Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tenom/Kemabong Bridge Needed URGENT attention.

Tenom/Kemabong Bridge Needed URGENT attention.

During the recent visit by the DAP mobile service team to Tenom last week, the team was brought by some concerned folks to see for themselves the corroded condition of the steel structure of the 450 foot long bridge connecting Tenom to Kemabong over the Padas River. The steel structure is badly corroded and rusted, and some parts showed features and signs of over-stressed, fatigue, and shear stress mark appearing on the steel section. Some structural members are showing sign of weakness and damaged by knocking of the lorry. The bridge may not be able to take more heavy load and sudden shock/pressure caused by overloaded heavy trucks. The river bank at the abutment of the bridge is badly eroded by the river water, and there is already sign of weakness and collapse appearing at this place.

Sabah DAP State Chairman cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu made the above comment after the inspection lead by several concern Tenom folks. He enquired later from JKR concerning the future of the bridge, and he was told that the bridge is under the Federal JKR and it is under planning to reconstruct. The plan to build a new bridge will depend on the availability of the federal fund allocation. In view of the current situation, this fund may seem to be in a difficult stage for immediate utilization.

Dr. Hiew said this is an urgent case and the authority seems closing one eye on the issue, and the work on the new bridge must be carried out immediately without further delay. The Federal Works Ministry and the Transport Ministry must expedite the work and allocate the fund right away. Hiew recommends that at the meanwhile, JKR must take up measures to temporary strengthen the bridge and provide a new paint coat to stop further corrosion of the steel members of the bridge. This will not cost a lot, but at least we are sure that the bridge can last for a bit longer until the new bridge is ready. The bridge connecting Tenom to Sapong and Kemabong is the only link and passage over the Padas River. We can not afford to lose the bridge otherwise every thing will be cut off.

Dr. Hiew said he will personally bring up the matter to the Federal Ministers concern, on the work and fund allocation. This is for the benefits of the Tenom folks.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP
(pic: shows corroded steel in the Tenom Bridge)

丹南/ 哥马邦桥(Kemabong Bridge)极需要关注。
沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于上周前往丹南进行流动服务活动,当地居民向该服务队投诉有关连接丹南和哥马帮(Kemabong)的渡桥,该钢铁结构约四百五十英尺的桥已经出现腐蚀的状况。该桥显示出严重的腐蚀和生锈,有一些地方显示微裂的现象,更因为车辆的超重而出现了毁坏和弯曲。 该大桥可能无法再承受任何超载负重的大型货车。 而该桥墩因为河水的冲击而严重受侵蚀,并已经显示出无法承受压力的迹象。

上述评论是由沙巴民主行动党兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士经过巡视后说的。 他过后询问工务局(JKR)会如何去处理该大桥,他被告知说,该桥是属于联邦工务局并且正在策划重建中。 该计划建立新的大桥将取决于能否获得联邦政府的拨款。 鉴于目前的形势,要立即拨出该拨款似乎是有一点困难。

邱博士说,这是一个紧迫需要关注的问题而当局却似乎毫无关心,兴建新的大桥必须立即进行不能再拖延。 联邦工务局和交通部必须尽快拨款以进行兴建的工作。 邱氏建议,工务局现在必须采取安全措施以加强该座桥,并且上一层油漆以防止进一步的腐蚀。 这不会花费很多钱,至少让该座桥可以供大家暂时使用多一段时间,直到新的大桥建好。 这座桥是唯一连接丹南渡过巴达士河(Padas River)到沙邦(Sapong)和哥马邦(Kemabong)的通道。 我们不能失去的该座桥,否则从丹南到该甘榜的交通必会割断。

邱博士说,他将亲自把这个问题带到联邦部长那里,请他们特别关注该工程和拨款。 这是为丹南人的利益着想。