Monday, 4 May 2009

Illegal Squatter colony needed demolition

Illegal Squatter colony needed demolition

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie received complaint from residents at Taman Somerset in Nosoob,Jalan kobusak, regarding a large illegal squatters colony called Kg. Nabangkung which is built on a piece of private land. The illegal squatters are creating problems in the area, especially to the near by housing estate in the area where they had created disturbances. The squatter area is producing a lot of rubbish which they dump direct into the storm drain, very unhygienic, and it is a drug centre. The complainer had filed a police report on the illegal housing and complained to the Penampang District Council, so far after months, there is no action taken.

The DAP team lead by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew King Cheu together with Edward Mujie,Teddy Yang and Jeffrey Wong inspected the said illegal squatters housing. The complaint was found true with some 30 over units of squatter houses constructed over this piece of land, mostly foreigners staying there. The people told the DAP team that the owner of the land is a government officer, whom they pay their rental to. The case becomes more serious now, because how can a government officer let illegal squatters rent his land? This case required thorough investigation and immediately action.

DAP called upon the government, especially the Penampang Council to take immediate action to clean up the area. There are a few new housing estates coming up soon in the area, and the people feels uncomfortable when there is illegal squatters and PTI staying next to their new home.

By Dr. Hiew King Cheu

亚庇民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉收到在诺索,苏摩石花园(Tmn Somerset, Nosoob)居民的投诉,关于该处非法木屋区的问题。 该非法木屋区是建在一块私人的土地上,并且自称为甘邦拿邦贡(Kg. Nabangkung)。 该非法木屋区制造许多问题,特别是影响了附近的住宅区。 该木屋区产生大量的垃圾,他们直接丢入大水沟里,非常的不卫生,这里已成为一个贩毒中心。 当地居民抱怨说,他们已经向警方和兵南邦县议会备案有关该非法木房区,但是到目前为止,经过数个月当局仍然没有采取任何行动。

由沙巴民主行动党团队的领导,亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,爱德华慕吉,杨展之和黄势恩前往视察了该处非法木房区。发现所投诉是真实,有大约三十多间的木屋建造在这片土地上,其中大部分是非法移民在那里居住。 当地居民投诉说,该土地的拥有者是位政府公务员,他向该非法木屋收取租金。 他如此的做法,已经违反法律,尤其是他本身是一位政府公务员。 这种情况之下需要进行彻底的调查,并立即采取行动。

民主行动党呼吁政府,尤其是兵南邦县议会立即采取行动,清除该地区。 该地区将会有几个新的房屋发展计划,居民会感到非常不安全,因为有那么很多的非法木屋和非法移民居住在附近。