Thursday, 28 May 2009

Muhyiddin unfair on Chinese middle school

The statement made by the Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin during the recent courtesy visit by the Chinese educationists for not giving any more future allocation to the Chinese middle school and not recognizing any of their Unify School Certificates(USC), came with heavy protest from the Chinese community in the whole of Malaysia.

Dr. Hiew regrets to learn from the decision given by the government to the Chinese middle schools, that doomed the future for better facilities for the school, and career prospect for the Unify School Certificate holders since it is again not recognized by the government. Muhyiddin gave the reasons because the Chinese middle school education did not comply with the national education policy.

The decision is total against the Prime minister’s concept and slogan of “1-Malaysia”. This again demonstrated and repeated the unfairness to Chinese education in Malaysia. On one hand he says equal, and on the other hand he shut the face on the Chinese community on rejecting their basic right. How an earth he is going to achieve 1-Malaysia?

Dr. Hiew said that in Malaysia, the Chinese middle schools from the beginning had never been recommended, recognized, and supported by the Government. Therefore, we have to struggle to find ways to set up our own private little institution to provide Chinese middle school education to our young generation who prefer Chinese education. Through the number of years, these private middle schools had developed and grown from the very little schools to the super size middle schools in Malaysia, no thanks to the government. They are among the best middle schools in the country, producing top grade students, acceptable and recognized by international university. Many of them are also being granted and given by overseas universities with excellent scholarship awards due to their super grades in their examinations both in SPM, STPM, and USC. They later contributed much of the progress and development in Malaysia. The supreme performance of the examination result cannot be challenged by any SMK result.

The Chinese middle schools in the country helped the government in many ways in term of producing good citizens, specialist, scientist, engineers, doctors, and many others, and not forgetting many of the BN politicians and supporters. With own cost, mostly public donations, the schools had helped the government in many ways, and saved money for the government. The government should be grateful and should seek ways to assist. To shut the door and slap the face of the Chinese middle school is the last thing the BN should do.

It is discriminating not to provide fund to them and not to recognize the USC, tell us how to achieve ‘1-Malaysia’?

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

针对副首相兼教育部长丹斯里慕尤丁向前往拜会他以董教总为首的七个华团代表时这样表示说,政府在将来不会再有任何资助给华文独中及也将不承认任何的华文独中统考证书。 这带给整个马来西亚的华裔社会一个很大的打击和引致高度的不满。

邱博士感到非常遗憾当他获悉政府对独中有如此的决定,这注定以后就算独中生有优越的统考证书,却不被政府所承认也影响到该些学生进入国立大学的机会。 慕尤丁所给的原因是独中并不符合国家教育政策所规定的各项条件,所以政府不能承认这项文凭。

这项的决定是完全推翻了首相纳吉的“一个马来西亚”概念和口号。 政府又再次展示他们对华文教育的不公平对待, 一方面高呼平等,另一方面却对华人社群施压,拒绝他们的基本权利。 请解释如何去实现他所谓的“一个马来西亚”?

邱博士说,从以前至今,政府对华文独中都不曾给予认同或支持。 因此,我们必须设法并建立独立华文中学,让我们年轻的下一代有机会接受华文中学教育。 经过多年的辛劳及没有任何政府的资助,这些由华社支撑的独中在马来西亚已经发扬光大,也发展成为大规模的学校。 目前我国的独中都是非常优秀的,学生的品德及学业均有优异的表现,其独中统考证书更为国际大学所承认和接受。 许多独中生在他们的考试如政府高中考试, 大学预科考试及独中统考都有很优异的成绩,海外大学都乐意接纳他们的申请进入就读并颁予奖学金。 学成之后他们都对国家作出了很大的贡献,促使进步和发展。这些独中优异成绩是国中不能取得的。

我国的独中已造就了许多良好公民,专家,科学家,工程师和医生等等的人才,包括国阵里的部长议员们。 独中的资源,主要是来至公众捐款,学校已经帮助了政府培育许多人才的工作,而没有利用到政府的资源。 政府应该感谢他们,也应该设法协助独中。 政府不但没有给予协助反而要关上大门,难道这就是国阵政府的作风吗?
不资助独中不承认统考,这就是歧视华社,‘一个马来西亚’又如何能成立呢? 让我们以手中的一票在下届大选时教训国阵!

Complaint over road lane closure in Tamparuli

The Tuaran DAP branch chairman Peter Liew Fui Ken received public complaint concerning the closure of one of the lane in the dual-carriage way at the high way approaching Tamparuli town and in front the SMK Tamparuli here. The closure as seen from the photo shown practically shut off half the road, with concrete kerb set in the road pavement and road tarmac surface dug up. There is an installation of traffic lights too, possibly for the school student crossing.

The purpose of this closure was unknown and seems illogical to form such an obstruction in the middle of the high way. This is already giving rise to a lot of inconvenience and danger in causing road accident. The modification to the existing road is bad and the people here requested to sort for a better solution to the modification for fear of more future accident.

Peter Liew urges the JKR to immediately carry out the necessary action to put right the situation and he said he had received an accident report caused by the closure of the road lane from a Sandakan driver. He wants JKR not to close the road lane, but instead move to the road shoulder for any work proposed to avoid closure of the lane. There must be some solution to the problem.

Peter Liew Fui Ken, DAP Tuaran Branch Chairman.

(Pic: Peter Liew showing the obstruction made to close one lane of the dual carriage highway)

沙巴民主行动党斗亚兰支部主席彼得刘辉坚接到市民的投诉,关于前往担波罗里镇的高速公路,位于担波罗里国中前面的繁忙的双行道马路被改为单行道的问题。 根据照片上所显示,该马路已被封掉了一半,而路面已被挖掘填铺成为安全岛。 此外,该处也安装了交通灯,可能是为该学校的学生过马路时使用的。

该段马路的更改,其设计很不妥当,而且把一个双行道的高速公路中间路段改为单行道似乎也不符合逻辑。 这必定会引起很多的不便和造成危险,而且一定会导致交通意外的发生,如此来改变现有的路段是极不智的。 该处的民众要求民行党协助寻求解决办法,以免发生更多的意外。

彼得刘敦促工务局立即进行纠正该情况,因为他已经收到一位来至山打根的车主因该路段封闭成为单行道而引起车祸的报告。 刘氏要求工务局不要把该路段改为单行道,他提议把安全岛移进去马路旁,避免更改马路行车的路线。 该路段的建设应该可以找到更好的解决方法。


KK Member of Parliament visited Centre Point complex

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu together with Sabah DAP Deputy Chairman cum DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie, and the Infrastructure bureau chief visited the Centre Point Shopping Complex yesterday afternoon. This is a regular visits conducted by the MP to go round the KK parliament constituency, in order to hear more from the people.

The visit was welcome by the people in the Centre Point shopping complex. They were pleased to meet the KK MP, and exchanged many views concerning the economy downturn that caused the lost of business in the complex. There were other complaints about the various infrastructure problems in KK. The people wanted to see some positive progress in the city like efficient bus services, more bus stops, cleaner environment, better roads, less power cuts, and create more car parks etc..

Dr. Hiew told the people, he will work harder for them, and will schedule to meet the people whenever he can. He explained to them that his duty is not limited to serve the KK folks in the KK parliament constituency only, but he has to cover the whole of Sabah because he promised the Sabahan that since he is the sole elected opposition MP in Sabah, he has a duty to look into the many problems in the other areas in Sabah. That is the same role to serve by the other Sabah DAP members too. The Sabah DAP pledged to stand up to any problem you have, and will strive to perform and serve better, for a united Sabah in the future. We will do better than the BN!

(picture show Dr. Hiew during the visit in Centre Point)

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP



邱博士告诉他们,他将会更加努力服务,并会安排更多的时间来会见人民。 他向他们解释,他的职责不仅限于服务亚庇市的选区, 同时也涵盖整个沙巴。 因为他当选时答应沙巴人,因他是唯一当选的反对党议员,他有义务照顾其他的地区。 其他行动党的党员也会同样的去服务。 沙巴民行当保证协助解决您的任何问题,并会努力执行任务,同心协力建立一个美好的沙巴州。我们当然要做得比国阵更好!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A beautiful scenic school matched with a lousy road in Kota Belud

The DAP members in Kota Belud received many complaints from the parents including teachers from the SMK Tambulion concerning the condition of the access road to the school. Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament cum Sabah DAP Chief attended to the complaint and found out that facts are true. The student and every one in the school are affected and suffering from the poor condition of the access road.

According to the complaint that the school is built in a very beautiful scenery site two years ago, especially with the Mount Kinabalu as the background, but the road spoils it all. The students usually reached school looked like “Orang-Putih” with blonde hair. They collected the dust on the way to the school from the dusty gravel road. The students comes from Kg. Sayap, Kg.Tengurus, Kg. Rosok, Kg. Bangkahak, Kg. Telintidon, Kg. Piasau and Kg. Tambulion which is only 4 km from the school, but needed 20 minutes to reach the school on the gravel road.

A mother said her daughter needs to get up early at 4 am to get ready to go to the school in the over-crowded “pick-up sekolah”. Some student had to sit on the rear door or hang at the back of the vehicle (see pic), it is very dangerous. The slow pick-up has to stop from place to place to pick up students, by the time she reaches school is already 7 am.

When the people ask about when will this road be sealed, the answer from JKR is always ‘standard’ as usual, “no allocation yet”! The local YBs replied, ‘that is not my area’ or ‘it’s been approved, will start work soon’, cited Rugina of Kg. Sayap, Kota Kinabalu.

Is it that difficult to get the few kilometer of access sealed to provide the comfort, safety, and healthy state to the poor Kota Belud Kampong folks? These people also voted Barisan National (BN) to power, and is this the treatment they get in return? Is BN a responsible government? Dr. Hiew hopes the BN YBs can perform to serve the people well, because you are taking your monthly pay from the people. If you can’t do it, you better step down and let someone who can do the job to take over. The people in Kota Belud can not bear the suffering any much longer.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

(Pic. Show the bad road condition and the beautiful school)


沙巴民主行动党古打毛律的党员收到许多的投诉来至丹布连国中(SMK Tambulion)的教师,学生及家长有关通往该学校的恶劣马路。 亚庇国会议员兼民行党州主席邱庆洲博士调查该投诉并且发现该处的马路的确非常恶劣。 学校的学生和老师们都遭受到该恶劣马路极大的影响。

根据投诉,在两年前新建的学校是处于一个非常优美的环境,尤其是学校后面可以看到神山的美景,但是该段恶劣的马路却破坏一切。 学生因为在上学的道路上,面对着尘土飞扬的石子路,因此通常达到学校的时候都成了“黄头发的鬼佬”,头上满是尘土。 这些学生是来自甘榜沙业(Kg. Sayap),甘榜登古如士(Kg.Tengurus),甘榜罗索(Kg. Rosok),甘榜邦卡哈(Kg. Bangkahak),甘榜德林迪敦(Kg. Telintidon),甘榜庇绍(Kg. Piasau)和甘榜丹布连(Kg. Tambulion)只离开该学校只有四公里的路程,但却需要花二十分钟时间才能抵达学校。

有一位母亲说,她的女儿必需要在凌晨四点起身做好准备去学校,挤上超载的载货小卡车前往学校。 而有些学生必须坐在卡车的后面(见照片),情况极危险。 卡车的速度缓慢,往往当她抵达学校时已经是早上七点了。
当人们问起这条道路什么时候才会铺上沥青时,工务局的回答总是给于像往常一样的‘标准’答案:“当局还没有拨款下来”! 此外,来自甘榜沙业(Kg. Sayap)的茹吉娜投诉说,该区的代议士通常给她的回答是‘这并不是我的区域’或‘已经得到批准,不久即将开始工作’,让她感到非常不满。

难道真的很困难把一条只有几公里长的马路铺上沥青,为古打毛律的甘榜人提供一个舒适,安全的马路? 这些人把票投给了国阵(BN)让他们当权,而他们却得到如此的回报。 国阵是否是一个负责任的政府? 邱博士希望国阵的代议士可以真正的为人民服务,执行他们的责任,因为每个月的薪水是由人民支付的。 如果不能做到这一点,最好是下台,让有能力的人士接管并把工作做好。 古打毛律的人民已经无法再忍受的这样的痛苦和折磨。


Monday, 25 May 2009

Menggatal Shops burglary, no police action

The Menggatal shop faced burglary for six times in a row during the last year and now. In spite of the 5 police reports made previously, there were no action and result from investigation.

The very unhappy shop owner Mr. Yong, a young businessman had another burglary and break-in to his shop last night, much of his goods had been stolen. He felt so angry and frustrated. He sorted help from the Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu to voice out his complaint about police not doing their job. This time round, he is not going to make any police, because he felt that there is no point and useless to report to the police department where nothing can be done. The police are not protecting the people and their belongings.

Dr. Hiew said he is very much sympathize with the young chap, and he will bring up the case with the police and find out the reason why after so many times of burglary occurred and police report made, there is no positive action. The police are none effective in fighting crime in the Menggatal town, that is why many similar cases had happened and the people refused to make the report. This is especially so when making the police report, the poor people are frequently ask to go here or there, and it usually takes few hours to make a simple report.

Dr. Hiew wants the Police department to pay particular attention to improve the situation in Menggatal area. The police department must increase the policeman in Menggatal on night watch, and to provide speedy reporting and investigation process. The altitude of the police officers when taking report from the victims must be caring and polite. There shouldn’t be any rude and sour-face, especially their inpatient on the face.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

(PIC:- Dr. Hiew With Yong inspecting the forced open door and showing the few previous police report)

连续从过去一年到今天,有一家孟加达的商店遭受到六次的盗窃。 尽管之前的五次盗窃已经向警方报案,但是却没有得到任何调查的行动。

年轻的店主杨先生的商店昨晚又遭受到盗窃和破坏,大部分货物已被窃走。 杨先生感到非常气愤和沮丧。 他向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士寻求协助并且也投诉有关警方没有做好他们的工作。这一次,他已不再向警方报案,并且认为就算报案也是没有意义和无用的,因为警方什么事情也办不好。 警方没有尽到保护人民和他们的财物的责任。

邱博士说,他非常同情这位年轻的店主,并且将会向警方反映该案件和寻求立即行动。 该商店多次发生了盗窃并且也有向警方报案,但是警方却没有采取积极调查行动。 由于孟加达警局没有积极的打击犯罪事件,使到在该处许多类似的案件发生时,当地居民都不愿去报警。 尤其是向警方做报告备案时,他们往往被叫去这里的或那里的警局,而且通常还需要几个小时来完成一个简单的报告。

邱博士希望警方特别要关注和改善孟加达区的防犯罪案的措施。 警方也必须提高该处的夜间巡逻,并提供简便的报案程序和有效率的调查。 而警官在备案时面对报案者必须要有关心和礼貌的态度。 不应该给予任何无礼和不耐烦的脸色。

(图示: - 邱博士检查被强行打开的闸门,和杨氏展示之前的警方报案书)

Sabah DAP has the many questions to ask the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman on the huge stack of timber logs parked at the Kalabakan log pond ready for shipment out of Sabah. The round timber logs are stacked there in the range of over few thousand pieces of all sizes, and some even as small as 24 inches girth and some as big as a table top.

Dr. Hiew received from the public, who wants to know,

(1) From where is this large quantity of logs came from, or from the Yayasan Sabah Forest Reserve in Kabalakan?

(2) Who owns the logging company? Have they been given the concession right to extract all the timber, big and small, as seen from the photos?

(3) What amount has the Sabah government received in terms of timber tax and the revenue from the logging operation here in Kalabakan as from year 2000 until now?

(4) What is the land size of the logging concession given out, to what company,
the time frame and is it under FMU?

(5) Any reforestation programs being implemented in the logging areas, and is
the state government enforcing this?

There is a lot of question to be put forward to the Sabah Chief Minister and we need some concrete answers from him. Due to the reason that timber is a vital natural resource of Sabah, It is also because this belongs to the people of Sabah, the CM should disclose more details, we have the right to know. The timber reserves in Kalabakan is what we have left, we must make good use of it, and to preserve it for the future generation, and not to cut every thing off now. Our forest reserve in Sabah will soon be finished in no time, if the trees are continued to be chopped at the present fast rate.

Now there are fast environmental changes, global warming, land erosion and climate changes, the Chief Minister must take special care towards the fast rate of deforestation in Sabah. We all must protect our environment and our future generations. From the huge piles of timber logs, the BN government had totally showed that they don’t care about the environment and the future of Sabahan.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党接到民众提出的许多问题要问沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼,有关的停放在卡拉巴干(Kalabakan)的木塘并准备运出沙巴州的许多大木桐。 堆积在该处的各种不同尺寸的木桐,其数量有超过数千条,有些是细小约二十四英寸周长的木桐,而有的却大如一张圆饭桌。


(1) 如此大量的木桐来至那里,是否来至卡拉巴干的沙巴基金局的森林保留区?
(2) 该些伐木公司到底是谁拥有?他们是否得到伐木的准证,来砍伐这些树木?(如照片所摄)?
(3) 沙巴州政府对于从二零零零年直到今天,向卡拉巴干伐木公司所征收的木材税收的数额有多少?
(4) 该伐木准证的森林面积共有多大?什么公司得到该些伐木牌,而且是否有时间限制,并且是否是 有进行‘森林复原’的策略计划 ?
(5) 是否有任何重栽树林制度在该伐木区中实施,而州政府有否强制去执行该制度呢?

有许多问题要向沙巴州首席部长提问,而且我们需要具体的回答。由于木材是沙巴州一个重要的天然资源,也是属于沙巴人民的资源,沙州首席部长必须要披露更多有关伐木的细节,因为人民有权力知道。沙巴州只剩下位于卡拉巴干的原始森林保留区,所以为了我们的下一代,州政府应该更嚴格的去保留和好好的利用我们的天然资源,而不是毫无节制的砍伐和极度破坏天然环境。 如果继续这样的快速砍伐树林,将会帶给沙巴州的森林資源和環境極大的损壞,并且面对森林快速的消失。

地球环境有很大的变化,全球变暖,土地侵蚀和气候变化,首席部长必须采取行动嚴格保護僅存的原始森林及具有生態價值的天然树林,停止快速砍伐森林。 我们所有的人都必须保护我们的环境和我们的下一代。 在卡拉巴干堆积的木桐已经显示出国阵政府正在毁灭以上所提到的环保价值和沙巴人民的将来。

Damaged Kudat road needed urgent repair

Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief John Lee Kim Seng, had a received complaint from motorists about the collapsed road section in the Kudat road near Sikuati. According to the people in Kudat, about 1 or 2 years ago, a land slide created a ravine about 10m deep and damaged more than 60% of the original width of the road to Kg. Tulid Toporoi, which is about 50 km away from Kudat town. If there is any further erosion of the road it might result a complete cut off of the major road access to Kudat. Furthermore there are also numerous sections of the road near Kg. Ulu Kukut which is also having damage by land slide, thus it needs urgent repair works to prevent accidents and negatively influence over the Kudat development. Thus we urged JKR to speed up the repair work promptly, since the Federal fund of RM2.8 million has been allocated for the purpose.

A good state government should be producing a high standard of living and the capacity to achieve high level of productivity for its peoples and the business environment. Thus enhance a rapid growth in the agricultural, tourism and marine aquaculture which are crucial and important to the Kudat economy. With the basic factors like natural resources, climate and location which we inherited is not enough, we also require the government to provide basic infrastructure development, such as constant and reliable supply of power, water, and good transport system, such as well maintained roads to encourage more investment to our state.

Sabah DAP welcome more funds for infrastructure development projects, however the ability and timely deploy of these funds are crucial and importance to develop Kudat and Sabah. We hope this road will be repaired promptly.

By : Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief, Mr. John Lee Kim Seng

沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星前往古达巡视该处损坏的路段。 因为根据古达的人民说,大约在1年至2年前该段道路发生土崩,形成一个约10米深谷和毁损了约60 %前往甘榜督里多坡鲁(Kg. Tulid Toporoi)的路面。 该甘榜离古达约有五十公里,如果再有任何的土崩发生,可能会导致这主要道路完全切断。 此外在甘榜乌卢古固(Kg. Ulu Kukut)附近的路段的路面已经完全损坏,因此,工务局需要立即进行紧急维修工作,以防止意外的事件和丧失宝贵生命,及影响古达的发展。 因此,我们敦促工务局加快该修复的工作。 联邦政府已拨款马币两百八十万零吉来进行该工作。

一个良好和有效力的州政府主要目标是要不断的建立,生产和提高生活水平。从而增强和促使农业,旅游和工商业的快速增长。 海洋资源如渔业和水产养殖业是古达的重要经济来源之一,单单只拥天然资源,气候和环境是不足够的,我们还需要政府提供其他基本的基础设施来推动发展,比如稳定的电流供应,足够的水源供应,良好的运输系统及好的马路,以能够鼓励和吸引更多的投资者到我们的沙巴州。

我们非常欢迎联邦分配给沙巴州各种基础设施发展项的拨款,但是该些拨款需要更有效及快速的利用于发展古达及全沙巴州。 希望州政府迅速维修该路段,而不是向人民再开一张空头支票,欺骗人民,只讲不做。

Binaie Bridge in Keningau

The Melalap Assemblyman and the Assistant Minister to the chief minster Department Datuk Radin Malleh claimed Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie did not check his facts before making a statement on the Binaie Bridge in Keningau. He said Edward urged the government to turn the Binaie Bridge into a two lane road because the present single lane system was causing bottleneck on the Keningau-Tenom road.

Sabah DAP regret the statement made by him and in the matter of facts that Radin even have the location of the mentioned bridge wrong. The bridge visited by Edward Mujie was in Sg. Pegalan, Tenom and not as quoted by Radin, the bridge is in Keningau. He as an Assistant Minister should get his facts checked and his statement issued to the right order. We can not afford to have minister like him to sit in the government.

Further more, Edward has good intention in highlighting the issue as requested by the Tenom folks, and he had checked all the facts before making his statement. Again Radin is barking at the wrong tree without asking, and he is actually the Clown. Edward is considering and will check with the DAP Legal Bureau for possible legal action on the remark made by Radin to frame him as “a political clown by taking photo of himself at the scene”.

The design of the said Sg. Pegalan bridge/ Binaie bridge in Tenom is still on the JKR drawing board, Edward merely request the government to expedite on the widening of the bridge to enable a two-lane traffic to reduce daily jam. His good intention unfortunately is used by BN to cover their slackness in performing their duties. Radin is reminded that he should spend more effort to sort out funding to immediately start work on the said bridge. He was again wrong to say that the bridge had started preliminary work. There was no single worker and machine on site during the inspection on the 9th of May. How can they start work while the thing is still on the drawing board?

Edward Ewol Mujie, DAP vice Chairman.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Convert SK Bandar to SJK(Cina) Bandar Government School

here Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament urged the Ministry of Education to consider the request of the KK folks not to use the 7 acres of education reserved land in Sunny Garden, Kota Kinabalu for the purpose of erecting a government primary school (BM). This land is right in the middle of the KK City, and it should be right to serve the Chinese community, which made up of almost 80% of the population.

The Chinese SJK(C) schools in Kota Kinabalu are overloaded and not capable to take in any more students. The classes are filled up with student up to 60 per class. There is an urgent need for at least three more such school to cater for the future increase in students. In Kota Kinabalu, the Bumiputra students are also studying in the Chinese school too, with a percentage up to 5%. Therefore, the SK Bandar is best converted to a Government Chinese school to solve the problem.

The financial aids provided by the Federal and the State government are no way near the actual requirement by the Sabah Chinese primary and secondary school. The schools are depending on donations, fund raising, and some funding from the various associations. The money raised is limited and not enough to cater for the ever increasing student population. The school building needed to be built and expanded yearly, the rest of the much required facilities like science room, living skill workshop, laboratory, music room etc. are put on hold because the class rooms are more important. Thus, the privileges of the student to have these facilities for their learning process had been deprived and taken away.

Dr. Hiew hopes the Education Department in Sabah can study the case of the SK Bandar for the necessary conversion to a Chinese medium government primary school in Kota Kinabalu. There is enough SK in the Kota Kinabalu City to cater for the area, why not give this proposed school to the Chinese who make up the bulk of the KK population and to ease the congestion in the SJK(C).

Dr. Hiew will put forward the request in Parliament to the Deputy Education Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong for his assistance in approving the change of medium, and hope the minister can grant the approval at an early date.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

(pic: Dr. Hiew, Edward Mujie and Fung Kong Win at the proposed site of the SK Bandar in Sunny Garden, KK)

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士吁请教育部考虑亚庇人民的诉求,把位于在亚庇山利园(Sunny Garden)的七英亩政府教育保留地将要兴建的一间国小(SK)应改为政府全津贴华小SJK(C)。 这片土地正好位于在亚庇市中心,该市拥有将近80 %的华族人口,因此应该是用于服务华人社区。

在亚庇的华小已经面对暴满的情况,而且没有办法再容纳更多的学生。 每班的学生几乎多达六十位。 目前迫切需要至少多三间华小以应付不断增加的新生数量。 而在亚庇市约有高达5%的土著学生在华小就读。 因此,把该国小转型为政府全津贴华小,是解决这个问题的最好方法。

联邦和州政府提供的拨款更本没有实际的帮助到沙巴华小和独中的需要。华小和独中都是依赖学生父母的捐赠,筹款和各华社团体的捐款来维持。 然而该筹款或捐赠的资金是有限的,不足以应付日益增加的的新生人数。 每年学校需要扩建,此外还要增加其他必需的建设,如科学室,生活技能室,实验室,音乐室等。 很多这些建设必须暂时搁置,因为最重要的还是增加教室。 如此一来,学生们也因为没有完善的学校设施,而使到在学子被剥夺了学习的机会。

邱博士希望在沙巴州教育部能够进一步了解该建议,是有必要把建议中的国小转型为政府全津贴华小。 在亚庇市已经有足够的国小,为什么不拨出更多的拨款给华小以应付课室严重短缺的问题,来减轻目前华小学生拥挤的情况。


(图:邱博士,爱德华慕吉和冯光荣摄于亚庇山利园(Sunny Garden)将建议兴建国小的空地前)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Meeting the British High Commissioner in Kota Kinabalu.

Sabah DAP Chairman cum the Kota Kinabalu Member Dr. Hiew King Cheu with Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie met up for tea with the British High Commissioner in Kota Kinabalu for an hour long talk concerning the various aspects concerning economy, political environment, agriculture development and some party organization in Sabah.

The High Commissioner, Mr. Boyd McCleary CVO is very happy to have the chance to meet the Sabah DAP representatives, especially Dr. Hiew the sole opposition member of parliament from Sabah. With him was the Trade manager of the British High Commission, Mr. Ade Adenan Ramdan. He wished to know more about Sabah and its future plans both in the development politically and the economical aspect. He is impressed about the work of the Sabah DAP in bringing a more harmonious society especially in the area of helping the rural folks. The DAP concept of a “Malaysian’s Malaysia” is well receipt.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.


英最高领事博麦柯里先生(Mr. Boyd McCleary CVO),非常高兴能有机会会见沙巴民主行动党的领袖,尤其是邱博士是沙巴州唯一的反对党国会议员。 陪同他一起的是英领事馆的贸易经理,阿迪阿德南拉但先生(Mr. Ade Adenan Ramdan) 。 他希望能了解更多有关沙巴州未来的政治趋向和经济发展潜能。 他对沙民行党的工作及贡献取得良好的印象,并认为该党将会促进社会的和谐与进步,特别是在帮助乡下的居民并解决他们的问题。 民主行动党所提倡的“马来西亚人的马来西亚”概念是极受认同的。

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Overhead foot-bridge needed to connect Asia City to Bandaran Berjaya

Overhead foot-bridge needed to connect Asia City to Bandaran Berjaya

DAP Local Government and Housing Chief Edward Ewol Mujie with the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu and the Sabah DAP Publicity Secretary Teddy Yang inspected the spot where many people had requested a pedestrian overhead foot-bridge to be constructed to link up the two areas from Asia City to Bandaran Berjaya (Shangrila Hotel) across the busy road. There were many accident occurred in the past.

Edward in making the call to the government to construct the foot-bridge said this will not cost a lot but in returns can solve lot of problem including saving lives. The foot-bridge had been under request for a long time and yet no action has been taken. The people crossing the road here, is risking their lives against the fast flowing traffic. It is difficult to cross the road here especially during peak hours.

The construction of this foot-bridge can be of simple steel structure, like the one in Secret Heart Church and at the State Mosque. The time needed to erect and install on site will be short and speedy, may be few days only. The life span can be for as long as thirty years, if properly maintained. Therefore, DBKK and the JKR should immediately expedite to construct.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉,亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和民行党宣传秘书杨展之接到许多人的要求,希望能够建造一座天桥以衔接亚洲城和成功卫星市(香格里拉酒店旁),由于该处是一个繁忙的公路,在过去造成了许多意外事故发生。 邱博士,爱德华和杨氏前往该处进行巡视。

爱德华呼吁州政府说,建造该天桥不会耗费很大,而且可以解决很多问题,其中包括避免丧失宝贵生命。民众要求建造该天桥已经有很长的一段时间,但当局却没有采取任何行动。 人群是冒着生命危险在该处越过交通忙碌的马路。 尤其是在繁忙时间很难越过马路的。(见图)

建造该天桥可以用简单钢铁结构,列如圣心天主教堂和新布兰回教堂前的天桥。 在该处安装只需要很短的时间,可能只用几天而已。 而且如果适当的维修和保养,其使用期可长达三十年。 因此,为亚庇人民的福利和安全着想,亚庇市政厅和工务局应立即加快建造。


Monday, 18 May 2009

Sabah DAP is calling on the relevant authority and the developer to immediately to repair the damaged road at the Kolombong Industrial estate. Jeffrey Kumin, the DAP state organizing secretary said that he received many complaints from the public especially property owners and motorists who are using the road who have to face the broken road daily.

Regarding the road condition at the industrial estate, according to Jeffrey, there are at least ten big pot holes which were filled with broken bricks and it is hard to drive on especially small vehicles. After checking with DBKK, and it is confirmed that the road of the industrial estate is still under the developer and not been handed over to DBKK. Therefore, the responsibility still remains with the developer. Any repair and rebuild must be completed to the right specification before handing over to DBKK.

Jeffrey urges the developer to immediately rebuild the whole road at the industrial estate to the right standard which can support the heavy load of the truck, due to the fact that this is an industrial area. By filling the pot holes with broken brick will not solve the problem. DBKK should impose strict order for the developer to repair immediately.

By : Jeffrey Kumin, DAP state organizing secretary

Picture: Jeffrey Kumin and member showing the road pot hole fill with broken bircks.

沙巴民主行动党呼吁有关当局和开发商立即进行修复哥隆邦工业区的毁坏道路。 民行党州组织秘书杰弗利古明说,他收到了许多民众的投诉说,尤其是该工业区的业主和道路使用者每天必须面对这破烂的马路。

根据杰弗利说该破烂的路面,至少有十个大洞以破碎砖块填补,使到进出困难,特别是小型车辆。 经过他视查后并向有关当局询问,确认这条马路仍然属于发展商的维修管理,而还不曾移交于亚庇市政厅。 因此,该维修责任仍然在发展商。 任何修复和重建必须遵照所规定的工程准则,在全部修复之后才可移交给亚庇市政厅接管。

杰弗利敦促该发展商立即重建整个道路,以期可以支撑重载的货车,由于这是一个工业区,填补破洞用烂砖瓦是不会解决问题。 亚庇市政厅应实施严格条规及限制该发展商立即修复所有的马路破洞及尽快移交给亚庇市政厅接管。

Sabah government should revive portfolio for Ministry of Health

Sabah government should revive portfolio for Ministry of Health

The proposal to set up a state-own hospital in the old Wisma Khidmat building in Karamunsing, is welcomed by the Sabah DAP. The Proposal is to covert it into a private hospital utilizing a sum of RM 100 million sourced by the Sabah Credit Corporation, and it is going to be a Sabah state-own Hospital.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu supported the idea although this comes very late, and after all the problem and happening arising to the medical health services in Kota Kinabalu, but none the less, it is better than nothing happens.

The 18% shares holding of the State government in the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC), after the sale of the SMC complex to the Federal government Health Ministry, should be disposed off, and the share value should worth some RM 70 million. This amount should be utilized to finance the initial cost of the new state hospital here.

On the other hand, due to the slackness and non delivery of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Hiew proposed to the Sabah State Government to revive the Portfolio of the Ministry of Health in the Sabah Cabinet with the jurisdiction to under take all the health matter and development directly including all the administration. The Federal government shall provide our share of the money under the Malaysia Agreement for the purpose. There were a Health Ministry in Sabah in the past, and it was handed over to the Federal later until now. The idea for a Sabah Health Ministry is supported overwhelmingly by many Sabahan through out the state. This is because this hospital problem had really caused us a lot of dismay, discomfort, live lost, agony, and anger, “enough is enough”! This is way the Sabah State government wanted to establish its own hospital to ease the pressure and try to save lives now. The federal ministry had totally failed the Sabahan.

There will be a better future for the hospital if managed directly by the Sabahan, at least there will not be a “remote control” and “east-west” problem. Sabahan knows their own door-step problems, we do not have to peg the central for help at least. Sabahan is capable now to handle its own problem, and we should be given the chance to handle and to solve our problem.

The Sabah Government has to seriously consider this proposal by the Sabah DAP, if not they too shall equally fail the Sabahan, so act now!

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP cum Sabah DAP State Chairman

沙巴民主行动党欢迎把原亚庇民事雇员合作社大楼改建为州政府私人医院的建议。 并且将由沙巴信贷公司以马币一亿令吉融资把前合作社大楼改为私人医院使用,这将是沙巴州第一个自己的医院。


本州政府在沙巴医学中心(SMC)拥有18 %的股份,当该私人医院由联邦政府卫生部收购后,该股份价值约马币七千万令吉。 州政府应该脱手该项股份而将该数额资助新州医院的部分费用。

另一方面,由于联邦卫生部的懒散和不积极,邱博士建议沙巴州政府重新成立沙巴卫生部,包括所有该部门的行政,能够直接处理一切问题与发展工作。 根据马来西亚协议,联邦政府也必须给予资助。 过去在沙巴州有过自己的卫生部和两位卫生部长,后来被移交联邦政府至今。 这项成立沙巴卫生部的建议已受到极多沙巴人的支持。 这是因为联邦政府所管辖的医院及医疗设备,确实给本州人民带来很多的问题,困扰,痛苦和愤怒, 使到沙巴人民已受够了! 因此使到沙巴州政府建议建立自己的医院,以减轻目前所面对的问题,并且希望能挽救更多的宝贵生命。 沙巴人民对联邦政府已经彻底的失望 。

如果该医药服务和行政是直接由沙巴人自己来处理,这将会有一个更高的效率和成绩,至少不会出现‘远程控制’和‘东马,西马’的问题。 因为沙巴人比较清楚及有直接关系和明白自己所面对的问题,而不必一直仰赖中央政府的帮助。 现在沙巴的人已能够有能力,人才,学识及经验来处理医药服务,我们应该给于机会来成立自身的沙州卫生部。

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tenom/Kemabong Bridge Needed URGENT attention.

Tenom/Kemabong Bridge Needed URGENT attention.

During the recent visit by the DAP mobile service team to Tenom last week, the team was brought by some concerned folks to see for themselves the corroded condition of the steel structure of the 450 foot long bridge connecting Tenom to Kemabong over the Padas River. The steel structure is badly corroded and rusted, and some parts showed features and signs of over-stressed, fatigue, and shear stress mark appearing on the steel section. Some structural members are showing sign of weakness and damaged by knocking of the lorry. The bridge may not be able to take more heavy load and sudden shock/pressure caused by overloaded heavy trucks. The river bank at the abutment of the bridge is badly eroded by the river water, and there is already sign of weakness and collapse appearing at this place.

Sabah DAP State Chairman cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu made the above comment after the inspection lead by several concern Tenom folks. He enquired later from JKR concerning the future of the bridge, and he was told that the bridge is under the Federal JKR and it is under planning to reconstruct. The plan to build a new bridge will depend on the availability of the federal fund allocation. In view of the current situation, this fund may seem to be in a difficult stage for immediate utilization.

Dr. Hiew said this is an urgent case and the authority seems closing one eye on the issue, and the work on the new bridge must be carried out immediately without further delay. The Federal Works Ministry and the Transport Ministry must expedite the work and allocate the fund right away. Hiew recommends that at the meanwhile, JKR must take up measures to temporary strengthen the bridge and provide a new paint coat to stop further corrosion of the steel members of the bridge. This will not cost a lot, but at least we are sure that the bridge can last for a bit longer until the new bridge is ready. The bridge connecting Tenom to Sapong and Kemabong is the only link and passage over the Padas River. We can not afford to lose the bridge otherwise every thing will be cut off.

Dr. Hiew said he will personally bring up the matter to the Federal Ministers concern, on the work and fund allocation. This is for the benefits of the Tenom folks.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP
(pic: shows corroded steel in the Tenom Bridge)

丹南/ 哥马邦桥(Kemabong Bridge)极需要关注。
沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于上周前往丹南进行流动服务活动,当地居民向该服务队投诉有关连接丹南和哥马帮(Kemabong)的渡桥,该钢铁结构约四百五十英尺的桥已经出现腐蚀的状况。该桥显示出严重的腐蚀和生锈,有一些地方显示微裂的现象,更因为车辆的超重而出现了毁坏和弯曲。 该大桥可能无法再承受任何超载负重的大型货车。 而该桥墩因为河水的冲击而严重受侵蚀,并已经显示出无法承受压力的迹象。

上述评论是由沙巴民主行动党兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士经过巡视后说的。 他过后询问工务局(JKR)会如何去处理该大桥,他被告知说,该桥是属于联邦工务局并且正在策划重建中。 该计划建立新的大桥将取决于能否获得联邦政府的拨款。 鉴于目前的形势,要立即拨出该拨款似乎是有一点困难。

邱博士说,这是一个紧迫需要关注的问题而当局却似乎毫无关心,兴建新的大桥必须立即进行不能再拖延。 联邦工务局和交通部必须尽快拨款以进行兴建的工作。 邱氏建议,工务局现在必须采取安全措施以加强该座桥,并且上一层油漆以防止进一步的腐蚀。 这不会花费很多钱,至少让该座桥可以供大家暂时使用多一段时间,直到新的大桥建好。 这座桥是唯一连接丹南渡过巴达士河(Padas River)到沙邦(Sapong)和哥马邦(Kemabong)的通道。 我们不能失去的该座桥,否则从丹南到该甘榜的交通必会割断。

邱博士说,他将亲自把这个问题带到联邦部长那里,请他们特别关注该工程和拨款。 这是为丹南人的利益着想。


Friday, 15 May 2009

New Price for recruitment foreign worker (Indonesian and Philippines)

The latest Immigration charges leveled on employing the foreign workers from Indonesia and Philippines has increased almost double as published by the Immigration department. These charges on the ‘levy’ (immigration fee) cover the Agriculture, Manufacture, and services sectors. The new rates are to be imposed on 1st of August, 2009 (see attached fee chart).

The agriculture sector is worst hit, because the increase of the levy on foreign workers will be imposed only on plantation land size less than 100 acres, meaning that the small holders will have to struggle to pay the higher levy charges for their foreign workers from 1st August along with other sectors like manufacture and service.

The following chart shows the details of the levy fees in the various sectors for the Indonesian and Philippines workers:-

Immigration fees effective on 1st August 2009 Agriculture Manufacture Services
Indonesian RM 820 RM2,060 RM3,020
Philippines RM 902 RM2,102 RM3,062

Immigration fees before 1st August 2009
Indonesian RM 460 RM1,100 RM1,580
Philippines RM 502 RM1,142 RM1,586

The DAP Member of Parliament for kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew received angry complaint from the people who are employing foreign workers, saying the near 100% increment in the Immigration fees is not reasonable. This is a way to kill the agriculture, manufacture and service business. We definitely can not afford to pay such huge sum starting from this August, and many businesses will be affected. Dr. Hiew said the matter needs more careful evaluation and we will have to take into consideration the factors that will increase the burden of the business especially those who need to employ many foreign workers, where local workers do not wish to work. The above mentioned three sectors required the highest requirement of foreign workers. Just look at the Service sector, if a coffee house needs 10 Philippines workers, he will have to pay a total fees of RM 30,620. Dr. Hiew said he will mention this in Parliament to the Home Minister to review the Immigration fees during the coming June sitting. This is basically due to the situation in Sabah is different.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

移民局的入境办事处对雇用从印尼和菲律宾的外国工人最新费用增加了近一倍的价格。 这些‘人头税’的帐率特高于农业,制造业和服务业。 该新的价格于二零零九年八月一日生效(见所附费用表) 。

农业受到最大的冲击,因为该行业凭用许多的外劳,该‘人头税’是针对拥有一百英亩以下的棕油小园主,这意味着小园主将要付出双倍的人头税。其他行业如制造业和服务业从八月开始,就必须要付非常昂贵的人头税来凭请外国工人。 这项人头税对他们的打击可以说是非常的过分,政府根本没有考虑到他们将会面对的困境。

以下图表显示征收印尼和菲律宾劳工人头税的费用: -

零九年八月一日之后的人头税 农业 制造业 服务业
印尼 RM 820 RM 2,060 RM 3,020
菲律宾 RM 902 RM 2,102 RM 3,062

印尼 RM 460 RM 1,100 RM 1,580
菲律宾 RM 502 RM 1,142 RM 1,586

沙巴民主行动党兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多投诉和极度不满。 雇用外国工人的雇主说,该人头税接近一倍的提高是极不合理的。 这根本让农业,制造业和服务业无法生存。 从今年八月后他们是绝对无法支付如此庞大的金额,许多企业将受到很大的影响。 邱博士说,该问题需要更仔细的评估,及不得不考虑许多因素,因为这将增加经济负担,尤其是那些商业很需要聘用了大量的外国工人,因为本地人不想做这些工作。 上述三个行业需要很多外国工人。 列如服务业,如果一个咖啡店需要十位菲律宾工人,雇主将必须支付马币三万六百二十令吉的‘人头税’。 邱博士说,他将在六月的国会中向国内事务部长提出有关‘人头税’的费用问题。 这是由于沙巴州基本情况和外劳需求是不同的。




民行党州宣传秘书扬展之呼吁民众把握机会,将自己所面对的法律问题,包括官非,土地,房屋刑事,商业等的法律难题可以前来询问。此外,还有广受欢迎的义诊和辆血压服务。 这次是该党巡回全州服务再次从临加雅街。

By : 民行党州宣传秘书扬展之

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sg. Pegalan Bridge in Tenom should be double lane

During the visit of the DAP mobile service to Tenom last Sunday, the Sabah DAP state vice chairman cum Local government and housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie was brought by the Tenom folks to inspect the narrow bridge at the Sg. Pegalan, which is at the moment a single lane bridge serving heavy traffic flow. The bridge is situated about 5KM from the Tenom town on the way to the State Agricultural Park. There are nearly a thousand vehicles passing on this road daily, including heavy trucks, and the narrow single lane bridge has become the “bottle-neck”.

Edward said after the inspection that JKR should expedite to add another lane on this bridge, and this needed to widen the width of the bridge in order that two vehicles can pass. This is not going to cost a lot of money to do so. He hopes the JKR can immediately carry out the job without further delay. The Tenom folks wish the bridge to be widened so that they don’t have to queue daily to cross.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

丹南巴加兰桥(Sg. Pegalan Bridge)需建成双行车道桥
沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于上星期日前往丹南进行移动服饰,丹南居民带该州副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉前往巡视丹南的巴加兰桥(Sg. Pegalan Bridge),目前是一座交通繁忙的单道渡桥。这座桥离丹南镇约五公里,前往国家植物公园唯一通路。每天有近千辆汽车通过这条道路,包括重型货车,该狭隘的单道渡桥已成为‘瓶颈’。

爱德华检查后说,工务局应加快再增加一条行车线,这需要扩大桥面的宽度,能使两辆车可以通过。这是不会需要花很多钱来做。他希望工务局可以立即展开工作,不要再拖延。 丹南的人们希望的有扩大的渡桥,使他们不必每天排队跨越。


The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu today disclosed that due to popular public request to establish a “musician corner” in the Taman Foh Sang shop area for the benefit of the community, he agrees to the proposal and he had written to the Kota Kinabalu City Mayor Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim to seek the City Hall to grant the approval and consent. This is going to be the first Musician corner in Sabah.

Dr. Hiew views the proposal as viable and of public interest. The setting up of the “musician corner” will bring much live to the Luyang area and become a nice place for the night out activities. This corner in Tmn Foh Sang (see Picture) is most suitable for putting up a small stage for the music lovers and singers to perform during the night hours, starting from 7pm to 10pm. The bands from schools, individual, local bands and the singers from various associations can make use of the location to perform and entertain the people who are enjoying the food varieties from the shops here. The place will be a tourist prompt attraction too.

The Luyang folks are giving a 100% support for their “musician corner” to become a reality soonest possible, so that more business and live can be brought to the area. They urge the City Hall can grant the approval soon. The Kota Kinabalu MP Office will provide the co-ordination and management work.

By Dr. Hiew King Cheu

(Photo shows the location of the proposed Musician corner)

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天披露说,民众要求并建议在和生园商店设立一个“露天音乐家角落”,以造福社群。 邱博士同意他们的建议,并已致函于亚庇市长拿督易利斯征求市政府对该建议给予批准和同意。 这将会是第一个在沙巴州类似的“露天音乐家角落”。

邱博士认为该建议是极好的,并且能让公众受益。设立一个“露天音乐家角落”将带给和生园路阳区更热闹的气氛,并成为晚间休闲的好去处。 和生园商店的角落停车场(见图片)是最适合放置一个小舞台,让音乐爱好者和歌手们在夜间表演,时间是从晚上七点至晚上十点。 该“露天音乐家角落”是让公众公开给学校乐队,个人演奏,本地乐队与歌手及各社团或协会使用,而民众也可以享受该处茶店和摊档的美味食物。此外,该处可以成为一个游客喜欢到的地方。

路阳的居民给予全力支持该“露天音乐家角落”,并且希望能尽早可以实现,使该区的商业可以兴旺。他们催促市政府能够尽快给予批准。 亚庇国会议员办事处将协助于协调的工作。


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Courtesy call to the Sabah Commissioner of Police

The Sabah DAP leaders paid a courtesy call to the Sabah commissioner of Police Datuk Noor Rashid Bin Ibrahim at his headquarter in Kapayan, Kota Kinabalu today. The DAP team was lead by the Sabah DAP chairman cum KK Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, treasurer Frederic Fung Kong Win and the Infrastructure Bureau Chief John Lee.

The purpose of the DAP visit is to further understand the operation of the Royal Malaysia police department and to bring forward the various problem faced by the people in Sabah. Amount the subjects discussed are the KK City Ah Long issue, black market 4-D, lack of ‘on-foot police petrol’, lack of police pondok in King Fisher Park and Lintas Square/Plaza, lengthy procedure of filing police report, slack action and sometimes no action after filing police report, and rural districts difficult to file police report (east coast rural plantation area). The CP gave explanations and said he will look into these for improvement to the matters. He commented the some times he had to face some limitation on getting things done, anyway he will try his best, and take note of the thing forwarded by DAP.

During the one hour long visit, much had been transpired. The DAP leaders managed to put forward the people’s complaints and suggestions for the perusal of the CP and his senior officers who were from the crime and commercial crime squat. These covered the various proposals to upgrade the operation and efficiencies of the police in term of crime prevention, crime solving and long term education training within the police department on Electronic technique to fight and solve crime. CP mentioned that certain allocation had been made by the Federal to the Sabah Police Contingent to up grade their facilities and to provide training. Dr. Hiew said he will be happy to help when there is the need to bring matters up in the Parliament in the aspect of security, safety, and to protect the right of the people. Hiew said that the Police and the MP are equally important to the people. He thanks the police for their efforts to fight crimes and hope they will try to reduce the crime rates in Sabah, especially in the KK City. Datuk Noor Rashid also hopes the KK MP office and the DAP will work closely with and to assist the police in the various problem in the City.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

( pic: Taken during the courtesy call to the CP at Kapayan Police HQ)

沙巴民主行动党领袖今天前往沙巴州甘拜园警察总部拜访总监拿督纳锡(Datuk Noor Rashid Bin Ibrahim)。 前往会谈的有民主行动党州主席兼沙巴国会议员邱庆洲博士,副州主席爱德华慕吉,州财政冯光荣和新任基本设施局主任李金星。

民主行动党拜访的目地是为了进一步了解马来西亚皇家警察的运作,并提出人民所面临的各种问题。 该讨论的主题包括‘阿窿’的问题,黑市万字,缺乏步行巡逻警察,缺乏警亭于林达商业区和里卡士的翠鸟园,冗长的报警程序,缓慢的调查行动,有时甚至不采取任何行动有关报案,乡区在报警时面对困难(东海岸的油棕园)。 总监作了解释,并表示他将考虑把这些问题改进。他说了他时常面对一些不能立即解决的问题,他也面临一些限制,他将尽最大努力,并会关注由行动党所题呈的问题,意见及要求,。

在一个小时的会谈中,双方取得了很好的共识。 民主行动党提出人民的投诉及建议,并得到总监和来自犯罪组及商业犯罪科的高级警官的认同。 其课题涵盖了各种的建议,如提高警察破案的效率和如何预防犯罪行为,警察的教育培训和授予电子器材的使用,以方便处理及打击罪案。总监指出,某些方面取得了联邦的关注为沙巴州警察部队增添设施,并提供培训。 邱博士说,他将很乐意帮助有关沙警方在软硬体的设备的需要在国会提出,以确保沙州民的安全和受保护的权益。 邱氏说,警方和国会议员都是同样重要。 他感谢警方的努力打击罪犯,并希望他们能减少在沙巴州的犯罪率,特别是在亚庇市。 拿督纳锡希望亚庇国会议员办事处和民主行动党将紧密的与警方合作,并协助警方在城市所面对的各种问题。


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Opposition Member of Parliament not allowed to handle development fund

Opposition Member of Parliament not allowed to handle development fund
- all MP fund projects to be tendered out

The ruling on the power to the utilization of the MP fund allocated to the Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary constituency to the sole opposition MP in Sabah was disallowed by the Sabah Development Office (SDO). This is taken as an act to deprived the right of the people in Kota kinabalu and the Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu. This was disclosed by the Director of SDO, Matusin Sunsang.

Dr. Hiew regrets the move by the BN government under the directive from the prime Minister department to instruct the SDO not to allow the DAP opposition MP to handle the said fund, but in stead BN representatives can decide on the usage. He said this is an act of discrimination towards the people elected opposition representative. The money belongs to the people, therefore, they want their elected MP to handle the funding for the constituency, and not the rejected BN representative who lost the election to handle the fund of RM 1.0 million. This reflects the ugly face of the BN administration, and disrespect towards the people in Kota Kinabalu.

Dr. Hiew said such move can only bring about corruption when approving works carried out under the MP fund, especially these are not being tendered openly. The director of SDO mentioned that the fund can be used for small development projects up RM50,000.00 each. The KK MP can only propose but no approving power on all development projects. The BN representative can have the power to propose and approve on the utilization of the MP fund. There will definitely no chance for the MP to implement any useful projects in his constituency for the benefits of the KK Folks.

Dr. Hiew wants SDO to open tender for all the projects under this MP fund. This is to ensure CAT principle is kept and uphold, that is Credibility, Accountability, and Transparency. The tendency for the projects under the MP fund if not tendered out, that means the people who approved the same will be able to manipulate the job to his cronies for “handsome kickback” and share of high profit. Thus, the people’s money is used unproductively, because may be half of this money already ended in private pocket. We do not see 100% of the MP fund being used effectively. Furthermore, the usage amount per project had been raised from the previous RM20,000 to now RM50,000 for each project. The BN government is unfair, undemocratic, and not transparent in handling the people’s money. How is the Prime Minister going to publicize so much on his “1 – Malaysia” pronouncement? From this case, he has contradicted on what he claims, and he has totally failed.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

根据沙巴发展署(SDO)的主席玛杜辛宋生(Matusin Sunsang)所发表的文告,沙巴唯一反对党的国会议员不会给于亚庇国会议员基金的掌管权,但是只可以提供意见而无决定权。 这样的决定是剥夺了亚庇市人民的权益,及亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士应有的职权来处理其国会拨款。

邱博士对国阵政府首相署的指令,指示沙巴发展署不能让沙巴民主行动党籍的反对党国会议员处理及使用该基金感到很遗憾。 然而国阵的代表却可以决定并使用该项基金。他说,因为亚庇选民投选反对党,所以政府以这方式来惩罚选民。 这些金钱是属于人民的,因此人民希望由自己选出的国会议员来处理和利用该基金,而不是由落选的国阵代表来处理马币一百万的国会议员基金。 这反映出国阵政府丑恶的一面,并且完全不尊重亚庇人民。

邱博士说,这种举动更加使到在批准使用国会议员基金显得更贪污和不公正,特别是这些没有经过公开招标之下的工程。沙巴发展署主任提到,该基金可用在约马币五万的小型的发展工程。而亚庇国会议员只能够提出意见,却对所有发展计划的工程没有任何的决定权。 国阵的代表不但可以建议,也可批准及自由使用该项基金。因此很肯定的亚庇市民所投选的亚庇国会议员没有直接的机会在他的选区里,执行任何对该区的福利和设施提升的工作。

邱博士呼吁沙巴发展署在运用他的国会议员基金时,必须要公开招标。这是为了确保公正的原则,就是诚信,公信力和透明度(CAT)。该基金下进行的工程如果没有经过公开招标,这意味着负责批准任何工程的人将能够随心操纵和得到高利润的分额。 这样一来人民的钱根本没有被好好的使用,因为可能有一半的钱已经进入到私人的口袋里。我们将会看到国会议员基金没有100 %有效的使用。 此外,每项工程的拨款已从之前的马币两万提高至马币五万。 可见国阵政府是极不公平,不民主,而且不透明的处理人民的钱。首相如何去宣传他所谓的‘一个马来西亚’的言论? 从这种情况下他已违背了他的承诺,他完全失去诚信。

Monday, 11 May 2009

本州水電供頻頻失常       黃仕平:陳樹傑應查真相


Contractors Fixing Streamers Advertisement in KK City

A letter from the DBKK stating that the DBKK only allowed two appointed contractors to print and fix the vertical banner/streamers which usually appear on the street light pole and hang around in the city. They said that the move is to ensure that streamers are placed at the specific height from the road level for road safety reasons, and are being monitored at all times to avoid the city being littered with torn and loose streamers. This will also ensure the streamers are fixed at an orderly manner.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the KK MP received complaints from members of the advertising companies saying that this move had deprived the business of the companies. They said why only the two companies appointed and the rest are not allowed to carry out this type of advertisement any more. They protested strongly because these two appointed companies did not do as good, but in fact worst then many others. This can be proved by photos and what is on the streets. The move of the DBKK did not have the effect as what they claimed to be. They can’t monopolize the business that produces bad effect.

Dr. Hiew suggests that all the advertisers in the business should meet up with DBKK to trash out this problem. There should be plenty of opportunities for every one to earn a living, and should not be just the appointed two to cut off everyone from having a bit. The reason given by DBKK is acceptable, but the decision needed to be polished, or else people might think that someone is having a ‘personal interest and share’. This should not happen at all, so try to think of a way and let everyone have a chance. There are some 60 such advertising companies in town.

Dr. Hiew suggests DBKK to look into the possibility to install some well designed hanging facility fixed on the poles for displaying streamers. This should be fixed at some suitable permanent localities, uniformly arranged in the city, and to fix a reasonable and affordable price for renting it from DBKK. The banners or streamers are to be of standard size to fit the hanging facility on the pole to create uniformity and a good looking appearance. Many other foreign countries had adopted this method to display their advertisement banner and streamers. Why can’t KK city do the same? To implement and installing this is not costly, and DBKK will definitely earn much money from this advertising space, and at the same time providing a beautiful face look to the city.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Photo shows the fallen streamers.

亚庇市政厅指定布条广告承包商在亚庇市政厅的信件中指出只允许所指定的两家广告承包商才可以悬挂广告布条于路旁灯柱和城市范围内。他们说,此举是为了确保广告布条是放置在特定的高度,从确保道路交通安全,并在任何时候,避免城市充满了蹂躏和松散的广告布条。 这也将确保该项布放有秩序地进行。

邱庆洲博士接到多位广告业者的投诉说,此举已剥夺了广告同业的生机。他们说,为什么只有这两家公司受委任,其余均不得进行这种类型的广告了。 他们强烈抗议,因为这两家公司没有良好的服务,实际上还有许多其他的问题,他们也附上街头的照片以证明所言。 亚庇市政厅不可以垄断他人的商机,而独霸该项广告布条的生意。

邱博士认为,所有的广告业者须与亚庇市政厅进行协商以解决这项问题。 应该有很多机会让每个人谋生,而不应仅仅是委任两家公司来切断多人的商机。 市政厅在信中所提出的理由是可以接受的,但是这项决定需要时间来研究和判定,否则他人可能会认为某人有个人利益和分享的嫌疑。 这不应该发生在这里,所以请尽量想办法让大家有机会找吃,因为在亚庇还有约六十多间广告公司。

邱博士建议市政厅研究可否安装一些精心设计用来悬挂广告布条的设施,在固定的范围。 这应该是固定在某个适当的地点,安排在适当的城市范围,并确定一个合理的和可负担得起的价格来租用。 这些广告布条悬挂设备应有标准尺寸,以方便广告商制作标准广告布条。 这将会制造一个良好均匀和整齐的外观。 有许多国家已经使用多年这种方式来悬挂他们的广告布条,既美观又整齐。这是一项即不昂贵的安装,为什么我们不能在亚庇市这样做呢? 市政厅肯定会在这项措施中获得更多的收益,并同时提供亚庇市一个整齐美丽的样貌。


EPF proposal to stop one-lot withdrawal faced strong protest

The proposal to stop the people to withdraw all their EPF money one go after reaching their retirement age came under fire by a lot of people. Sabah DAP had conducted a statewide enquiry concerning the matter.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament cum Sabah DAP state chairman, Dr. Hiew King Cheu said the proposed EPF withdrawal scheme was totally shot down by all the people. The new measure is to disallow the EPF contributors to withdraw all their EPF money upon retirement age of 55, and 30% of the contribution sum at the age of 50 as announced, and the money shall be paid in monthly or yearly installments. The government claimed that most of the contributors finished all their money within a few years and ended up in difficulties. Dr. Hiew found out from many that this was not true, and many of the contributors had is fact made good used of the EPF money for good investment like housing and children education, of which he himself is a good example. The monthly or yearly installment can not facilitate investment scheme which require large sum. Further more, the interest and profit that we can earn outside the EPF scheme, could be much more profitable. Any way, this is the people’s money.

Therefore, the government should not be telling us how to spend our money, but instead the government should be creating more opportunities for the people to make use of their live saving money to invest to earn more money and be richer. The government refused to pay the EPF money at one-go, signifying their incapability to pay out to the contributors. Where is our EPF money then? The government unable to cope with the economy recession and drop in business investment opportunities had resulted in the government to turn to the people for money. The EPF proposal is one of their “contingency plans”, and there will be many other plans to “squeeze” for money, like the “ASM” shares? ASM shares had brought the government some RM50 billion, (borrowed from the people), of course they will pay interest, but how much? Do not repeat the SAS case. For the RM70 billion to be used for the Stimulus Plan, the quickest way is to take from the EPF coffer. The government had done this in the past, why not now again?

Why can’t the government think of profitable plans to bring about economy growth, bring in foreign investors, develop our agriculture, fisheries, live stock, and plant more paddy to reduce import of rice? All these can help the whole country in the long run. We must carry out immediately to implement all the essential plans and action. Don’t just sit there and wait until doom’s day.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


亚庇国会议员兼沙巴民主行动党州主席邱庆授博士说,有关退休人士提出公积金的建议中的新措施是完全不合理,也受众人强烈反对。 这项建议中的新措施是在五十五岁退休后,不能够一次过拿完所有的公积金,而将只以每月或每年的分期付款方式拿钱。 之前五十岁时只能取得该数额的30 %,而在五十五岁退休后可以全数取出。 政府声称,大部分的退休人士会在几年之内把钱用完,而面对经济困境。 邱博士说这是不正确的,因为许多人拿到公积金后有很好的计划,如投资房屋和子女教育基金等,而邱氏自己就是一个很好的例子。 每月或每年分期付款不能做任何投资计划,因为这需要一笔钱。 此外投资得到的利息和利润比存放在公积金局里更有利可图。 无论如何,这是人民自己的钱。

此外,政府不应该告诉我们如何使用我们的钱,而是政府应该创造更多的商机,让人们投资以赚取更多的钱。 政府拒绝一次过支付公积金,这意味着他们没有能力支付这笔钱。 我们的公积金在哪里呢? 政府无法应付经济衰退的问题和增加企业投资机会,导致政府必须向人民要钱。 公积金局的建议是他们的一个‘应急计划’,而且会有许多其他计划‘找’钱,如‘马来西亚信托基金’的股票卖出给人民,政府从该信托基金的股票中取得了约马币五百亿(向人民借款),当然,他们将支付利息及利润分红,但是会不会有多少钱?不要像沙巴信托基金一般,搞得人民破产! 政府拨出马币七百亿用于刺激经济配套计划,最快的方法是套取公积金局的钱。 政府在过去曾经如此做过,所以无妨在做多一次!

为什么政府不能想出更好和有利可图的计划,以促进国家经济的增长,引进外来投资,发展我们的农业,渔业和牲畜业,尤其是开发更多的稻田,以减少进口白米? 所有这些可以帮助整个国家的长期发展。我们必须立即执行所有必要的计划和行动。不要只是坐在那里等待末日的一天。