Thursday, 28 May 2009

Complaint over road lane closure in Tamparuli

The Tuaran DAP branch chairman Peter Liew Fui Ken received public complaint concerning the closure of one of the lane in the dual-carriage way at the high way approaching Tamparuli town and in front the SMK Tamparuli here. The closure as seen from the photo shown practically shut off half the road, with concrete kerb set in the road pavement and road tarmac surface dug up. There is an installation of traffic lights too, possibly for the school student crossing.

The purpose of this closure was unknown and seems illogical to form such an obstruction in the middle of the high way. This is already giving rise to a lot of inconvenience and danger in causing road accident. The modification to the existing road is bad and the people here requested to sort for a better solution to the modification for fear of more future accident.

Peter Liew urges the JKR to immediately carry out the necessary action to put right the situation and he said he had received an accident report caused by the closure of the road lane from a Sandakan driver. He wants JKR not to close the road lane, but instead move to the road shoulder for any work proposed to avoid closure of the lane. There must be some solution to the problem.

Peter Liew Fui Ken, DAP Tuaran Branch Chairman.

(Pic: Peter Liew showing the obstruction made to close one lane of the dual carriage highway)

沙巴民主行动党斗亚兰支部主席彼得刘辉坚接到市民的投诉,关于前往担波罗里镇的高速公路,位于担波罗里国中前面的繁忙的双行道马路被改为单行道的问题。 根据照片上所显示,该马路已被封掉了一半,而路面已被挖掘填铺成为安全岛。 此外,该处也安装了交通灯,可能是为该学校的学生过马路时使用的。

该段马路的更改,其设计很不妥当,而且把一个双行道的高速公路中间路段改为单行道似乎也不符合逻辑。 这必定会引起很多的不便和造成危险,而且一定会导致交通意外的发生,如此来改变现有的路段是极不智的。 该处的民众要求民行党协助寻求解决办法,以免发生更多的意外。

彼得刘敦促工务局立即进行纠正该情况,因为他已经收到一位来至山打根的车主因该路段封闭成为单行道而引起车祸的报告。 刘氏要求工务局不要把该路段改为单行道,他提议把安全岛移进去马路旁,避免更改马路行车的路线。 该路段的建设应该可以找到更好的解决方法。