Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu today disclosed that due to popular public request to establish a “musician corner” in the Taman Foh Sang shop area for the benefit of the community, he agrees to the proposal and he had written to the Kota Kinabalu City Mayor Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim to seek the City Hall to grant the approval and consent. This is going to be the first Musician corner in Sabah.

Dr. Hiew views the proposal as viable and of public interest. The setting up of the “musician corner” will bring much live to the Luyang area and become a nice place for the night out activities. This corner in Tmn Foh Sang (see Picture) is most suitable for putting up a small stage for the music lovers and singers to perform during the night hours, starting from 7pm to 10pm. The bands from schools, individual, local bands and the singers from various associations can make use of the location to perform and entertain the people who are enjoying the food varieties from the shops here. The place will be a tourist prompt attraction too.

The Luyang folks are giving a 100% support for their “musician corner” to become a reality soonest possible, so that more business and live can be brought to the area. They urge the City Hall can grant the approval soon. The Kota Kinabalu MP Office will provide the co-ordination and management work.

By Dr. Hiew King Cheu

(Photo shows the location of the proposed Musician corner)

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天披露说,民众要求并建议在和生园商店设立一个“露天音乐家角落”,以造福社群。 邱博士同意他们的建议,并已致函于亚庇市长拿督易利斯征求市政府对该建议给予批准和同意。 这将会是第一个在沙巴州类似的“露天音乐家角落”。

邱博士认为该建议是极好的,并且能让公众受益。设立一个“露天音乐家角落”将带给和生园路阳区更热闹的气氛,并成为晚间休闲的好去处。 和生园商店的角落停车场(见图片)是最适合放置一个小舞台,让音乐爱好者和歌手们在夜间表演,时间是从晚上七点至晚上十点。 该“露天音乐家角落”是让公众公开给学校乐队,个人演奏,本地乐队与歌手及各社团或协会使用,而民众也可以享受该处茶店和摊档的美味食物。此外,该处可以成为一个游客喜欢到的地方。

路阳的居民给予全力支持该“露天音乐家角落”,并且希望能尽早可以实现,使该区的商业可以兴旺。他们催促市政府能够尽快给予批准。 亚庇国会议员办事处将协助于协调的工作。


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