Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sg. Pegalan Bridge in Tenom should be double lane

During the visit of the DAP mobile service to Tenom last Sunday, the Sabah DAP state vice chairman cum Local government and housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie was brought by the Tenom folks to inspect the narrow bridge at the Sg. Pegalan, which is at the moment a single lane bridge serving heavy traffic flow. The bridge is situated about 5KM from the Tenom town on the way to the State Agricultural Park. There are nearly a thousand vehicles passing on this road daily, including heavy trucks, and the narrow single lane bridge has become the “bottle-neck”.

Edward said after the inspection that JKR should expedite to add another lane on this bridge, and this needed to widen the width of the bridge in order that two vehicles can pass. This is not going to cost a lot of money to do so. He hopes the JKR can immediately carry out the job without further delay. The Tenom folks wish the bridge to be widened so that they don’t have to queue daily to cross.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

丹南巴加兰桥(Sg. Pegalan Bridge)需建成双行车道桥
沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于上星期日前往丹南进行移动服饰,丹南居民带该州副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉前往巡视丹南的巴加兰桥(Sg. Pegalan Bridge),目前是一座交通繁忙的单道渡桥。这座桥离丹南镇约五公里,前往国家植物公园唯一通路。每天有近千辆汽车通过这条道路,包括重型货车,该狭隘的单道渡桥已成为‘瓶颈’。

爱德华检查后说,工务局应加快再增加一条行车线,这需要扩大桥面的宽度,能使两辆车可以通过。这是不会需要花很多钱来做。他希望工务局可以立即展开工作,不要再拖延。 丹南的人们希望的有扩大的渡桥,使他们不必每天排队跨越。