Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Opposition Member of Parliament not allowed to handle development fund

Opposition Member of Parliament not allowed to handle development fund
- all MP fund projects to be tendered out

The ruling on the power to the utilization of the MP fund allocated to the Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary constituency to the sole opposition MP in Sabah was disallowed by the Sabah Development Office (SDO). This is taken as an act to deprived the right of the people in Kota kinabalu and the Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu. This was disclosed by the Director of SDO, Matusin Sunsang.

Dr. Hiew regrets the move by the BN government under the directive from the prime Minister department to instruct the SDO not to allow the DAP opposition MP to handle the said fund, but in stead BN representatives can decide on the usage. He said this is an act of discrimination towards the people elected opposition representative. The money belongs to the people, therefore, they want their elected MP to handle the funding for the constituency, and not the rejected BN representative who lost the election to handle the fund of RM 1.0 million. This reflects the ugly face of the BN administration, and disrespect towards the people in Kota Kinabalu.

Dr. Hiew said such move can only bring about corruption when approving works carried out under the MP fund, especially these are not being tendered openly. The director of SDO mentioned that the fund can be used for small development projects up RM50,000.00 each. The KK MP can only propose but no approving power on all development projects. The BN representative can have the power to propose and approve on the utilization of the MP fund. There will definitely no chance for the MP to implement any useful projects in his constituency for the benefits of the KK Folks.

Dr. Hiew wants SDO to open tender for all the projects under this MP fund. This is to ensure CAT principle is kept and uphold, that is Credibility, Accountability, and Transparency. The tendency for the projects under the MP fund if not tendered out, that means the people who approved the same will be able to manipulate the job to his cronies for “handsome kickback” and share of high profit. Thus, the people’s money is used unproductively, because may be half of this money already ended in private pocket. We do not see 100% of the MP fund being used effectively. Furthermore, the usage amount per project had been raised from the previous RM20,000 to now RM50,000 for each project. The BN government is unfair, undemocratic, and not transparent in handling the people’s money. How is the Prime Minister going to publicize so much on his “1 – Malaysia” pronouncement? From this case, he has contradicted on what he claims, and he has totally failed.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

根据沙巴发展署(SDO)的主席玛杜辛宋生(Matusin Sunsang)所发表的文告,沙巴唯一反对党的国会议员不会给于亚庇国会议员基金的掌管权,但是只可以提供意见而无决定权。 这样的决定是剥夺了亚庇市人民的权益,及亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士应有的职权来处理其国会拨款。

邱博士对国阵政府首相署的指令,指示沙巴发展署不能让沙巴民主行动党籍的反对党国会议员处理及使用该基金感到很遗憾。 然而国阵的代表却可以决定并使用该项基金。他说,因为亚庇选民投选反对党,所以政府以这方式来惩罚选民。 这些金钱是属于人民的,因此人民希望由自己选出的国会议员来处理和利用该基金,而不是由落选的国阵代表来处理马币一百万的国会议员基金。 这反映出国阵政府丑恶的一面,并且完全不尊重亚庇人民。

邱博士说,这种举动更加使到在批准使用国会议员基金显得更贪污和不公正,特别是这些没有经过公开招标之下的工程。沙巴发展署主任提到,该基金可用在约马币五万的小型的发展工程。而亚庇国会议员只能够提出意见,却对所有发展计划的工程没有任何的决定权。 国阵的代表不但可以建议,也可批准及自由使用该项基金。因此很肯定的亚庇市民所投选的亚庇国会议员没有直接的机会在他的选区里,执行任何对该区的福利和设施提升的工作。

邱博士呼吁沙巴发展署在运用他的国会议员基金时,必须要公开招标。这是为了确保公正的原则,就是诚信,公信力和透明度(CAT)。该基金下进行的工程如果没有经过公开招标,这意味着负责批准任何工程的人将能够随心操纵和得到高利润的分额。 这样一来人民的钱根本没有被好好的使用,因为可能有一半的钱已经进入到私人的口袋里。我们将会看到国会议员基金没有100 %有效的使用。 此外,每项工程的拨款已从之前的马币两万提高至马币五万。 可见国阵政府是极不公平,不民主,而且不透明的处理人民的钱。首相如何去宣传他所谓的‘一个马来西亚’的言论? 从这种情况下他已违背了他的承诺,他完全失去诚信。