Monday, 25 May 2009

Menggatal Shops burglary, no police action

The Menggatal shop faced burglary for six times in a row during the last year and now. In spite of the 5 police reports made previously, there were no action and result from investigation.

The very unhappy shop owner Mr. Yong, a young businessman had another burglary and break-in to his shop last night, much of his goods had been stolen. He felt so angry and frustrated. He sorted help from the Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu to voice out his complaint about police not doing their job. This time round, he is not going to make any police, because he felt that there is no point and useless to report to the police department where nothing can be done. The police are not protecting the people and their belongings.

Dr. Hiew said he is very much sympathize with the young chap, and he will bring up the case with the police and find out the reason why after so many times of burglary occurred and police report made, there is no positive action. The police are none effective in fighting crime in the Menggatal town, that is why many similar cases had happened and the people refused to make the report. This is especially so when making the police report, the poor people are frequently ask to go here or there, and it usually takes few hours to make a simple report.

Dr. Hiew wants the Police department to pay particular attention to improve the situation in Menggatal area. The police department must increase the policeman in Menggatal on night watch, and to provide speedy reporting and investigation process. The altitude of the police officers when taking report from the victims must be caring and polite. There shouldn’t be any rude and sour-face, especially their inpatient on the face.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

(PIC:- Dr. Hiew With Yong inspecting the forced open door and showing the few previous police report)

连续从过去一年到今天,有一家孟加达的商店遭受到六次的盗窃。 尽管之前的五次盗窃已经向警方报案,但是却没有得到任何调查的行动。

年轻的店主杨先生的商店昨晚又遭受到盗窃和破坏,大部分货物已被窃走。 杨先生感到非常气愤和沮丧。 他向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士寻求协助并且也投诉有关警方没有做好他们的工作。这一次,他已不再向警方报案,并且认为就算报案也是没有意义和无用的,因为警方什么事情也办不好。 警方没有尽到保护人民和他们的财物的责任。

邱博士说,他非常同情这位年轻的店主,并且将会向警方反映该案件和寻求立即行动。 该商店多次发生了盗窃并且也有向警方报案,但是警方却没有采取积极调查行动。 由于孟加达警局没有积极的打击犯罪事件,使到在该处许多类似的案件发生时,当地居民都不愿去报警。 尤其是向警方做报告备案时,他们往往被叫去这里的或那里的警局,而且通常还需要几个小时来完成一个简单的报告。

邱博士希望警方特别要关注和改善孟加达区的防犯罪案的措施。 警方也必须提高该处的夜间巡逻,并提供简便的报案程序和有效率的调查。 而警官在备案时面对报案者必须要有关心和礼貌的态度。 不应该给予任何无礼和不耐烦的脸色。

(图示: - 邱博士检查被强行打开的闸门,和杨氏展示之前的警方报案书)