Monday, 4 May 2009

JPJ complex in Jalan Bundusan

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu cum Sabah DAP chairman Dr. Hiew King Cheu with Sabah DAP Publicity chief Teddy Yang and deputy Jeffrey Wong visited the JPJ complex in Jalan Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu, to check on site the buildings of the said department that were certified “unsafe” recently.

The complex was completed and commissioned for use in June 2001 by the then Minister of works Datuk Lim Leong Sik. Short after the opening, there were visible settlement on some smaller buildings, and those buildings are seriously tilting to one side now,the buildings that had tilted shows there is a foundation failure. There is serious flooding when ever it rained, and the car park area is in 4 feet of water. The main building which is a two-storey building is having cracks in the floor slabs. At the moment, it is learnt that the department is looking for alternative building to move out. More ridiculous is that the complex has no proper “OC” issued by the town council!

We have building after building being condemned in Kota Kinabalu, will there be any more to be disqualified? Dr. Hiew said why a new complex like the JPJ designed to last at least 50 years of service, and now after 7 years is classified as ‘unsafe’. Who is to be blamed or held responsible, the architect, consulting engineer, JKR, JPJ, the council, the Minister, or the Government? Precious tax payers’ money had been thrown down the drain again, and gone wasted forever, and for nothing. This is what they meant and usually stated on the contract notice board “ ANOTHER PROJECT BY BARISAN NASIONAL”.

The JPJ complex signaled to all the Sabahan on the bad managements of the government now and in the past. There must be something urgent steps to be carried out to improve this terrible problem. The government talks so much about the Sabah Development Corridor, are we going to see in the future some bad buildings needed to be demolished after completion, roads completed and needed resurfacing immediately, bad bridges that will collapse, everything that the BN built are bad products.

The government should be more strict and careful in the future work, in terms of the appointment of architects, engineer, consultant, and the selection of qualify contractors. We can not afford to have buildings falling on our heads.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


该总部的建筑物是在二零零一年六月完成和移交,并由当时的工程部长拿督林良实开幕。 启用时已有很明显的缺陷在一些较小的建筑物,这些建筑物现在已严重倾斜一方,建筑物的倾斜显示了地基已失去功能。 还有在下大雨时该处会发生水灾,和停车场会积有4尺深的水。主要大楼是一座两层的建筑物,目前发现楼上地面有裂缝。 据悉,该部门正在寻找替代建筑物迁出。 更可笑的是,该建筑物是没有适当的‘入伙纸(OC)’!。

我们亚庇区已经连续有多栋大楼被批为危楼,会否有更多将被列入名单之内? 邱博士说,为什么一个新的建筑物,如亚庇陆路交通局总部(JPJ), 至少能持续50年的使用,而现在只经过了七年即被列为‘不安全’。 这是谁要受到指责或追究责任,是建筑师,咨询工程师,公务局(JKR),陆路交通局(JPJ),市议会,部长或是政府? 纳税人的钱已被浪费了。 这就是国阵通常所说及列在工程告示板上“另一个国阵的工程”。

亚庇陆路交通局总部的建筑物事件明显的显示出国阵政府在过去和现在表现无能。 一定要采取紧急步骤改进及改善他们行政要更严厉,公正和透明。 沙巴政府谈到这么多有关沙巴发展走廊的计划,如果不改进,我们将会看到未来又好多的建筑物完成后又要拆除,道路完成后需要立即重铺,桥梁将崩塌,所有国阵的工程都不是好产品。