Monday, 11 May 2009

Contractors Fixing Streamers Advertisement in KK City

A letter from the DBKK stating that the DBKK only allowed two appointed contractors to print and fix the vertical banner/streamers which usually appear on the street light pole and hang around in the city. They said that the move is to ensure that streamers are placed at the specific height from the road level for road safety reasons, and are being monitored at all times to avoid the city being littered with torn and loose streamers. This will also ensure the streamers are fixed at an orderly manner.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the KK MP received complaints from members of the advertising companies saying that this move had deprived the business of the companies. They said why only the two companies appointed and the rest are not allowed to carry out this type of advertisement any more. They protested strongly because these two appointed companies did not do as good, but in fact worst then many others. This can be proved by photos and what is on the streets. The move of the DBKK did not have the effect as what they claimed to be. They can’t monopolize the business that produces bad effect.

Dr. Hiew suggests that all the advertisers in the business should meet up with DBKK to trash out this problem. There should be plenty of opportunities for every one to earn a living, and should not be just the appointed two to cut off everyone from having a bit. The reason given by DBKK is acceptable, but the decision needed to be polished, or else people might think that someone is having a ‘personal interest and share’. This should not happen at all, so try to think of a way and let everyone have a chance. There are some 60 such advertising companies in town.

Dr. Hiew suggests DBKK to look into the possibility to install some well designed hanging facility fixed on the poles for displaying streamers. This should be fixed at some suitable permanent localities, uniformly arranged in the city, and to fix a reasonable and affordable price for renting it from DBKK. The banners or streamers are to be of standard size to fit the hanging facility on the pole to create uniformity and a good looking appearance. Many other foreign countries had adopted this method to display their advertisement banner and streamers. Why can’t KK city do the same? To implement and installing this is not costly, and DBKK will definitely earn much money from this advertising space, and at the same time providing a beautiful face look to the city.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Photo shows the fallen streamers.

亚庇市政厅指定布条广告承包商在亚庇市政厅的信件中指出只允许所指定的两家广告承包商才可以悬挂广告布条于路旁灯柱和城市范围内。他们说,此举是为了确保广告布条是放置在特定的高度,从确保道路交通安全,并在任何时候,避免城市充满了蹂躏和松散的广告布条。 这也将确保该项布放有秩序地进行。

邱庆洲博士接到多位广告业者的投诉说,此举已剥夺了广告同业的生机。他们说,为什么只有这两家公司受委任,其余均不得进行这种类型的广告了。 他们强烈抗议,因为这两家公司没有良好的服务,实际上还有许多其他的问题,他们也附上街头的照片以证明所言。 亚庇市政厅不可以垄断他人的商机,而独霸该项广告布条的生意。

邱博士认为,所有的广告业者须与亚庇市政厅进行协商以解决这项问题。 应该有很多机会让每个人谋生,而不应仅仅是委任两家公司来切断多人的商机。 市政厅在信中所提出的理由是可以接受的,但是这项决定需要时间来研究和判定,否则他人可能会认为某人有个人利益和分享的嫌疑。 这不应该发生在这里,所以请尽量想办法让大家有机会找吃,因为在亚庇还有约六十多间广告公司。

邱博士建议市政厅研究可否安装一些精心设计用来悬挂广告布条的设施,在固定的范围。 这应该是固定在某个适当的地点,安排在适当的城市范围,并确定一个合理的和可负担得起的价格来租用。 这些广告布条悬挂设备应有标准尺寸,以方便广告商制作标准广告布条。 这将会制造一个良好均匀和整齐的外观。 有许多国家已经使用多年这种方式来悬挂他们的广告布条,既美观又整齐。这是一项即不昂贵的安装,为什么我们不能在亚庇市这样做呢? 市政厅肯定会在这项措施中获得更多的收益,并同时提供亚庇市一个整齐美丽的样貌。