Monday, 4 May 2009

Dangerous Suspension bridge at Kota Marudu,

After receiving numerous complain received from the residents at Kota Marudu, DAP Karabrunei branch Chairman Mr. John Lee and Vice Chairman Mr. Lee Li Teck had conducted a field inspection to the suspension bridge at Kg. Suang Kepoh and Kg. Rasak Laut., we were terrified when looking at the condition of the suspension bridge at Kg. Suang Kepoh, as the deck (the load-bearing portion) which made of wood is completely rotten (as show in the picture), one out of the four wooden tower which suspend the cable is also serious rotten and falling apart, this bridge is in extreme dangerous condition and need immediate attention.

As according to the statement of the nearby residents, this bridge had been constructed about 15 years ago, and daily there is about 40 students from the nearby villages risking their life by using this dangerous bridge to get to the nearby schools, it is also shocking when the villagers inform us that some of these students did actually fall into the river. All the students and villagers were forced to use this bridge is it because the nearest bridge (about 5 min drive) to cross the river which is located at Kg. Rasak Laut had a torn suspension cables thus resulting the collapse of the deck and thus unusable, but no repair was done. For the people of Kota Marudu and 1 Malaysian, we need immediate action from JKR, the council, the Minister and the Government.

Economically, under the Economic Stimulus package, there is a sum of RM 1.2 billion allocated on providing infrastructure and to increase the economic activities in Sabah, as well as upgrading of schools, roads and bridges. Once the needs of the people had been identified, a prompt action is needed to implement these fiscal policy, because during recession time, to increase the infrastructure demand due to government spending for the benefit of the Rakyat will lead to increase in real output, income ,business opportunity and reduced unemployment. However, if there is a timely implementation of the policy, the effectiveness of the Stimulus Package might be useful.

We strongly urge the BN government act promptly to solve this suspension bridge problem immediately before any accident or claim of innocent life, so that the people need not continue to suffer. This case reflects how badly the BN Government and its YB to take care the people here in Kota Marudu.

(Picture showing John Lee and Lee Li Teck together with the kampong folk in front of the bridge)

By : DAP Karabrunei branch Chairman Mr. John Lee

在接到哥打马鲁都居民的投诉后,民主行动党哥拉布奈支部主席约翰李及副主席李利德前往视察哥打马鲁都的甘榜双格坡(Kg. Suang Kepoh)和甘榜拉萨崂(Kg. Rasak Laut)危险破烂的吊桥。 当看到甘榜双格坡吊桥恶劣的状况,都感到惊讶,因为吊桥的桥板(承受重量的部分),大部分已经完全腐烂了(如图片显示),其中四个悬挂钢缆的木架也严重遭受侵腐和毁坏,这座吊桥是在极度高危险,需要立即受到关注。

根据经常使用该吊桥的居民说,这座吊桥已经建造约有15年,每天大约有四十多名的学生来自附近的甘榜,冒着生命危险渡过该吊桥前往学校上学,令人震惊的是当村民们告知,曾经有学生因为使用该吊桥而掉落入河中。 所有的学生和村民被迫使用此吊桥是因为离开该甘榜的另一个甘榜的吊桥,是完全腐烂和毁坏,而无法使用。 当局到今天都没有进行任何维修的工作。 针对哥打马鲁都居民面对的问题和所谓的“一个马来西亚”的概念,我们要工务局,县议会,部长和政府立即采取行动来维修该些吊桥。

根据马来西亚经济振兴配套,有一笔约十二亿马币拨款分配给沙巴,提供给基本设施和提高经济活动,包括改善学校,公路和桥梁。 人民的需要被确实后,这项财政政策必须迅速落实,基本设施的需求,政府必须支援及造福人民。 政府需要鼓吹及协助实际生产,增加收入,协助企业的兴旺和减少失业率。 但是,如果时间和实施的政策迟滞不动,其刺激经济成长的效力可能会无法有任何作为。