Monday, 4 May 2009

Lack of Greetings to New Malaysia Prime Minister

Lack of Greetings to New Malaysia Prime Minister

Many people had expressed concern and regrets that there are very few congratulating messages received from the neighboring countries in the Asian Pacific region and even the local entities on Malaysia having its 6th Prime Minister. This is a peculiar and rather strange scenario for the new Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Tun Razak, who became the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia on the 3rd of April, 2009. Until today we have not seen much news or messages from other countries to congratulate Malaysia.

Sabah DAP Publicity Chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze in a statement saying, what is this signaling to us? He hopes there should be more attention to the matter, and finding out what is the real reason behind this. Malaysia having a new Prime Minister is an important event and of significant, and it must be recognized and celebrated. Malaysian felt that the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia is to be recognized and acknowledged by our neighbors, especially in the APEC region or at least our local businessman. We hope our new Foreign Minister from Sabah, Datuk Seri Anifar Aman could take up this task to better the communication and carry out some relation and friendship uplifting with in the region.

We call for a stronger ties and relationship between the countries in the Asian Pacific region. We need to work side by side with each other to achieve growth and to maintain a steady economy in the region. No one country can do this on its own, therefore, the communities working closer together provides the best solution.

From Teddy Yang ,Sabah DAP State Publicity Secretary.


针对我国第六任新首相上任缺少亚太地区国家的恭贺,包括本地商家的广告祝贺,许多人表示关注和遗憾。 在二零零九年四月三日拿督斯里纳吉敦拉萨走马上任为马来西亚第六届的新首相而言,这是一个很特殊又和奇怪的局面。 因为直到今天,我们没有看到诸多来自其他国家的祝贺,不论在媒体报道或网站中。

沙巴民主行动党宣传秘书杨展之说,这意味着什么呢?他希望各造更关注该项问题,并研讨真正的主要原因。 马来西亚有一个新任首相是极重要的国际大事,它必须得到承认和祝福。 马来西亚人认为第六任马来西亚首相理应要得到邻国的承认和祝贺,至少在亚太地区和来自我国的商人,也应该登报及电邮来恭祝。 我们希望来自沙巴州的新任外交部长,拿督斯里阿尼法安曼加紧做好这项联系任务,与邻国尤其在亚太区有更好的沟通和建立稳固的外交关系和友谊,以提升马来西亚在亚太区联盟的声誉。

我们期待我国在亚太地区,能拥有一个更强的外交和经济影响力,因此,我们必须与邻国一起并肩努力,彼此实现增长和保持稳定的经济发展。 因为单一国家的能力是有限的,所以,上至官方,下至民间的外交工作和联系要更加紧密才是最好的解决方案。