister should have ample confident in his selected Cabinet members, why need to review every six months? There is no need to seek public opinion.

For a start, perhaps Dato Seri Najib should review and abolish some of the outdated and controversial laws and unjust policies like the New Economic Policy (NEP), Internal Security Act (ISA), the Printing Presses and Publication Act 1984 which had caused more harms than good to our nation.

His administration should also make corruption fighting its top agenda and for this, he should lead by example to declare his assets as well as those belonged to his spouse and children, followed by his cabinet members to declare the same. He should also walk his talk to strictly enforce the ‘open tender’ system in awarding of government projects and procurements which he advocated recently, before he became the prime minister. This is to ensure credibility, accountability, and transparency of his government administration, to ensure total corruption free.

As for his ‘1Malaysia’ concept, we sincerely believe that this can only be achieved if and when the people of this country, regardless of their race, color and religious belief, are treated as equal. This is the only means to achieve what he proclaims “leaving no one behind”. We have been waiting for this to happen for the past 46 years since the formation of Malaysia, and we shall pray for this day to come, sooner the better, so that our country can progress in the right direction and to regain its past glory in a truly harmonious and gracious manner.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP, Sabah DAP State Chairman.


首相表示,他想藉此部落网站,知道人民对新政府的期待并确保能够涵盖各造的福利和发展。 他也希望能确保内阁是一个为人民的内阁,能够公正和有效的为人民服务并且能把国家带向繁荣的未来,而不忽略任何一个人,促成一个真正的‘统一马来西亚’。

沙巴民主行动党州主席邱庆洲博士欢迎这样的概念和行动,而且希望这并不是一个‘政治花招’来欺骗人民,就像当初前首相敦阿都拉巴达威当时上任时曾经用的口号:“与我同工,而不是为我工作”。 我们并不是在质疑新上任的首相,而我们急期等待他能够向我们证明他的言论正确及做的到。

我们想知道他和他的新内阁如何推行他们所谓的‘公正和有效的为民服务,并一起走向繁荣而不忽略任何一个人’的言论。 首相应该对自己所选定的内阁成员有充分的信心,因此,为何需要进行每六个月一次的检讨?更不需要询问人民的观点。


首相应该注重及执行反贪污的行动,此外,他也应该以身作则,公布于民他和他家庭成员现有的财产资料状况,而且这项行动也将包括他所有的内阁成员在内。拿督纳吉在还没有当首相前,他曾经强调说政府工程必须以严格的“公开招标方式”进行,希望他能言行一致。 这是为了确保他所执政的政府是有诚信,公信力和透明度,绝对没有贪污。
有关首相‘统一马来西亚,一起走向繁荣而不忽略任何一个人’的概念,我们希望他能够实现,而唯一能达到这项目标的方式就是让我国的全民,不论是种族或其宗教信仰,都能得到平等的对待和地位。马来西亚成立了四十六年至今,我们一直在期待和每天祈祷有这么一天的来临。 希望我们的国家能够有正确的进展方向,并且恢复到有一个真正和谐及繁荣的社会。