Friday, 22 May 2009

Convert SK Bandar to SJK(Cina) Bandar Government School

here Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament urged the Ministry of Education to consider the request of the KK folks not to use the 7 acres of education reserved land in Sunny Garden, Kota Kinabalu for the purpose of erecting a government primary school (BM). This land is right in the middle of the KK City, and it should be right to serve the Chinese community, which made up of almost 80% of the population.

The Chinese SJK(C) schools in Kota Kinabalu are overloaded and not capable to take in any more students. The classes are filled up with student up to 60 per class. There is an urgent need for at least three more such school to cater for the future increase in students. In Kota Kinabalu, the Bumiputra students are also studying in the Chinese school too, with a percentage up to 5%. Therefore, the SK Bandar is best converted to a Government Chinese school to solve the problem.

The financial aids provided by the Federal and the State government are no way near the actual requirement by the Sabah Chinese primary and secondary school. The schools are depending on donations, fund raising, and some funding from the various associations. The money raised is limited and not enough to cater for the ever increasing student population. The school building needed to be built and expanded yearly, the rest of the much required facilities like science room, living skill workshop, laboratory, music room etc. are put on hold because the class rooms are more important. Thus, the privileges of the student to have these facilities for their learning process had been deprived and taken away.

Dr. Hiew hopes the Education Department in Sabah can study the case of the SK Bandar for the necessary conversion to a Chinese medium government primary school in Kota Kinabalu. There is enough SK in the Kota Kinabalu City to cater for the area, why not give this proposed school to the Chinese who make up the bulk of the KK population and to ease the congestion in the SJK(C).

Dr. Hiew will put forward the request in Parliament to the Deputy Education Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong for his assistance in approving the change of medium, and hope the minister can grant the approval at an early date.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

(pic: Dr. Hiew, Edward Mujie and Fung Kong Win at the proposed site of the SK Bandar in Sunny Garden, KK)

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士吁请教育部考虑亚庇人民的诉求,把位于在亚庇山利园(Sunny Garden)的七英亩政府教育保留地将要兴建的一间国小(SK)应改为政府全津贴华小SJK(C)。 这片土地正好位于在亚庇市中心,该市拥有将近80 %的华族人口,因此应该是用于服务华人社区。

在亚庇的华小已经面对暴满的情况,而且没有办法再容纳更多的学生。 每班的学生几乎多达六十位。 目前迫切需要至少多三间华小以应付不断增加的新生数量。 而在亚庇市约有高达5%的土著学生在华小就读。 因此,把该国小转型为政府全津贴华小,是解决这个问题的最好方法。

联邦和州政府提供的拨款更本没有实际的帮助到沙巴华小和独中的需要。华小和独中都是依赖学生父母的捐赠,筹款和各华社团体的捐款来维持。 然而该筹款或捐赠的资金是有限的,不足以应付日益增加的的新生人数。 每年学校需要扩建,此外还要增加其他必需的建设,如科学室,生活技能室,实验室,音乐室等。 很多这些建设必须暂时搁置,因为最重要的还是增加教室。 如此一来,学生们也因为没有完善的学校设施,而使到在学子被剥夺了学习的机会。

邱博士希望在沙巴州教育部能够进一步了解该建议,是有必要把建议中的国小转型为政府全津贴华小。 在亚庇市已经有足够的国小,为什么不拨出更多的拨款给华小以应付课室严重短缺的问题,来减轻目前华小学生拥挤的情况。


(图:邱博士,爱德华慕吉和冯光荣摄于亚庇山利园(Sunny Garden)将建议兴建国小的空地前)