Monday, 18 May 2009

Sabah DAP is calling on the relevant authority and the developer to immediately to repair the damaged road at the Kolombong Industrial estate. Jeffrey Kumin, the DAP state organizing secretary said that he received many complaints from the public especially property owners and motorists who are using the road who have to face the broken road daily.

Regarding the road condition at the industrial estate, according to Jeffrey, there are at least ten big pot holes which were filled with broken bricks and it is hard to drive on especially small vehicles. After checking with DBKK, and it is confirmed that the road of the industrial estate is still under the developer and not been handed over to DBKK. Therefore, the responsibility still remains with the developer. Any repair and rebuild must be completed to the right specification before handing over to DBKK.

Jeffrey urges the developer to immediately rebuild the whole road at the industrial estate to the right standard which can support the heavy load of the truck, due to the fact that this is an industrial area. By filling the pot holes with broken brick will not solve the problem. DBKK should impose strict order for the developer to repair immediately.

By : Jeffrey Kumin, DAP state organizing secretary

Picture: Jeffrey Kumin and member showing the road pot hole fill with broken bircks.

沙巴民主行动党呼吁有关当局和开发商立即进行修复哥隆邦工业区的毁坏道路。 民行党州组织秘书杰弗利古明说,他收到了许多民众的投诉说,尤其是该工业区的业主和道路使用者每天必须面对这破烂的马路。

根据杰弗利说该破烂的路面,至少有十个大洞以破碎砖块填补,使到进出困难,特别是小型车辆。 经过他视查后并向有关当局询问,确认这条马路仍然属于发展商的维修管理,而还不曾移交于亚庇市政厅。 因此,该维修责任仍然在发展商。 任何修复和重建必须遵照所规定的工程准则,在全部修复之后才可移交给亚庇市政厅接管。

杰弗利敦促该发展商立即重建整个道路,以期可以支撑重载的货车,由于这是一个工业区,填补破洞用烂砖瓦是不会解决问题。 亚庇市政厅应实施严格条规及限制该发展商立即修复所有的马路破洞及尽快移交给亚庇市政厅接管。