Thursday, 7 May 2009

Purchase of SMC needed more backup facilities and buildings

The announcement by the Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak in Kota Kinabalu to purchase the Damai SMC complex to temporary solve the hard press problem of the QEH at a price of RM245 million was taken to reflect the incapability of the government to tackle the health care problem in KK. The sick people are being neglected through the past years by the BN government.

The report tabled by IKRAM during the QEH main block forum last December organized by the hospital mentioned that the cost of rebuilding the tower block would take RM 24.50 millions, that means comparing to the sum of RM 245 million that we are spending on buying SMC, we possibly can build say 10 blocks of 10-storey hospital tower. So are they going to forget about the construction of the buildings in QEH now, after buying the SMC? The building construction of the very much delayed 660 beds twin towers block and the rebuilding of the condemned main block must go on immediately. The federal ministry must ensure speedy funding to Sabah for the said work. If they can dish out RM 245 million to buy SMC, why can’t they give us the fund to continue the QEH development right away?

Dr. Hiew asked what will be the additional sum of money that the government will be spending on the improvement of this newly bought hospital in terms of the necessary facilities like, medical equipment, additional new car parks, additional land aquirsation, more ambulances, many blocks of staff and nurse home, lodgings for out-station inpatient’s relatives, and the compulsory mortuary building needed to be constructed. May be another RM400 million?

He also commented that it may look simple to buy SMC but the backup amenities, building and facilities are lacking, and will definitely be more taxing and time consuming to get all these ready to enable a full operation of a hospital. This required detail study, planning and most of all is the committed full financial support from the federal sector and the Ministry of Health, and this should come constantly and not on a time to time basis. We need the money, just give Sabah the money and we will do the rest. If the Prime Minister Datuk Najib meant what he said by Sabah is the BN’s “Fixed Deposit”, he should prove it to us by giving Sabah more “deposit”! Don’t just take and don’t give! Sabah had been neglected for long, so this is the time to pay back. We are watching and when the next election comes, the result will be the best proof.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


去年十二月由亚庇中央医院举办的论坛中,沙巴依克兰工程顾问集团公司(IKRAM)的报告书里提到,要重建中央医院大楼的费用大约需要两千四百五十万马币,这意味着若以购买沙医药中心的费用二亿四千五百万马币相比,该价格是可以兴建约十幢十层楼高的医院大楼。 他们是否会在购买私人医院后,就忘记要重建伊利沙白中央医院大楼? 延迟施工已久的六百六十张病床的双子楼和重建中央医院主楼必须要立即进行。 联邦政府必须要将该拨款在近期内拨给沙巴州。 如果他们能拿出二亿四千五百万马币购买私人医院,为什么不能拨款给伊利沙伯中央医院继续该重建和兴建的工程呢?

邱博士询问政府将会要再拨出多少的额外拨款,来改善或提升这新购买的医院的必要设施,如医疗设备,增设新泊车位,收购土地,购买新救护车,工人和护士的宿舍,外来病患者家人或亲戚的住处,增加太平间设施。 这一切或许会需要多用四亿马币。

他评论说,购买沙医药中心看起来似乎简单,但是其基本设施,建筑物和医疗措施的缺乏,将肯定会更加繁重和消耗更多时间来做好准备,以便能够全面地投入运作。这需要更详细的研究,策划和最重要的是要有充分的联邦和卫生部的财务支援,这应该连续不断的。我们需要钱,只要把钱给沙巴州,我们将能轻易把医院搞好。 就像首相纳吉他所说的,沙巴州是国阵的“定期存款” ,他应该向我们证明这一点,使沙巴得到更多“存款” !不要只会拿而不给!沙巴州长期以来一直被忽略着,因此是时候偿还。 人民在看,当下次的选举来临,其选举的结果将是最好的证明。