Monday, 25 May 2009

Binaie Bridge in Keningau

The Melalap Assemblyman and the Assistant Minister to the chief minster Department Datuk Radin Malleh claimed Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie did not check his facts before making a statement on the Binaie Bridge in Keningau. He said Edward urged the government to turn the Binaie Bridge into a two lane road because the present single lane system was causing bottleneck on the Keningau-Tenom road.

Sabah DAP regret the statement made by him and in the matter of facts that Radin even have the location of the mentioned bridge wrong. The bridge visited by Edward Mujie was in Sg. Pegalan, Tenom and not as quoted by Radin, the bridge is in Keningau. He as an Assistant Minister should get his facts checked and his statement issued to the right order. We can not afford to have minister like him to sit in the government.

Further more, Edward has good intention in highlighting the issue as requested by the Tenom folks, and he had checked all the facts before making his statement. Again Radin is barking at the wrong tree without asking, and he is actually the Clown. Edward is considering and will check with the DAP Legal Bureau for possible legal action on the remark made by Radin to frame him as “a political clown by taking photo of himself at the scene”.

The design of the said Sg. Pegalan bridge/ Binaie bridge in Tenom is still on the JKR drawing board, Edward merely request the government to expedite on the widening of the bridge to enable a two-lane traffic to reduce daily jam. His good intention unfortunately is used by BN to cover their slackness in performing their duties. Radin is reminded that he should spend more effort to sort out funding to immediately start work on the said bridge. He was again wrong to say that the bridge had started preliminary work. There was no single worker and machine on site during the inspection on the 9th of May. How can they start work while the thing is still on the drawing board?

Edward Ewol Mujie, DAP vice Chairman.