Monday, 25 May 2009

Sabah DAP has the many questions to ask the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman on the huge stack of timber logs parked at the Kalabakan log pond ready for shipment out of Sabah. The round timber logs are stacked there in the range of over few thousand pieces of all sizes, and some even as small as 24 inches girth and some as big as a table top.

Dr. Hiew received from the public, who wants to know,

(1) From where is this large quantity of logs came from, or from the Yayasan Sabah Forest Reserve in Kabalakan?

(2) Who owns the logging company? Have they been given the concession right to extract all the timber, big and small, as seen from the photos?

(3) What amount has the Sabah government received in terms of timber tax and the revenue from the logging operation here in Kalabakan as from year 2000 until now?

(4) What is the land size of the logging concession given out, to what company,
the time frame and is it under FMU?

(5) Any reforestation programs being implemented in the logging areas, and is
the state government enforcing this?

There is a lot of question to be put forward to the Sabah Chief Minister and we need some concrete answers from him. Due to the reason that timber is a vital natural resource of Sabah, It is also because this belongs to the people of Sabah, the CM should disclose more details, we have the right to know. The timber reserves in Kalabakan is what we have left, we must make good use of it, and to preserve it for the future generation, and not to cut every thing off now. Our forest reserve in Sabah will soon be finished in no time, if the trees are continued to be chopped at the present fast rate.

Now there are fast environmental changes, global warming, land erosion and climate changes, the Chief Minister must take special care towards the fast rate of deforestation in Sabah. We all must protect our environment and our future generations. From the huge piles of timber logs, the BN government had totally showed that they don’t care about the environment and the future of Sabahan.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党接到民众提出的许多问题要问沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼,有关的停放在卡拉巴干(Kalabakan)的木塘并准备运出沙巴州的许多大木桐。 堆积在该处的各种不同尺寸的木桐,其数量有超过数千条,有些是细小约二十四英寸周长的木桐,而有的却大如一张圆饭桌。


(1) 如此大量的木桐来至那里,是否来至卡拉巴干的沙巴基金局的森林保留区?
(2) 该些伐木公司到底是谁拥有?他们是否得到伐木的准证,来砍伐这些树木?(如照片所摄)?
(3) 沙巴州政府对于从二零零零年直到今天,向卡拉巴干伐木公司所征收的木材税收的数额有多少?
(4) 该伐木准证的森林面积共有多大?什么公司得到该些伐木牌,而且是否有时间限制,并且是否是 有进行‘森林复原’的策略计划 ?
(5) 是否有任何重栽树林制度在该伐木区中实施,而州政府有否强制去执行该制度呢?

有许多问题要向沙巴州首席部长提问,而且我们需要具体的回答。由于木材是沙巴州一个重要的天然资源,也是属于沙巴人民的资源,沙州首席部长必须要披露更多有关伐木的细节,因为人民有权力知道。沙巴州只剩下位于卡拉巴干的原始森林保留区,所以为了我们的下一代,州政府应该更嚴格的去保留和好好的利用我们的天然资源,而不是毫无节制的砍伐和极度破坏天然环境。 如果继续这样的快速砍伐树林,将会帶给沙巴州的森林資源和環境極大的损壞,并且面对森林快速的消失。

地球环境有很大的变化,全球变暖,土地侵蚀和气候变化,首席部长必须采取行动嚴格保護僅存的原始森林及具有生態價值的天然树林,停止快速砍伐森林。 我们所有的人都必须保护我们的环境和我们的下一代。 在卡拉巴干堆积的木桐已经显示出国阵政府正在毁灭以上所提到的环保价值和沙巴人民的将来。