Monday, 25 May 2009

Damaged Kudat road needed urgent repair

Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief John Lee Kim Seng, had a received complaint from motorists about the collapsed road section in the Kudat road near Sikuati. According to the people in Kudat, about 1 or 2 years ago, a land slide created a ravine about 10m deep and damaged more than 60% of the original width of the road to Kg. Tulid Toporoi, which is about 50 km away from Kudat town. If there is any further erosion of the road it might result a complete cut off of the major road access to Kudat. Furthermore there are also numerous sections of the road near Kg. Ulu Kukut which is also having damage by land slide, thus it needs urgent repair works to prevent accidents and negatively influence over the Kudat development. Thus we urged JKR to speed up the repair work promptly, since the Federal fund of RM2.8 million has been allocated for the purpose.

A good state government should be producing a high standard of living and the capacity to achieve high level of productivity for its peoples and the business environment. Thus enhance a rapid growth in the agricultural, tourism and marine aquaculture which are crucial and important to the Kudat economy. With the basic factors like natural resources, climate and location which we inherited is not enough, we also require the government to provide basic infrastructure development, such as constant and reliable supply of power, water, and good transport system, such as well maintained roads to encourage more investment to our state.

Sabah DAP welcome more funds for infrastructure development projects, however the ability and timely deploy of these funds are crucial and importance to develop Kudat and Sabah. We hope this road will be repaired promptly.

By : Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief, Mr. John Lee Kim Seng

沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星前往古达巡视该处损坏的路段。 因为根据古达的人民说,大约在1年至2年前该段道路发生土崩,形成一个约10米深谷和毁损了约60 %前往甘榜督里多坡鲁(Kg. Tulid Toporoi)的路面。 该甘榜离古达约有五十公里,如果再有任何的土崩发生,可能会导致这主要道路完全切断。 此外在甘榜乌卢古固(Kg. Ulu Kukut)附近的路段的路面已经完全损坏,因此,工务局需要立即进行紧急维修工作,以防止意外的事件和丧失宝贵生命,及影响古达的发展。 因此,我们敦促工务局加快该修复的工作。 联邦政府已拨款马币两百八十万零吉来进行该工作。

一个良好和有效力的州政府主要目标是要不断的建立,生产和提高生活水平。从而增强和促使农业,旅游和工商业的快速增长。 海洋资源如渔业和水产养殖业是古达的重要经济来源之一,单单只拥天然资源,气候和环境是不足够的,我们还需要政府提供其他基本的基础设施来推动发展,比如稳定的电流供应,足够的水源供应,良好的运输系统及好的马路,以能够鼓励和吸引更多的投资者到我们的沙巴州。

我们非常欢迎联邦分配给沙巴州各种基础设施发展项的拨款,但是该些拨款需要更有效及快速的利用于发展古达及全沙巴州。 希望州政府迅速维修该路段,而不是向人民再开一张空头支票,欺骗人民,只讲不做。