Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Courtesy call to the Sabah Commissioner of Police

The Sabah DAP leaders paid a courtesy call to the Sabah commissioner of Police Datuk Noor Rashid Bin Ibrahim at his headquarter in Kapayan, Kota Kinabalu today. The DAP team was lead by the Sabah DAP chairman cum KK Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, treasurer Frederic Fung Kong Win and the Infrastructure Bureau Chief John Lee.

The purpose of the DAP visit is to further understand the operation of the Royal Malaysia police department and to bring forward the various problem faced by the people in Sabah. Amount the subjects discussed are the KK City Ah Long issue, black market 4-D, lack of ‘on-foot police petrol’, lack of police pondok in King Fisher Park and Lintas Square/Plaza, lengthy procedure of filing police report, slack action and sometimes no action after filing police report, and rural districts difficult to file police report (east coast rural plantation area). The CP gave explanations and said he will look into these for improvement to the matters. He commented the some times he had to face some limitation on getting things done, anyway he will try his best, and take note of the thing forwarded by DAP.

During the one hour long visit, much had been transpired. The DAP leaders managed to put forward the people’s complaints and suggestions for the perusal of the CP and his senior officers who were from the crime and commercial crime squat. These covered the various proposals to upgrade the operation and efficiencies of the police in term of crime prevention, crime solving and long term education training within the police department on Electronic technique to fight and solve crime. CP mentioned that certain allocation had been made by the Federal to the Sabah Police Contingent to up grade their facilities and to provide training. Dr. Hiew said he will be happy to help when there is the need to bring matters up in the Parliament in the aspect of security, safety, and to protect the right of the people. Hiew said that the Police and the MP are equally important to the people. He thanks the police for their efforts to fight crimes and hope they will try to reduce the crime rates in Sabah, especially in the KK City. Datuk Noor Rashid also hopes the KK MP office and the DAP will work closely with and to assist the police in the various problem in the City.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

( pic: Taken during the courtesy call to the CP at Kapayan Police HQ)

沙巴民主行动党领袖今天前往沙巴州甘拜园警察总部拜访总监拿督纳锡(Datuk Noor Rashid Bin Ibrahim)。 前往会谈的有民主行动党州主席兼沙巴国会议员邱庆洲博士,副州主席爱德华慕吉,州财政冯光荣和新任基本设施局主任李金星。

民主行动党拜访的目地是为了进一步了解马来西亚皇家警察的运作,并提出人民所面临的各种问题。 该讨论的主题包括‘阿窿’的问题,黑市万字,缺乏步行巡逻警察,缺乏警亭于林达商业区和里卡士的翠鸟园,冗长的报警程序,缓慢的调查行动,有时甚至不采取任何行动有关报案,乡区在报警时面对困难(东海岸的油棕园)。 总监作了解释,并表示他将考虑把这些问题改进。他说了他时常面对一些不能立即解决的问题,他也面临一些限制,他将尽最大努力,并会关注由行动党所题呈的问题,意见及要求,。

在一个小时的会谈中,双方取得了很好的共识。 民主行动党提出人民的投诉及建议,并得到总监和来自犯罪组及商业犯罪科的高级警官的认同。 其课题涵盖了各种的建议,如提高警察破案的效率和如何预防犯罪行为,警察的教育培训和授予电子器材的使用,以方便处理及打击罪案。总监指出,某些方面取得了联邦的关注为沙巴州警察部队增添设施,并提供培训。 邱博士说,他将很乐意帮助有关沙警方在软硬体的设备的需要在国会提出,以确保沙州民的安全和受保护的权益。 邱氏说,警方和国会议员都是同样重要。 他感谢警方的努力打击罪犯,并希望他们能减少在沙巴州的犯罪率,特别是在亚庇市。 拿督纳锡希望亚庇国会议员办事处和民主行动党将紧密的与警方合作,并协助警方在城市所面对的各种问题。