Monday, 4 May 2009

Raymond Tan’s Government Positions in “HOT SOUP”

Raymond Tan’s Government Positions in “HOT SOUP”

The Sabah DAP vice chairman, Edward Ewol Mujie, today made the first comment from the opposition point of view towards Raymond Tan Suh Kiat’s government portfolios which is the “hot” topic debated and commented among the Barison National component parties. Many quarters wanted Raymond to step down because he is party less and there is no ruling that the Chief Minister can continue to allow him to be his deputy chief minister and also the minister of communication and works, since the SAPP left BN. The BN component parties are eying on the DCM and minister post, and they wish to remove Raymond.

Edward said, the many voices from the BN parties on his government position made Raymond felt very bad and he seem to be helpless. His statement in the newspaper today, expressed his frustration and lost of direction. Raymond commented that how come the BN component parties had so much talk on him and yet the opposition keep total “silent” on the issue.

Edward said, the reason on why the opposition kept silent on this issue is that we want to see how straight and transparent the BN leadership is going to handle his case. As far as we are concern, we are taking the case as purely the “family business of BN”, therefore there is no business of ours, but the Sabahan are watching on the out come. The people want to see how well the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman is going to get out of this mess. He can not do whatever he feels free with his power or what he wants, the law is still law!

On the other hand, if Raymond can not be accepted by any BN component parties, he can always join DAP. The door is always open. We welcome Sabahan who abide to the struggle and direction of DAP to become member. We together will build up a powerful ‘ROCKET’ to achieve a total change in Sabah. To bring the people from the present state of hardship and economic downturn, we have to replace Barisan Nasional with Pakatan Rakyat.

Eward Ewol Mujie, DAP Vice Chairman.

沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉,今天首次给予反对党的观点针对陈树杰的官职,因为目前是很‘热门’的话题,同时也是国阵政党之间的争论。 许多人希望陈树杰下台,因为自从沙巴进步党脱离国阵,因此他再没有任何党派,在此也没有定论让首席部长能够继续委任他为副首席部长和工程部长的职位。 国阵成员党必然虎视眈眈其部长职位,他们希望删除陈树杰。

爱德华说,许多沙巴国阵的人士大力的批评及要求陈树杰下台,已使到他感到非常诅丧及束手无策。 他在今天的报纸上表示失望和失去方向。 他说,为什么国阵成员党极力做出攻击和话题多多,但是反对党却保持“沉默”。

爱德华说,对这问题反对党保持沉默的原因是,我们希望看到国阵领导如何能够公正和透明的处理陈氏的官职。 我们认为这是纯粹国阵的‘家事’不便设评,事不关己,但是全沙巴州的人民正在静观其变。 人民想看沙巴首席部长拿督穆沙安曼如何摆平这种混乱的状况。 他不能滥权及随心所欲,因为还有宪法的存在!
另一方面,如果陈树杰不被任何国阵成员党接受为党员,他可以随时申请加入民主行动党。 我们的大门是永远开着的。我们欢迎任何认同行动党的斗争及概念的人士加入,一起壮大‘火箭’, 以期达到在沙巴州又一个‘大转变’和一个改朝换代的时刻! 很多沙巴人问,如何去改变现有的困境及经济不振,最好的答案就是换掉国阵政府,以民联取代。