Friday, 15 May 2009

New Price for recruitment foreign worker (Indonesian and Philippines)

The latest Immigration charges leveled on employing the foreign workers from Indonesia and Philippines has increased almost double as published by the Immigration department. These charges on the ‘levy’ (immigration fee) cover the Agriculture, Manufacture, and services sectors. The new rates are to be imposed on 1st of August, 2009 (see attached fee chart).

The agriculture sector is worst hit, because the increase of the levy on foreign workers will be imposed only on plantation land size less than 100 acres, meaning that the small holders will have to struggle to pay the higher levy charges for their foreign workers from 1st August along with other sectors like manufacture and service.

The following chart shows the details of the levy fees in the various sectors for the Indonesian and Philippines workers:-

Immigration fees effective on 1st August 2009 Agriculture Manufacture Services
Indonesian RM 820 RM2,060 RM3,020
Philippines RM 902 RM2,102 RM3,062

Immigration fees before 1st August 2009
Indonesian RM 460 RM1,100 RM1,580
Philippines RM 502 RM1,142 RM1,586

The DAP Member of Parliament for kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew received angry complaint from the people who are employing foreign workers, saying the near 100% increment in the Immigration fees is not reasonable. This is a way to kill the agriculture, manufacture and service business. We definitely can not afford to pay such huge sum starting from this August, and many businesses will be affected. Dr. Hiew said the matter needs more careful evaluation and we will have to take into consideration the factors that will increase the burden of the business especially those who need to employ many foreign workers, where local workers do not wish to work. The above mentioned three sectors required the highest requirement of foreign workers. Just look at the Service sector, if a coffee house needs 10 Philippines workers, he will have to pay a total fees of RM 30,620. Dr. Hiew said he will mention this in Parliament to the Home Minister to review the Immigration fees during the coming June sitting. This is basically due to the situation in Sabah is different.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

移民局的入境办事处对雇用从印尼和菲律宾的外国工人最新费用增加了近一倍的价格。 这些‘人头税’的帐率特高于农业,制造业和服务业。 该新的价格于二零零九年八月一日生效(见所附费用表) 。

农业受到最大的冲击,因为该行业凭用许多的外劳,该‘人头税’是针对拥有一百英亩以下的棕油小园主,这意味着小园主将要付出双倍的人头税。其他行业如制造业和服务业从八月开始,就必须要付非常昂贵的人头税来凭请外国工人。 这项人头税对他们的打击可以说是非常的过分,政府根本没有考虑到他们将会面对的困境。

以下图表显示征收印尼和菲律宾劳工人头税的费用: -

零九年八月一日之后的人头税 农业 制造业 服务业
印尼 RM 820 RM 2,060 RM 3,020
菲律宾 RM 902 RM 2,102 RM 3,062

印尼 RM 460 RM 1,100 RM 1,580
菲律宾 RM 502 RM 1,142 RM 1,586

沙巴民主行动党兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多投诉和极度不满。 雇用外国工人的雇主说,该人头税接近一倍的提高是极不合理的。 这根本让农业,制造业和服务业无法生存。 从今年八月后他们是绝对无法支付如此庞大的金额,许多企业将受到很大的影响。 邱博士说,该问题需要更仔细的评估,及不得不考虑许多因素,因为这将增加经济负担,尤其是那些商业很需要聘用了大量的外国工人,因为本地人不想做这些工作。 上述三个行业需要很多外国工人。 列如服务业,如果一个咖啡店需要十位菲律宾工人,雇主将必须支付马币三万六百二十令吉的‘人头税’。 邱博士说,他将在六月的国会中向国内事务部长提出有关‘人头税’的费用问题。 这是由于沙巴州基本情况和外劳需求是不同的。