Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A beautiful scenic school matched with a lousy road in Kota Belud

The DAP members in Kota Belud received many complaints from the parents including teachers from the SMK Tambulion concerning the condition of the access road to the school. Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament cum Sabah DAP Chief attended to the complaint and found out that facts are true. The student and every one in the school are affected and suffering from the poor condition of the access road.

According to the complaint that the school is built in a very beautiful scenery site two years ago, especially with the Mount Kinabalu as the background, but the road spoils it all. The students usually reached school looked like “Orang-Putih” with blonde hair. They collected the dust on the way to the school from the dusty gravel road. The students comes from Kg. Sayap, Kg.Tengurus, Kg. Rosok, Kg. Bangkahak, Kg. Telintidon, Kg. Piasau and Kg. Tambulion which is only 4 km from the school, but needed 20 minutes to reach the school on the gravel road.

A mother said her daughter needs to get up early at 4 am to get ready to go to the school in the over-crowded “pick-up sekolah”. Some student had to sit on the rear door or hang at the back of the vehicle (see pic), it is very dangerous. The slow pick-up has to stop from place to place to pick up students, by the time she reaches school is already 7 am.

When the people ask about when will this road be sealed, the answer from JKR is always ‘standard’ as usual, “no allocation yet”! The local YBs replied, ‘that is not my area’ or ‘it’s been approved, will start work soon’, cited Rugina of Kg. Sayap, Kota Kinabalu.

Is it that difficult to get the few kilometer of access sealed to provide the comfort, safety, and healthy state to the poor Kota Belud Kampong folks? These people also voted Barisan National (BN) to power, and is this the treatment they get in return? Is BN a responsible government? Dr. Hiew hopes the BN YBs can perform to serve the people well, because you are taking your monthly pay from the people. If you can’t do it, you better step down and let someone who can do the job to take over. The people in Kota Belud can not bear the suffering any much longer.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

(Pic. Show the bad road condition and the beautiful school)


沙巴民主行动党古打毛律的党员收到许多的投诉来至丹布连国中(SMK Tambulion)的教师,学生及家长有关通往该学校的恶劣马路。 亚庇国会议员兼民行党州主席邱庆洲博士调查该投诉并且发现该处的马路的确非常恶劣。 学校的学生和老师们都遭受到该恶劣马路极大的影响。

根据投诉,在两年前新建的学校是处于一个非常优美的环境,尤其是学校后面可以看到神山的美景,但是该段恶劣的马路却破坏一切。 学生因为在上学的道路上,面对着尘土飞扬的石子路,因此通常达到学校的时候都成了“黄头发的鬼佬”,头上满是尘土。 这些学生是来自甘榜沙业(Kg. Sayap),甘榜登古如士(Kg.Tengurus),甘榜罗索(Kg. Rosok),甘榜邦卡哈(Kg. Bangkahak),甘榜德林迪敦(Kg. Telintidon),甘榜庇绍(Kg. Piasau)和甘榜丹布连(Kg. Tambulion)只离开该学校只有四公里的路程,但却需要花二十分钟时间才能抵达学校。

有一位母亲说,她的女儿必需要在凌晨四点起身做好准备去学校,挤上超载的载货小卡车前往学校。 而有些学生必须坐在卡车的后面(见照片),情况极危险。 卡车的速度缓慢,往往当她抵达学校时已经是早上七点了。
当人们问起这条道路什么时候才会铺上沥青时,工务局的回答总是给于像往常一样的‘标准’答案:“当局还没有拨款下来”! 此外,来自甘榜沙业(Kg. Sayap)的茹吉娜投诉说,该区的代议士通常给她的回答是‘这并不是我的区域’或‘已经得到批准,不久即将开始工作’,让她感到非常不满。

难道真的很困难把一条只有几公里长的马路铺上沥青,为古打毛律的甘榜人提供一个舒适,安全的马路? 这些人把票投给了国阵(BN)让他们当权,而他们却得到如此的回报。 国阵是否是一个负责任的政府? 邱博士希望国阵的代议士可以真正的为人民服务,执行他们的责任,因为每个月的薪水是由人民支付的。 如果不能做到这一点,最好是下台,让有能力的人士接管并把工作做好。 古打毛律的人民已经无法再忍受的这样的痛苦和折磨。