Tuesday, 30 June 2009

PR for Sarawakan and West Malaysian in Sabah

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu received many complaints from people originally moved from West Malaysia to live and work in Sabah some 30 years ago, and until now they were not granted with the status of ‘Permanent Resident’ (PR) in spite of the many years of application submitted.

These people were complaining about the trouble-some procedure of renewing their stay and work permits to stay and work in Sabah, especially for those who had been in Sabah for the past 30 over years. Every year they have to renew their pass and permit over and over again. Many of them are actually no different to the Sabahan now, because they have been working, contributing, having family, properties and deeply involved in the development of Sabah, but until today they are being treated as ‘foreigners’ due to the Immigration Act in Sabah.

When Hiew presented the case to the Minister of Internal Affairs on why they cannot be granted the Permanent Resident status, the answer given was that the power of granting the PR is under the jurisdiction of the Sabah State government for those who had moved from West Malaysia to Sabah many years ago. The Federal government has no power over the matter. All the application must be refer to the Sabah Government.

Dr. Hiew viewed the many cases of not being given the approval on the application of PR for the many thousand of people from West Malaysia and Sarawak residing in Sabah for more than 30 years as unreasonable. They are the people who had contributed much to Sabah and brought up new generations of young in Sabah, but they are still being treated as foreigners like the Indonesians and Filipinos. Many of the illegal immigrants had obtained PR status quickly, and even those who had no identity document were given ‘green card’ by the government recently to stay and work in Sabah. Is it true that our fellow West Malaysian and Sarawakan people not better than these illegal immigrants or foreigners?

We must allow these people to settle down in Sabah because they are a real part of us, and we should thank them for their past contribution to Sabah, and we owe it to their younger generations. With all the young as Sabahan, and the parent still need to apply work pass and stay permit, that is ridiculous and totally not right. Sabah government should review the cases and grant the PR to them.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


这些人向邱博士抱怨说,为了延长他们在沙巴的居留和工作准证,他们必须面许多麻烦的申请程序,特别是已经在沙巴州居留有三十多年的西马人和砂人。 他们每年都必须不断的重复的更新该证件。 他们当中有许多实际上与沙巴人是没有什么不同的, 因为他们一直在沙巴州工作,成立家庭,创业和参与沙巴的发展。 然而直到今天,根据沙巴州的移民条列,他们仍然被视为‘外来人’。

当邱博士将该项案件提交给内政部长并提问为什么他们不能获得永久居留身份,部长所给的答案是,发出永久居留证是沙巴州政府的权力,因此,联邦政府没有权力过问。 所有的申请必须向沙巴政府提呈。

邱博士看到有上万的人士从西马和沙捞越移民到沙巴州已经有三十多年,他们的申请都没有得到批准,这是非常不合理的。 他们许多人对沙巴州有很大的贡献,并且他们的下一代都沙巴州出生,但他们仍然被视为外来人,就如印尼人和菲律宾人一样。 许多非法移民很快就获得了永久居留证,即使是没有身份证明文件的外劳,因为居留并且在沙巴工作也可以获得‘绿卡’。 这是否意表我们的西马和砂捞越人民比不上这些非法入境的外国人?

我们必须准许这些人定居在沙巴,因为他们都是真正的马来西亚人,我们应该感谢他们过去在沙巴州的贡献,我们也必须为他们的年轻一代着想。 他们的后代是沙巴人,而其父母却仍然需要申请工作准证和居留证,这实在是非常荒谬的事,而且完全是不合理。 邱博士敦促沙巴州政府应该慎重的审查该案件,并发给他们永久居留证。

Monday, 29 June 2009

Tuaran road (Inanam to Menggatal) needed resurfacing and upgrading immediately

Sabah DAP infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng and the Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Mujie received many complaints concerning the stretch of 6 KM bad road between Inanam and Menggatal. This portion of road had been the headache for the many road users in the area for many years. The road surface is uneven, dirty and dusty, and filled with pot holes. During the rain, there are muddy spot and pool of water collected on the road surface, and even severe flooding at places. The bad road condition led to road accidents in the area, and there is no street light too.

John said this portion of the Tuaran Road is heavily used by the people daily, due to the concentration of heavy industries, factories, stone quarry, shops and the population residing here. Every day there are more than a thousand of light and heavy vehicles using this important trunk road. The JKR seems not having a concerted effort to upgrade and rebuild this section of road. There is the need to make good the condition before any fatal accident occurred. They need to redo the ‘U’ turns, junctions, drains, round-about, street lights, trees, traffic lights, and the whole road surface.

There were an allocation for this job given sometimes ago, about RM 21 millions, where is this money, and it is believed to have been shifted to other project. The government should make available an allocation for the job immediately and should not wait any longer. This is part of the KK City area and we want good road in the city, perhaps DBKK should come in to request and seek funding for the said upgrading work.

Edward commented that we usually see good roads are being resurfaced over and over again, and yet bad roads get no attention at all. This indicated an imbalance usage of public fund, and the contracts of the road maintenance companies should be reconsidered and reshuffled to meet the requirement. The various authorities should be more alert in handling, executing and discharging their duties. This is in order to service the people well. We don’t want to see many things are not going well in Sabah.

By : Sabah DAP infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng
and Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Mujie

沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星和地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉接获许多的投诉涉及下南南到孟加达约六公里长的路段。 多年来在该地区的许多道路使用者对该段路感到很头痛,因为路面不平衡,肮脏,尘土飞扬而且到处都是锅洞。 每逢下雨时,路面更是充满泥泞及严重的浸水。 如此糟糕的路面情况常常导致道路交通意外的事故发生,此外该处也没有路灯。

李金星说,由于该处有重工业,工厂,采石场,商店和住宅区,因此斗亚兰路的交通是非常繁忙的。每天约有千多辆的轻型和重型车辆使用这段道路。 似乎工务局却没有努力的提升或重建该路段。 现今是有必要提升,以免任何致命事故的发生。 他们需要重建回程路(U turn),马路进出口,排水渠,交通圈,路灯,树木,交通灯及路面。

联邦政府已经拨出约马币两千一百万的拨款给这项工程,而现在这笔钱在哪里?据了解好像是转移到其他的工程上。 政府应该即刻提供拨款给于所指定的工程并且不可拖延。 该地段是亚庇市的一部分,而我们希望亚庇市拥有良好的马路,或许亚庇市政厅应该向政府要求,并且寻求资金来进行维修和提升的工作。

爱德华说,我们通常看到良好的道路常常被重新的补修一遍又一遍,但恶劣的道路却得不到任何的关注。 这表明了不平衡使用公共基金,此外,政府也必须重新考虑和调整道路维修公司的服务,以符合及达到兴建或维修道路要求和标准。 各有关当局应该更加的警觉处理,执行和履行其职责,这是为了造福社会和人民。我们不希望在沙巴看到很多事情都处在糟糕情况里。

Smelly Problem of Sewerage Pond and Traffic Jam Problem at Kingfisher Park

Sabah DAP received complaints from the public concerning smelly problem of sewerage pond and traffic jam problem at Kingfisher Park. In respect of the sewerage pond next to Taman Kingfisher, we wish to enquire when the construction of a new high tech mechanical sterilized system, second bridge and its budget can be approved to start work.

In the event that the said proposal is not approved by the State Government, is there any alternative way or action to be taken by DBKK to overcome the offensive odours from the sewerage pond next to Taman Kingfisher, whereby it is affecting the health of the residents in the said area. Furthermore, the same problem has caused much stress to the residents of Kingfisher Park for many years now. Despite the many complaints, the answers are always the same, ‘no budget, no budget and no budget!!!

Sabah DAP Legal Advisory Bureaus Chief, Joan Goh Penn Nee wish to know what action has been or will be taken by DBKK to solve this problem of the foul smell. Joan Goh hope DBKK can give a concrete answer instead of the same year in year out that there is NO BUDGET. We believe the residents are fed-up with the ‘no budget’ answer. When the residents purchased the houses there, they were informed that the problem will be solved very soon and nobody mentioned the word “ no budget” to them.
The residents in Kingfisher Park also encountered the problem of traffic jam due to the narrow bridge. All the residents staying at the said area were sharing one single lane bridge to cross the river. There are now a few thousand residential houses there, hundreds of shop lots, schools and hospital in the Kingfisher Park, however there is ONLY ONE road access to the said area whereby a few thousand residents uses the only ONE SINGLE LANE BRIDGE every day and night.

There are now more and more developments in the area and also the land surrounding the area is under heavy development. All the developments are using the SINGLE LANE BRIDGE, whereby the lorries, excavators, heavy machineries sharing the same bridge especially during the peak hours. It takes 30 minutes at least for the residents to get out from the area to the main road for a short distance of 2 KM. We cannot imagine what will be the consequences if in cases of emergency, the result will be disastrous and can cause life lost.

Sabah DAP urges the State Government to fulfil their promise to build the second bridge linking to Kingfisher Park immediately, and not wait for Pakatan Rakyat to build when we take over the Government.

By : Sabah DAP Legal Advisor Bureaus Chief, Joan Goh Penn Nee



尚若该计划的拨款未获批准,亚庇市政厅有没有采取任何替代的方法,以克服翠鸟园目前所面对的恶劣化粪池臭气的问题。 该处的居民投诉说,这已经严重影响了他们的健康。同时该问题已经存在了好几年,尽管有很多投诉,州政府的答案总是说还没有钱进行该计划!

沙巴民主行动党法律顾问局主任,吴佩霓想要知道亚庇市政厅将会采取什么样的行动以解决这个问题,并且如何获得拨款的批准? 吴氏敦促市政厅给人民一个具体的答案,而不是等待一年复一年的一味推堂和“打太极”。 相信该处的居民已经对“没有拨款”的回答感到非常烦厌。 此外,当居民在该处购买房屋时,他们都被告知,该问题将会很快得到解决,同时也没有提到需要等待“拨款”。 此外当地居民还说,因为该区共用着一个单行大桥,因此使到拥有上千户住家的翠鸟园,百多间的商店,学校和医院,面临着严重交通堵塞的问题。

如今在翠鸟园的地区及其周围的土地有越来越多的发展计划得到核准,并且正在进行兴建中,但是,所有的发展也使用该单行大桥,特别是在繁忙的时间许多如货车,挖土机,重型机械都同时使用该座桥梁,造成更加拥挤。 居民说从住处到主要公路的距离只有两公里却必须花半个小时的时间。 我们无法想象如果在紧急情况下,其后果将会是如何?肯定会是不堪设想。


Visit to Inanam market

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu today paying a routing visit round to the Inanam central market, together with him was the Sabah DAP Organizing Secretary Jeffrey Kumin and the Infrastructure Bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng.

The team was welcome by the hawkers and shoppers in the market. The people thanked the MP for his visit to meet them regularly to listen to their problems and hope he will come more often. There are various matters arising concerning the DBKK, the traffic jam, illegal hawkers, whole sale suppliers robbing their business, arrangement of stalls, business not well, and dirty environment.

Dr. Hiew said he will arrange with the DBKK and JKR to come to Inanam Market to see what the authorities can help to reduce the various problem faced by the market. He said the problems can be solved if the authorities cooperate with the people, and their requests are reasonable. On the other hand, the MP also advice the Custom Department, Immigration, the police and DBKK to tackle the illegal immigrants, illegal hawkers, illegal cigarettes, street kids, drugs and gum-sucking, and dirty surroundings in the Inanam town. For JKR, they must speed up with the necessary road projects which are very important to solve the long hanging traffic jam problem. Inanam had been forgotten and neglected by the authorities, so it is high time there some one will have to take responsibility to solve the problem permanently.

The people in Inanam should not just bear with these day in and day out. Let us do some thing together before it goes out of hand, it is our place where we live and work in. We should stand up to all that is affecting us, to stage our protest, to speak out our grievances, and not to be afraid to the pressure and force by the government.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


他们受到该处小贩们的欢迎。 民众感谢邱国会议员的探访及听取他们的问题和投诉,他们多谢邱博士常来探望他们。 他们提出各种有关亚庇市政厅,交通堵塞,无牌小贩,蔬菜供应商的问题,摊位安排,生意萧条和肮脏的环境。

邱博士说,他将安排与亚庇市政厅及工务局前来下南南商讨该处所面对的问题,并建议当局帮助该区。 邱氏也说,如果有关当局和人民有良好的合作,问题是可以获得解决,他们的要求必须是合理的。 另一方面,邱国会议员要求关税局,移民厅,警方和市政厅必须严格的对付非法移民,非法摆卖,非法香烟出售,街头儿童,吸毒者,和处理下南南肮脏的环境。 工务局必须加紧推行兴建新道路工程计划,这是非常重要,因为必须尽快解决长期悬挂的交通堵塞问题。 下南南已被当局遗忘和忽视太久了,因此现在是时候及需要有人来承担该责任,以解决该处的多项问题。

下南南区的居民不应该再默默地承受及面对这些问题。 让我们开始做一些事情免得问题越来越严重,这是我们生活和工作的地方,我们应该站出来面对及抗议,说出我们的不满,而且更不应该怕高压,迫使政府执行他们所应有的职责。

Friday, 26 June 2009

nanam Luat Housing Estate no land titles

The housing development project carried out by the Sabah Housing Commission (LPPB) at Taman Inanam Laut is until today without individual land titles to the house purchasers. The house owners complain to Sabah DAP and seek the help to high light the long pending issue and expressed their worries.

They complained that it is now six years after they obtained the OC’s and moved into the housing estate which was built by the Sabah Housing Commission (LPPB). The individual land titles were not ready until now for the 475 units of houses. They wonder why the LPPB took so long for the issuance of the land titles.

After checking with the LPPB, they informed Dr. Hiew that the problem is caused by the delay with the Sabah Land and Survey department and certain technical problems connected to the boundaries of the land used for the development. It has taken more than 3 years but still no sign for the titles to be issued. At the moment, the preparation on the titles is still being finalized.

Hiew classifies this as another fault and slackness on the part of the authorities in not performing efficiently and effectively. That is the reason why many of the authorities needed revamp and streamline to enhance efficiency and productivity. We are facing a lot of problems and some times incurred financial losses arising from this sort of situation. It is high time for the Land and Survey department and LPPB to expedite on the issue of land titles to the house owners in Taman Inanam Laut.

Hiew urges the Land and Survey Department to expedite on all the land titles and strata titles that are due for a long time. He suggested if necessary do over time to speed up the process, like what had happened last time. An expansion of the staff strength in the department is necessary for clearing all the back lock land title cases. Now the department has its new complex, and there is plenty of space for the increase staff members to work in. The state government should pay more attention in this particular aspect, because this is affecting many people.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

由沙巴房屋发展局(LPPB)在下南南劳勿住宅区所兴建的房屋发展,直到今天,该处所有的屋主仍然没有得到他们的房屋地契。 因此,该处的屋主向沙巴民主行动党投诉及寻求协助,希望民行党能够帮助他们提出长期悬而未决的地契问题。

他们抱怨说,六年前他们得到了入伙纸,并且搬进由沙巴房屋发展局所兴建的房屋。 到今天,该处约四百七十五单位的房屋地契仍然还没有准备好。 他们想知道为什么沙巴房屋发展局需要花那么长时间去处理这些地契。

向沙巴房屋发展局询问后 ,邱博士被告知说,之所以造成地契延误发出的问题,是因为沙巴土地局无法解决某些边界相连的土地用于发展上的技术问题。 经过三年的时间,但依然无法解决分发地契的迹象。 目前,该地契的仍需要等待最后的确定才能发出。

邱氏指出这是有关当局另一种涣散及毫无效率的工作态度。 这就是为什么有关当局极需要改组及提高效率和生产力。 这种情况不但让我们面对许多不必要的问题,甚至必须蒙受金钱上的损失。 现在是时候土地局和沙巴房屋发展局必须要尽快地解决下南南劳勿住宅区的地契问题,不然他们就是失职。

邱博士敦促土地局,迅速的处理及分发长期悬挂着的地契或分层地契。他建议如果有必要就因该加班,以加快该处理程序,就如以前所进行的加班处理地契的情况一样。 增加该部门的工作人员是有必要,以处理所有堆积的地契案件。 现在,该部门有新的办公大厦,并且有大量的空间,可以容纳更多的工作人员。 州政府应该更多注意在这部门,因为这影响到许多人。

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Old Tawau Airport, what next?

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu visited the old Tawau airport last Sunday during the state round tour of the DAP mobile service. The concern Tawau folks wanted the MP to find out what is the government going to do with this long abandon airport. This airport is used to be the main airport serving the Tawau area until the new airport is in use.

Dr. Hiew said that this is a Federal matter, and the old Tawau Airport should be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport. He said he can bring this matter up with the Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat in the coming Parliament sitting on the 15th June, to enquire about the decision on the abandon airport.

The old airport is sited just by the side of the Tawau town centre and it covers a total area of 300 over acres. It is next to the town and it is a waste to leave it abandon like this, claimed one of the complainers. In order to make good use of the old airport which is still in good condition, both the building and the runway strip, Dr. Hiew suggested that the flying club and its school to make use of the airport for their flying training courses. The old airport can also be converted to house the hospital emergency helipad for helicopters bringing in patients from the rural district for emergency medical treatment. This is because the Tawau General Hospital is just one kilometer away. Besides, it is important to consider the possibility to move the highly congested bus terminal away from the town centre to this airport location. This will help to ease the traffic congestion of the town too. Since the bus terminal is also part of the responsiblity of the Federal Transport Ministry, this can be easily arranged.

There are many other viable proposals for the conversion of the old airport land to proper usage that can bring benefit to the Tawau folks, and it should only be use for public purpose only. Hiew said that he was told that some private companies wanted to take over the 300 acres for private development. He hopes the government will not approve this type of personal gain proposal. The peoples’ interest must be protected and promoted.

On the new Tawau airport, it is surprise to see that there are so many items on the list which needed immediate attention by the Malaysia Airport Bhd. (MAB). The air conditioning system in the boarding waiting hall is out of service about one and a half months now, and there is no sign of its repair. There are only two stand-fans blowing the hot waiting room. The lighting is not enough, and it is so dark at places because many lights are not switch on. Are they trying to safe money? There is complaint that the canteen closed at 5pm and passenger can’t get to buy food and drinks, the time must follow the flight schedules. Besides, the toilets are not clean and the floor tiles are torn off. The MAB has to immediately put right the situation in the airport, due to Tawau airport is the important tourist gateway.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Monday, 22 June 2009

Strata Titles dilemma in Sabah

Strata Titles dilemma in Sabah

Sabah DAP is very concern about the much delayed issuance of the various strata title to the flats, apartments and condominium in Sabah. This is still pending after many years of processing by the departments like the Land and Survey department, the Local councils, City Hall, and the various government authorities. Many cases are as old as 30 years now.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament had been contacted by many owners of the buildings who required strata titles, to express their concern and worries over the issues, and they requested the MP to assist to find ways to resolve the matter as soon as possible. They said what they worry now is that they are actually holding a sale and purchase agreement with the developers only, and the developers would not be there for ever. The strata title is the responsibility of the developers.

There are many high-rise buildings in the state of Sabah without strata titles, and so far there is very few strata titles being issued. The big development projects like the Country Height Apartment in Kota Kinabalu consisting of 2,000 over units of apartments are pending the issuance of the strata titles. It is estimated easily over 80,000 0f such title pending all over the state, with the highest in KK.

Why is it so difficult to issue the housing development with strata titles? What is wrong with the system and the authorities? Or rather the departments are no doing their job? Or the ordinance and laws are not adequate or too strict? What is the real problem?

Until today, the difficulties still can not be resolved due to the slackness of the authority unable to tackle certain minor discrepancies in the process of preparing the titles. This gives rise to many hardships to the purchaser, unit owners, and including certain legal proceedings. The management cooperation employed by the developers for the apartments sometimes ended up in trouble and in some cases over charged the units.

Sabah DAP urges the government to expedite on the issuance of all the strata titles which is taken as urgent now. There are more and more such high rise building being put up day by days, and the piling up of such titles are getting more serious. The land and survey department must work overtime to clear this back-lock. The efficiency, accountability, credibility and performance of the government is falling far from expectation. There is the need to establish a total overhaul of the whole procedure for the preparation and issuance of the strata titles. We don’t want the people to surfer due to the non issuance of their titles.

DAP will continue to hop on this issue, and we are watching how the BN government is going to tackle this problem. It is no use to announce to us every times, we want to see our strata title.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党非常关注目前在沙巴州有关当局拖延发出的各层公寓单位的分层地契(Strata Titles)。 虽然土地局,地方议会,市政厅及其他政府部门经过很多年的处理,屋主仍然还在等待中。 有许多已经等了三十年都还没有得到该地契。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士已接触了许多想要得到分层地契的业主,他们都感到忧虑和担心。 该业主向邱国会议员寻求协助,并希望能够尽快的解决这项问题。 他们说令人他们担心的是,他们实际上是持有和发展商签署的买卖协议合约,而发展商也不会长久都在。 发出分层地契是发展商的责任。

在沙巴州有许多公寓或大厦都没有分层地契,而迄今只有极少数被分发分层地契。 一项大建筑工程如拥有约两千多个单位的亚庇翠景原公寓仍然在等待他们的分层地契。 因此,跟据如此的估计,相信在整个沙巴州有超过八十多千的单位仍然在等待当局发出他们的地契,尤其是在亚庇市。

为什么会这么困难要发出房屋发展的分层地契? 是否该制度和当局有什么问题? 或者是说有关部门没有做他们的工作?或是条规和法令不符合条件或过于严格? 到底真正的问题是什么?

由于当局的涣散态度,在处理分配分层地契的文件过程中,无法处理某些轻微的差异,直到今天,问题仍然不能得到解决。 这使到许多买家,单位的业主,包括在面对某些法律程序时引起许多的困境。 此外,由发展商雇用的管理层也引发许多麻烦和问题,甚至在某些情况下有超收单位的服务费问题。

沙巴民主行动党敦促政府尽快签发所有公寓单位的分层地契。 尤其是越来越多公寓不断的兴建,然而该地契的问题也越来越严重。 土地局必须加班以清除此回锁。 政府的效率,公信力,诚信和工作表现实在是远远落后人民的期望。 因此,有必要重组整个地契的编制及手续办理程序。 我们不想让人们长期面对因没有地契所带来的困扰和问题。

Withhold OCs for Inanam KK TAIPAN new shop inappropriate

The call to withhold the OCs to the KK Taipan new shops in Inanam town is highly inappropriate and uncalled for. This comes after an inspection and meeting by the Inanam Assembly man Johnny Goh with his people and JKR to the site. He wanted DBKK to withhold the issuing of the OCs to the shops until an amicable solution is found to the traffic congestion problem at that section of the town.

Sabah DAP Local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infra structure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng commented the action not to issue the OCs to the new shop as unfair and unjustified. Johnny Goh is unreasonable to use the traffic circulation problem to stop DBKK in approving the OCs. He must know the road system in the development plan is approved by the Town Planning unit, JKR, DBKK and other authorities, how come he never make noise before? He also sits in the Joint action Committee, why this question was not raised before? He travels every day in and out of the area and looking at the development to its completion, how come he did not mention any thing about the traffic problem. What did he do all these times as the Inanam Assemble man? Now the development is built according to approved development plan, completed and ready for OCs, then he said stop.

Unfair, 没有估计其他人利益
Edward said this is the fault of the government if there is any planning mistake and should be put right in the early stage, and not come to amend at the completion stage. It is unfair for the shop purchasers, the developer and the consumers. Therefore, the development of the KK TAIPAN must be given the issuance of a “Conditional OCs” until all the list of work is strictly adhered to. There is no way the delay to take, who is going to bear for the losses, interest incurred, and business jam. Let the shops to go with the OCs and solve the traffic problem quickly. We can not wait for years until JKR to built the proposed roads in Inanam.

John Lee commented that the inlet and outlet of the KK Taipan development along the Tuaran main road had been constructed as a dual carriage way, and this should be sufficient to serve the area. There is no need to enter into the Inanam Kiansom road. The people here can get in and out easily of the KK Taipan into the Tuaran Road. Thus what ever future new road and access will also the traffic circulation in Inanam. He said JKR should have plan for these long time ago and not now to stop people from using their newly bought shops. Thus the proposal by the Johnny Goh should be shot down, and DBKK to proceed to issue the OCs.

Edward Mujie and John Lee. Pic: Taken at the entrance and outlet of the Jalan Tuaran.

停止分发下南南区亚庇大班新商店的入伙纸极为不妥。 这是经过下南南区代议士吴清乐和他的助理及公务局的检验到查该处,然后开会决定的定案。 吴氏要求亚庇市政厅停发该处新店的入伙纸,直到可以找解决该处的交通挤塞的问题。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星评论该停发新店入伙纸的做法非常不公平,同时也没有道理。 吴氏使用交通诸塞的问题为藉口来阻止市政厅批准入伙纸是极不合理。他必须要知道该处道路系统的发展计划是获得城市规划单位,公务局,亚庇市政厅和其他主管部门所批准的,怎么在当时他从来没有提出提问? 他也在在联合行动委员会里,为什么在开会时该项问题被没有提出讨论? 他每天都进出该地区,也同时监督该发展工程的完成,为什么他却当时没有提到任何有关交通诸塞的问题? 他身下南南的州议士到底在做什么? 该发展工程是按照被批准的发展计划而进行,如今已完成并准备发出入伙纸,而吴氏却说停发。

爱德华说,这是政府的过错,如果有任何发展规划有错误,应该在早期阶段加以纠正并且修改,而不是该工程已经完成后才发现有问题。 吴氏的做法太霸道,没有顾虑到其他人的利益。这对买家,发展商和消费者极大的不公平。 因此大阪发展商应该分发有附带条件的入伙纸给该处的新店,直到所有的工作严格完成其程序。 这事情不能再拖延,否则是谁要承担的所有损失,高利息和新店的营业?让新商店的业主得到他们的入伙纸,同时要立刻解决该处的交通问题。 我们不可能要等到公务局建造下南南的新道路。

李金星评论说,亚庇大坂的进出是沿斗亚兰的主要道路旁,并且已经建成双线大道,这应该没有太大的问题。 同时也比必要进入下南南建山路。 人们可以很容易从亚庇大班进入斗亚兰大道。 因此,在未来将要建的新道路也将流通下南南区 。 他说,公务局应当在很久以前就有所计划,而不是现在才来阻止人们启用新买的商店。 因此吴清乐的建议当被取消, 而亚庇市政厅应当着手处理入伙纸的程序并且尽早发出去。

abandoned house at luyang

Respond to the complaint of helpless house owner at Taman Mukmur, Luyang (near Luyang clinic) who’s houses had been declared unfit and unsafe to occupy few years after the housing project completed and now is being illegally occupied, DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee had inspected the said abandoned housing area and surprising found that most of the unsafe houses are being occupied. According to one of the house owner statement, despite a police report was lodged at year 2005, report reference: KK/RPT/6918/2005, but no action was taken by the police to resolve the issue.

Currently these abandoned house had become an eyesore area in our city, one of the house located at a corner lot is filled with trees and become a potiential mosquito breeding ground and some houses near the jalan lintas had already been burn down, now these houses also become a potiential hideout for drug addicts and snatch thieves or even illegal immigrants, and thus endangering the safety and health of all the near by residents.

In conjuction with those anti litter, city cleanliness programme and the State Government's zero-squatter policy, the city hall should not allow anyone to turn an abundoned residential premises into a squatters which is serious downgrade the image of our city, neighbourhood cleanliness, public safety and confident on our current government. We are urging the DBKK and the PDRM to vacant these abandoned houses promptly and imposed a permanent closure of the unsafe units, because if the building really did collapse, it might become a fatal incident.

By : DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星回应路阳诊所附近岭兰花园无助屋主的投诉,有关房屋局已经竣工好几年的房屋工程,如今被宣布不适当及不安全,并且是非法霸占。因此就前往该处巡视被荒废的房屋,让爱德华及李金星惊讶的发现,大多数的不安全房屋被他人居占着。 据一名屋主声称,尽管在二零零五年向警方报案(报案文件:KK/RPT/6918/2005) ,但直到今天警方却没有采取任何行动的来解决该问题。


依据政府不断的提倡反乱抛垃圾,保持城市的清洁和零寮屋政策,亚庇市政厅不应该允许任何人把荒废的房屋成为犯罪或非法入境者的藏身之处。 现任政府如此视而不见的态度,严重降低我们的城市形象,街坊的清洁,公众的安全并信任。 我们敦促亚庇市政厅及PDRM即刻空置该废弃的房屋,把非法居住的人们赶走,此外必须迅速实施永久性关闭该不安全的单位。 因为如果该建设崩塌,可能会造成一个致命意外事件的发生。

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

KWSP withdrawal scheme

The Kota Kinabalu Memberof Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu asked the Minister of Finance in Parliament and received a written reply on the question of the withdrawal of EPF money on retirement age, and he asked whether the decision not to allow one-go withdrawal be stopped and to follow the old system of withdrawal.

The EPF had introduced a more flexible system of money withdrawal starting from 1st November 2007 when contributors reached the age of 55, where one can choose from the following alternatives:-

(1) withdraw 100% in lump-sum at one-go, this original method of payment is still in use,
(2) withdraw at any time, with a minimum of RM 2,000 per withdrawal for every 30 days,
(3) withdraw the deposit at a fixed-monthly basis, with a minimum of RM 250 per month not less than 12 month at one-go, and the person must have at least RM 3,000 in the account, and
(4) the combination of withdrawal scheme (2) and (3) as above can also be used.

The various schemes allow the EPF contributors more chose on the withdrawal of their money. This will enable them to manage their spending and financial needs, for the contributors who wish to keep their deposit with the EPF until the age of 75. With this method their contribution can be saved for a longer period and received more interest and dividends if the money is still with EPF.

Dr. Hiew viewed the proposal on the withdrawal scheme may not work for all for (2) and (3), especially with the process on approving the withdrawal in monthly and split payments. There are many procedures to go through before approval, and it is tedious for the applicant. The work load for the EPF will be very high, if many choose to use monthly withdrawal or the combination of both. The proposal to leave the money with EPF until 75, is also not viable. The whole proposal seems aiming at discouraging the EPF contributors not to withdrawal their money from their account when reaching retirement age of 55. The primary objective of the EPF fund is for the purpose of saving money for their retirement, but why restrict the withdrawal by the contributors, let them decide on how their money is to be spent. Is the money with EPF being utilized some way else, and they can not make payment if every one wanted to withdraw their money?

It is wise to do away with the installment and the split payment scheme, and only use the old system as item (1), one-go withdrawal.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


公积金局已经在零七年十一月一日提出了一个更有弹性的提款制度,当缴纳者达到55岁后,可以选择以下的提款方式: -

(一)100 %提款一次过提款,最初的付款方式是仍然在使用,

以上的各种题款计划让公众有更多的选择提出他们的公积金。 这将使他们能够管理财务上开支和需要,缴纳者可以把他们的钱存公积金局直至75岁。 如果把钱仍然存放在公积金局,缴纳者可以把钱存放更久,同时也可以得到更多的利息和分红。

邱博士认为,所建议的提款计划不能适应第(二)项及(三)项的方式 ,特别是在审批的过程中核准每月的提款及分期提款。 在批准前必须经过许多程序,让提款申请人感到麻烦。 而且也加重了公积金局员工工作,如果大部分的公众选择每月提款方式或两者兼之。 那么该提案把钱存在公积金局,直到75岁也行不通了。 整个提案似乎都旨在劝阻缴纳者纵然到达五十五岁的退休年龄,也不要提回他们帐户里的钱。公积金局的首要目的是帮助公众积存他们的退休金,但为什么要限制缴纳者的提款? 让他们决定他们的钱是如何被使用。 是否该局里存放的钱被使用在其他地方了? 是否如果每个人都希望提款其钱时,该局无法付款?


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Kota Kinabalu bus commuters’ headache

There are rising complaints on the bus routes and unavailability of buses connecting the various points in many areas in the city. These caused much inconvenience, waste of time and money for the bus commuters. The bus route system needed total reshuffling, new routing, new terminals, new bus stops, and more buses to serve the whole city.

The very simple case is, how can a person go to Lido from Luyang? He has to go to KK first from Luyang, then after board a bus to Lido. The direct distance from Luyang to Lido is just a few kilometers, but if you have to go to KK first and then to Lido, the distance will be 10 kilometer. This makes no sense, because we are wasting time and resources and creating traffic congestion in town. This applies to many other areas where there is no direct bus link too. Every one has to get to town centre first and then only able to move to other areas. Just imaging if 75% of the mini buses and other buses are not entering into the KK city centre, the city centre will be quite empty, and less people congested. The people will save plenty of time and money. Further more in some area in KK, there is totally no bus service at all, let along connecting bus service.

Dr. Hiew requests the Transport Ministry, its Licensing Board (LPKP) and the DBKK to study to improve the whole buses service in the Kota Kinabalu City area. This is to provide for the benefit of the bus commuters and for the first step to solve the congestion in the city centre. What we need now is a complete system to cover every corners of the city and to connect those areas by direct bus route. The “city bus” project is not solving the problem of the city congestion, but creating another headache for the bus commuters. From the comments DAP has received, it is showing that there is more blaming day by day. The people don’t like the idea, thus the DBKK and the Transport Ministry must work on the proposal made by us, in order to provide a viable solution to the problem. Any delay will definitely increase and worsen the traffic load faced by the City.

With good bus service, we can see more people will leave their cars at home and travel by buses to their work place. That will produce positive result in getting more cars off the streets, in turns saving the country much on the fuel consumption, less air pollution and less parking problem for DBKK. Therefore, the buses are very important to solve the KK City problem. The City Mayor should press on this issue and get it implemented immediately. The well being of the city is in your hand.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

有许多投诉有关巴士路线及其在城市各处的換乘接駁的问题。 由于混乱的巴士路线系统,不但造成许多不便,同时也浪费时间和金钱。 该路线系统极需要修改,新的路线网,新总站,新巴士站,以及要增加更多的巴士服务。

一个非常简单的案件,一个人如何从路阳去到丽都呢?他首先必须从路阳搭巴士下到亚庇,然后再登上另一辆巴士到丽都去。 路阳到丽都的距离只有几公里,但是如果要下到亚庇,然后才到丽都,该距离将近十公里,这达致我们在浪费时间和资源,造成交通挤塞。 此外,许多其他地区也因为没有直接的巴士联系而引起类似的问题。 每一人必须搭巴士到市中心,然后才能換乘接駁到其他的地区去。 可以想象如果有75 %小型巴士和其他私人巴士没有进入社市中心,市中心将不会有塞车和拥挤的问题,并且民众将能够节省很多时间和金钱。 此外,在亚庇市的一些地区,是完全没有巴士服务站,以換乘接駁。

邱博士建议交通部,牌照局( LPKP )和亚庇市政厅详细研究,以改善整个亚庇市及周边地区的巴士服务。 这是加强巴士的服务,以减少空气污染和交通挤塞。 我们现在需要是一个完整的路线系统,以涵盖每个城市的角落,及直通巴士路线到其他的地区。 “城市巴士”更本不能解决目前面对的问题,反而制造令一个头痛的巴士穿梭行驶问题。 民主行动党收到的民众意见,都是更多的指责和埋怨。 民众不喜欢也反对该主意,因此亚庇市政厅及交通部必须慎重考虑我们提出的建议,以提供一个更可行的解决办法。 任何的拖延肯定会增加以及恶化目前市中心的交通负荷和为题。

一个良好的巴士服务,可以让越来越多的人把汽车放在家里,而乘搭巴士去上班。 这将也减少汽车穿梭在市中心,不但节省燃料,减少空气污染,同时也减少泊车的问题 。 因此,巴士是非常重要的解决城市的问题。市长应该尽快处理及立即执行重组巴士路线的系统。

Reference is made to the statement of Director of the Lands and Surveys Department yesterday. Osman Jamal

We wish to reiterate here that the land owner concerned had never signed the alleged loan agreement. Relevant police report was made stating that they do not even know the law firm and the lender concerned. In fact, the signatures in the loan agreement are totally different from that of the land owners’. What puzzles us most is how the registration of the caveat can be done when the landowner’s name in the land title and the loan agreement (which is the basis of the registration of the caveat) are of a different owner?

If the Director of the Land and Survey Department says that the role of his department is to determine and ensure all documents submitted by the legal firm were proper, then how can the registration of the caveat be allowed despite the owner’s name on the caveat form and the loan agreement are different? Even the signatures of the caveator and the lender (which is supposed to be the same person) are different. Further, the company’s number on the land title and the loan agreement are different. With so many discrepancies it is indeed amaze how the caveat on the said land can be “certified fit for registration” as stated on the caveat form.

We therefore advise the Land Office to carry out a thorough check on this matter and don’t push the blame to somebody else instead. I have also come across cases where original land titles were removed by don’t know who although the relevant submissions were done by another law firm. By right, the Land office should have returned the original land titles to the law firm concerned who has lodged the relevant submissions and not somebody else. We therefore urge the relevant department concerned to investigate the Lands and Survey Department. We believe the Land Office has got a lot of explanation to do.

As for Ng’s case, we are writing to the “caveator” to remove the caveat immediately failing which necessary legal actions will be taken against all the parties concerned.

Joan Goh Penn Nee – State Committee Secretary cum Legal Bureau Chief of Sabah DAP.

沙巴民主行动党州秘书兼法律事务局主任吴佩霓在此重申该地契拥有者从未签署任何有关贷款协议。 在相关的警方报案书了也说明了他们甚至不知道该律师事务所和银行。 事实上该贷款协议书上的签名和地主是完全不相同的。 让我们感到疑惑为什么扣押土地的程序可以顺利进行,当该地契的地主名字和贷款协议的名字完全不一样(根据扣押土地程序文件)?

如果土地局主任说,他的部门的任务是确定并且确保律师事务提交的所有文件是正确的,那么登记扣押土地的地契拥有者的姓名和贷款协议的姓名会是完全不同? 即使签署该扣押土地文件和贷款人(理当是同一人)却完全不同的人。 此外,该地契的公司编号和贷款协议中的也是不一样。 由于如此众多的差异确实 让人感到非常疑惑,该地契如何可以说是“认证适合注册”而得以进行扣押土地的程序。

因此,我们奉劝土地局进行彻底检查,并且不要推卸责任,把问题丢给别人。 此外,虽然是由某家律师事务所进行申请,吴佩霓却发现原来的地契被不知谁人更改。 依照正确的程序,土地局应该把原地契归回给该负责进行扣押土地申请的法律事务,而不是他人。 因此,我们敦促有关部门调查土地局,相信土地局有很多地方必须给予详细的解释。
至于吴先生的情形,我们将写信给 “扣押土地登记”部门 ,要求立即解除扣押土地,否则凡有牵涉在内的将面对法律行动。

Published on: Monday, June 15, 2009

Kota Kinabalu: Anyone can apply to caveat a piece of land provided they can prove that they have a legal interest on the land, according to Lands and Surveys Director Datuk Osman Jamal.
However, this is not final as any caveat could be challenged through a land inquiry and removed if the caveator is unable to provide legal document that they have interest on the said land.
Osman was responding to Sabah DAP's call to investigate Lands and Surveys Department personnel following an alleged fraudulent land transaction case in Sandakan.
According DAP Sabah Chief Dr Hiew King Cheu, the complainant named Ng found out that his land in Sandakan had been used as collateral by someone to obtain a RM200,000 loan.
He went further to say that the loan agreement was subsequently used for submission to the Lands and Surveys Department to caveat the land title.
On this, Osman said in many cases the landowner was found to have signed an agreement with a third party witness by their assigned lawyer.
In the case of Ng, Osman said the agreement clearly indicated that Ng obtained a loan from the third party and used his land as collateral.
"Its must be remembered that all their transactions were done legally through their appointed lawyer," said Osman adding that the land owner must know what is the agreement all about when signing.
He reiterated that in applying for caveat, all such documentation, submission and attestation of any signature involved were witnessed by the lawyer of the registered legal firm and had nothing to do with his department.
The role of his department is merely to determine and ensure all documents submitted by the legal firm were proper, especially the caveator has the legal right to the intended land to be caveated.
Ng had also claimed that when he asked for a copy of the agreement he found out that the whole loan document was falsified bearing fraud signatures, rubber stamps, company seal and even the witness' signature were fraud.
To this, Osman said its difficult to check all documents submitted - whether done through fraud and falsification - as it is a process that involves witnessing by the legal firm and certifiying true copy by them.
Osman, however, thanked Hiew on his concern over the matter.
Meanwhile, Osman advised landowners to update their latest address with the office to ensure they could be contacted if necessary, especially when someone is applying to caveat their land.
"Its our policy to inform landowners if their land is being caveated by someone so that she or she could act immediately if they wanted to challenge them," said Osman.
He also advised landowners who lands were lost through fraud to lodged a police reports so that investigation could be carried out by the police.
Osman said his department had detected more than 60 cases of land fraud.
On April 14 his department, police and Mineral and Land Department of Malaysia held a committee meeting over the issue of commercial crime involving lands.
He said police are aware about these matters as all cases involving land fraud are handled by them while his department is providing full cooperation and necessary assistance.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Menggatal town Garbage collection centre misused

The garbage collection centre in Menggatal town had been completed for months and never been used since, but instead the bins are placed next to the car park on the road side. The dirty rubbish is piling up by the road side and dirty water leaking on the road, and the many bins are obstructing the passage way. The new collection centre is used by someone to act as a store for personal belongings.

The Sabah DAP organizing secretary Jeffrey Kumin with DAP member Fung Chi Hiung visited the site after receiving public complaint from Menggatal. He urged the DBKK to take immediate action to place the bins back to the collection centre. This will help the people to dump their garbage directly into the proper location and not creating a nuisance in the car park area. The car park is the usually for the weekly Taumu groung too. We don’t wish to see that tax- payers’ money is used to build a “white elephant” project in Menggatal town.

On the other hand, DBKK is also be reminded that the garbage trucks are having a serious leak of foul water and smelly juice from the trucks while collecting garbage from commercial centre and shops. It leaves trail of dirty and smell juice along the streets and especially in front of eateries shops. DBKK must immediately rectify this problem because our much valued tourists are complaining too.

Jeffrey Kumin – Sabah DAP State Organizing Secretary

孟加达的垃圾收集中心已建好约有几个月,但从来没有被使用过,因为该垃圾箱被安置在停车场的路旁。促使堆积的肮脏垃圾散落在路旁和肮脏水流到马路上,而且垃圾箱阻碍了交通。 反而该新建的垃圾收集中心被某间商店当成货厂使用。

沙巴民主行动党组织秘书杰菲利古明和党员洪子雄接到孟加达市民的投诉后就前往该处巡视。 他敦促亚庇市政厅立即采取行动,把垃圾桶放回该垃圾收集中心。 以便人们把他们的垃圾直接倒进适当的地方,而不是在停车场旁。 此外每周该停车场开放成为‘斗磨’市场,所以必须要保持环境的清洁。 我们不希望看到纳税人的钱用于建立一个‘白象计划’的事件。


Saturday, 13 June 2009

What happen to the promised Kolombong Land title extension?

The Sabah DAP consumer affairs bureau chief Fred Fung Kong Win received a group of concerned and worried land owners from Kolombong and Inanam regarding their landed properties lease term that will expire soon. The group of people said that their land has less then 10 years lease term and they wish to extend for at least 50 years or more. Some said the banks are after them giving pressure on them to repay the mortgage or loans. Some needed to obtain temporary finance for their business turn over were rejected. This gives rise to many headaches and problems.

The people want to know whether the promises made by the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman during the 308 general election through to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the land titles that will expire will get their renewal with an extended period immediately and with a reasonable renewal premium charges. The chairman of SCCC Datuk Sari Tan had openly thanked the CM for his consent to extend the land titles lease term. To date there is no sight and no words from the Land and survey Department on the promised extension. It looks as if the words from the Chief Minister were just another political gimmick, for and in order that the people will support BN. In fact, the BN had got what they want by winning the election, so what about the poor folks in Inanam and Kolombong? They are stuck with their problems unsolved until 15 months had passed.

We want to know what the Hasil Bumi section in the Chief Minister Department and the Land and survey Department are doing about these particular case. This is of very much public interest and concern, and we can not allow this to dredge on without any positive action, especially it was promised by the Chief Minister himself.

Fred Fung reminds the Chief Minister not to be forgetful, and should instruct the Land office to immediately proceed with the granting of the extension of the lease term to the near expire titles to the land owners concerned. There shouldn’t be any expensive premium to be paid, and this will not be an excuse for the government to squeeze for more money from the people.

On the issue of the Land and Survey Director Datuk Osman Jamal said in the newspaper on Thursday about the problem of people selling Native Title (NT) lands after getting the titles, he said this is why the Government decided to amend the law and change the lease period of 99 years for NT to just only 30 years. The shorter lease period will discourage people to buy NT land. He also added that the government had to balance the land alienation between NT and CL because it was only through CL that it could collect revenue for the State. Sabah DAP feels the move to cut down the NT lease period is inappropriate, the Land and Survey Department should not use this as an excuse to stop people to sell and buy NT land. There is no law stopping people to transact their property, because this is a free enterprising society. At the moment only Bumiputra can own NT land, if the period is cut down to 30 years, many of our native will suffer. The natives live off the land, planting agricultural produce and most of these are their ancestries land. Therefore, drop the idea of doing that, and resort to other means. Also hurry up with the extension to the land titles in Sabah.

By: Fred Fung Kong Win. Sabah DAP Consumer Affairs Bureau Chief and State Committee Treasurer.


沙巴民主行动党消费者事务局主任冯光荣接到一群下南南哥隆邦地主投诉,有关其地契期限将快要到期。 投诉人说,他们的地契所剩的期约不到十年,他们希望能够延长至少五十年或更长。 当中有人说银行已经给他们施压力,要他们偿还抵押的贷款。 有的则申请临时融资时却被驳回,这引起许多麻烦和问题

他们想知道当时在308大选时,由首席部长拿督穆沙阿曼承诺说,当时也获得亚庇中华商会的赞许,对将要到期并且需要更新或延长租约的地契,可以立即延长并且会有合理的续期费用。亚庇中华商会拿督陈友仁当时公开感谢首席部长延长该地契租约期。 但迄今为止还没有看到土地局批准任何延长地契租约的承诺。 看起来好像首席部长当时所承诺的只是一个政治口号,只希望人民投票支持国阵。 事实上国阵已经赢得了该选举,但是对下南南哥隆邦的承诺在那里? 十五个月已经过去了,地主们的问题仍然还没有解决

我们想知道首席部长署及土地局会怎么样处理这项问题。 公众非常关注该事件,我们不能让此事件被遗忘并且没有任何积极的行动,尤其是该承诺是来自首席部长本人

冯光荣提醒首席部长不要如此健忘,应该负责指示土地局立即着手办理即将到期的地契租约,给予延长租约于地主们。 此外不应有任何昂贵的续期费, 尤其是政府更不能够藉此而挤压更多人民的钱

此外,针对土地局主任拿督奥斯曼于周四在报纸上表示说,当土著获得土著地契(NT)后再出售的问题,他说,导致政府决定修改法律,把九十九年的期限改为三十年。 该短期得期限将能够阻止土著售卖或购买土著地契。 他还补充说,政府为了增加收入,将平衡土著地契和商业地契的数量,因为只有透过商业地契才可以征收更多的地税。 民行党则认为,减短土著地契的期限,此举是不恰当的,土地局更不应该利用这为藉口,阻止土著出售和购买土著地契。 目前没有任何法令阻止土著进行土地交易,因为这是一个自由进取的社会。 此外只有土著可以申请和拥有土著地契,如果该期限减少到三十年,许多的土著将蒙受损失。 当地土著是依靠土地来种植农产品和大多数都是他们祖地。 因此,应该搁置该想法,并寻求更妥善的处理方法。 更需要尽快的处理在沙巴所有将要到期的地契期限问题

Debts collector harassment

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu received a public complaint from a local businessman regarding the harassment by a debts collector group towards certain debts owed by the company 6 years ago, while he is only a 1% shareholder. His family, staffs, and business were being threatened, disturbed, and harassed by the debts collector representatives who claimed they are a “licensed debts collection” company, and very unfortunately their behavior is totally like gangster.

The businessman known as Chong, told Dr. Hiew that they have lodged police reports on the various incidents as many as eight times but no immediate action has been taken so far. The debts collector still coming to disturb them and they sometimes come in a gang of more then eight persons. The mental stress and business disturbance caused to them is unbearable. Therefore they have to seek help from the MP.

Dr. Hiew takes the case of debts collection by these so called ‘Licensed debts collector’ are becoming more serious in our society nowadays. There must be some control and limitation towards their operation. Their rude action and using rough gangster- like tactic to make people to pay the dues are getting over-board and causing public concern. Hiew explained that there is no such thing as the so called “Licensed debts collectors”, but merely these people are operating based on registered limited company with ROS and ‘trading license’ issued by the local authority. In this case the company without the local trading license will not be allowed to operate in Sabah. Until today there is no official law or act governing debts collection. Any debts collection involving the use of force and harassment can be taken as a criminal offence, no matter causing bodily harm, damaged to properties, causing disturbances and threats. Any matters arising from the debts or money dispute are best sorted out in court, definitely cannot resort to the use of force or harassment by gangster.

Dr. Hiew urges the police to take quick action when they received any such report on the debts collector who used force or harassment. This must be stop, and we don’t want our Sabahan to become the victims of this style of debts collection. The people being harassed should go straight to lodge police report or seek help from the police, it is the job of the police to protect and safe guard the public.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

(Photo : Dr. Hiew showing the 8 police reports received from Chong)



张姓商人告诉邱博士说,他们已经向警方报案多达八次,但迄今警方却没有立即采取任何实际的行动。 该收烂账公司仍然不断的来打扰他们,并且有时超过八条大汉出现在他的店铺里。 由予精神上的压力和生意不断被他们骚扰而造成难以忍受的地步,因此,他们寻求亚庇国会议员的协助

邱博士发现到如今在我们的社会中,这些所谓“有牌”的收烂账公司的问题演变得越来越严重。因此,有必要以制定法令或规条加以管制他们的营业方式。 他们使用粗暴的手段和流氓般的索款方式逼人们付还欠款,引起了公众的关注及不满。 邱氏解释说,目前根本没有所谓的“有牌”收烂账公司,他们只是使用有限公司的注册及地方当局的营业执照,并且直到今天也没有‘收烂账’的正式立法条规存在,而西马的注册公司如没有沙巴本地的营业执照,根本不能非法在此进行任何业务。 因此,任何收债运作涉及无论是使用武力,造成人体伤害,财物受损,被骚扰或威胁都可以作为刑事罪案处理。 任何事项的债务或金钱上的纠纷,最好的处理方法就是在法院里解决,决不能使用武力或骚扰的流氓方式

邱博士敦促警方,当接收到任何此类的报案,必须迅速采取行动。 这样的举动必须立刻被阻止,警方的职责是保护人民。 我们不想有沙巴人在‘流氓式的收烂账公司’成为受害者。 凡是受到骚扰的人应直接向警方报案或寻求帮助,阻止罪案的发生


Friday, 12 June 2009

Courtesy call on SDO boss

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu together with the Sabah DAP vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie made a courtesy call to the Director of the Sabah Development Office (SDO), Mr. Matusin Sunsang, in the Federal Building in Likas yesterday afternoon.

The purpose of the call is primary aimed at the recent announcement made on the utilization of the additional MP fund of RM 1.0 million allocated from the Prime Minister Department. Matusin said that the RM 1.0 million is an additional fund for all the Parliament constituencies, to be used in 2009 and 2010. The opposition MP Dr. Hiew can propose and suggest for development projects in his constituency, but he will have no approving power on the use of the fund. That means he has no control over the spending of his fund.

Dr. Hiew request to the Director that since he has no power over the spending of his MP fund because he is the opposition MP, but he still can recommend certain small project work up to a value of RM 50,000 to improve or upgrade the Kota Kinabalu City area. The MP office shall work with DBKK closely for the proposed work. He further requested that the yearly list of the projects carried out to be forwarded to his office for public information. He said this is the people’s money and they should know where it is used. The final list shall include the yearly regular MP fund of RM 500,000, which is handled by the DBKK and the SDO.

The Director also explained the operation and function of the SDO to Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.


该拜访的目地是商讨有关该局最近所发出的宣布,关于国会议员资金额外马币一千万的拨款。 玛都兴说,该项额外拨款是拨给所有国会议员选区,是用于2009年到2010年。 他也指出反对党国会议员邱博士可以在他的选区提出发展项目的建议,但却没有任何审批权力及使用该基金。这意味着邱博士无法控制该国会议员资金的使用。

邱博要求总监,因为他没有权力使用该国会基金,因为他是反对党议员,但他仍可以推荐某些项目(每项价值约马币五万)以提升亚庇市的地区。 国会议员办事处将会和市政厅密切合作,以期达到妥善及有利于民和充分利用该项基金。 邱氏再要求沙巴发展局给于每年所推动项目的清单,提交到他的办事处,方便公布详情及参阅。 他说这是人民的钱,他们有权知道如何被使用。 这应包括每年的定期马币五十万国会议员基金在内,现由亚庇市政厅和沙巴发展局所控制使用。


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Malaysia , Sabah , Land title being changed/overlapped with new title and sold

Land title being changed/overlapped with new title and sold

Sabah DAP chairman cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu received yet another case of land title abuse and alleged fraud. This time the old and original title for a piece of land in Kuala Menggatal, Sepangar, had been totally changed into another piece of new title covering and on the same piece of land belonging to some other people.

The complaint came from Mdm. Ho, who came to the MP office to seek the help from Dr. Hiew concerning the land title belonging to her family being changed to a new title own by some other people on the same piece of land. According to her, the land belonged to her father who passed away in 1959, and subsequently her mother became the successor of the land, and then the land was transferred to her and other family members.

In July 1974, they were informed by Land and Survey department that their piece of 4.87 acres land was to be acquired by the government/ Yayasan Sabah for the purpose of education facilities. During that time, the land owner had already passed away for many years, how can a dead man agreed to the acquisition. The family also did not see the case as serious during that time, and also did not agree to the land compensation amount. Nothing happened during the date thereafter. It is only when Mdm. Ho in 2008 enquired for the return of the original land title, then the department replied her that the land title cannot be returned due to the compulsory land acquisition made according to the government gazetted land acquisition executed under Ordinance Section 3, Chapter 69, (No. G.N. 791/73). There is detail development plan prepared on the whole area including her land.

Very surprisingly after the land search and being informed that there is a new land title issued to a party of three individuals during 1992, and was sold subsequently to another company in 2005. She was shocked and wanted to know why the land acquired by the government can become someone’s property and sold at a high price of a few million ringgits. She said she is still the rightful owner.

Dr. Hiew viewed this case as very serious and he wanted a thorough police investigation on how the new land titles can be issued on a piece of land acquired by the government using public fund, later to become someone’s private property. The situation with Higher Education department development plan done the land, it is further unjustified and more mysterious. Someone will have to do explanation and be made responsible.

At the meanwhile, Dr. Hiew advised Mdm. Ho to immediately lodge a police report to effect an investigation. All the details were forwarded to the police to assist their investigation.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP. (pic: Mdm Ho with Dr. Hiew showing the documents)


贺女士前往亚庇国会议员办事处投诉,并寻求邱博士的协助,有关于属于她家族的地契被更改成为另一个新地契。据她说,该土地是属于她父亲,而他于1959年去世。 后来她的母亲成为继承人,然后该片土地被转移给她和其他家庭成员。

在1974年7月,他们被土地局通知,他们的四点八七英亩的土地已由政府/沙巴基金局征用为教育用途。在这期内,其父已经去世多年,试想一位去世了的人如何去签署任何文件。 他的家人当时也没有同意土地补偿金额,过后也没有跟进。 贺女士于2008年间向土地局索返原来的地契,土地局答复她说,根据政府强制征用土地宪报公布的条例第3条,第69章,(No. G.N. 791/73),该地契不能被归返。 政府已有详细的发展计划在整个地区,包括她的土地。

非常奇怪的是,当她搜索和被告知,在1992年期间一个新的地契已发出于三个人,而后来在2005年又被出售给另一家公司。 贺女士感到非常震惊,并想知道为什么由政府征用的土地可以成为他人的财产,并以几百万令吉的高价格出售。 她强调说她仍然是合法的拥有者。

邱博士对认为该事件非常严重,他希望警方深入调查,如何有新的地契可以在一块被政府征用的土地,后来成为他人的私有财产。而在这种情况之下高等教育部又进行筹划发展计划,这是完全让人耐人寻味。 必定要有人做出解释,并负起责任。



Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tuaran SJK (C) Chen Sin school Management board

The Management board of the SJK (C) Chen Sin, Tuaran is having a tough time due to the unsettled board member election. The recent board election gave rise to two separate groups claiming power to the school board. The most recent incident is the opening and closing of the new school canteen, which caused great inconvenience to both the parents and students in Tuaran.

The DAP Tuaran branch chairman, Peter Liew Fui Ken was at hand to probe into the matter as requested by some concerned parents from the school. He visited the school canteen with some parents, and he also brought along the Sabah DAP chief Dr. Hiew King Cheu and the Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie. The school kids will suffer when the school reopens on the 15th June without a new canteen. The parents urge the management board to resolve the matter and don’t put the interest of the kids and their parents at stake.

Peter Liew fully sympathized with the situation in the school, and he said what is happening now is due to the unsettled quarrel within the management board of the school. There are two groups of people claiming power over the management board. The quarrel had been there for as long as 6 years now. There seem to be no chance to resolve the matter, because both sides are not giving in. The most recent election of the board members had another reversed take over by the group who had lost the election. There seems to be no settlement or resolution to who is the rightful school board member. The Sabah Education department is urged to intervene and probe into the matter and assist to resolve as soon as possible. All school management boards are to be registered with the education department and strictly follow the Instrument and Guide lines provided under the Education Act.

Peter Liew also urges both party to sit down together to discuss and solve the differences for the sack of education. A fresh election can be held to elect the righteous board members, and the Tuaran people will be the best to select and elect those who are genuine in serving the school. The education department must send a independent representative, not the principal, to witness and control the election of the management board member. Then, we shall see a true and good board can be formed.

Peter Liew Fui Ken. DAP Tuaran Branch Chairman.

(pic: Peter Liew explaining the situation of the school canteen to Dr. Hiew and Edward

由于不稳定的董事会,斗亚兰振新小学的学校董事部面临问题。 在最近的董事部选举中出现两个不同的团队,同时声称有掌管该学校的权力。 在进行该学校新食堂的启用时又受到阻止,对该学校的学生和家长造成极大的不便。

斗亚兰民主行动党支部主席刘辉坚受到该校家长的要求协助以求解决该项问题。 他和家长们前往巡视该学校的新食堂,陪同他一起有沙巴民主行动党州主席邱庆洲博士和州副主席爱德华慕吉。 这所学校的学生在六月十五日开学时,将面对没有食堂使用的问题。 家长们敦促该校的董事部,尽快解决这个问题,不要为了某些争论而忽略学生们的需要。

刘氏十分同情该校所面对的问题,他说发生这样的事情是因为该校的董事部成员内部的争夺,其职位悬而未决所引起的。 目前有两个团队声称都拥有董事部的职权,而该争夺已经有长达六年之久。 似乎无法解决,因为双方都不愿妥协。 在最近的董事部选举中,为了扭转接管该职权而发生争夺。 至今没有任何解决方案或谁是合法的学校董事部成员。 沙巴教育部被呼吁要求干预和探讨该项问题,并且尽快协助解决。所有学校的董事部必须要向教育部注册,并且要严格按照教育法令的规定和指南来管理学校。

刘辉坚敦促该董事部双方的当事人坐下来,为了教育应该好好的讨论和解决问题,重新进行选举以选出新的董事部。 斗亚兰人最清楚谁才是真正为学校服务的人。 如有重新选举,教育部必须派遣一位主持监选的官员(并非校长)来进行该重选。 我们才可以看到一个真正健全的董事部。

斗亚兰民主行动党支部主席 - 刘辉坚

Fraud loan document in land scandal

Dr. Hiew King Cheu the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament received a complaint from a MR.NG concerning certain fraud document and signatures involving a loan agreement using his land as collateral, which the land owner had no previous knowledge what so ever. His land in Sandakan was allegedly being used by someone to obtain a loan of RM 200,000 from an individual who charged loan interest as high as 9% per month. The said loan agreement was used subsequently for the submission to the Sabah land and survey department to caveat the land title. He was shocked, he seek help from DAP.

Mr. Ng found this out when he intends to sell his land in Sandakan. He went to the Land and survey department and he was told the piece of land is under caveat. He then asked for a copy of the agreement, where he found the whole loan document is a falsified piece of agreement, bearing fraud signatures, rubber stamp, company seal, even the witnesses signatures were fraud. The solicitor’s signature and chops could also be fraud. He had reported the case to the Police to investigate into the case and he wanted justice to be taken.

Dr. Hiew views this case as very important and especially this is a case that may be the tip of the Ice berg. In Sabah, there are many such cases being reported and came to the MP office. The land owners sometimes don’t even know that they have lost their land, or the original land titles had became other people’s land titles. In Mr. Ng’s case, there is plenty of wrong and grossly over look mistakes on the part of the registrar pertaining to the granting of the caveat on the title. For example, the original copy of the title was not submitted to be endorsed, and the loan agreement was not properly checked. Dr. Hiew urges the police to probe into the Land and Survey Department to investigate into any abuse of power, irregularity in approval of land registration and any corrupt practice.

DAP wants the police to immediately take action to these reports as instructed by the CP to act on all reports without delay, and to bring those people to justice. As for those people who have problems with their land titles, please come to the MP office and we will help you. The Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie is retired senior civil servant and he is well versed with the government administration and procedure. He will be the best person in DAP to assist and attend to your landed problem.

(pic : Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie showing the police report)

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到了一位吴先生的投诉,有关某些欺诈文件和签字,涉及到贷款协议及利用他的土地作为抵押,而土地拥有者却没有被通知及完全不知晓。 他在山打根的土地,被人利用作为抵押以获得马币二十万的贷款,并且其贷款年利高达9 %。 随后该贷款协议书被提交给沙巴土地局进行及完成扣押土地程序。吴先生感到非常震惊,他前往民主行动党办事处寻求协助。

当吴先生打算要出售其山打根的土地时才发现这项欺诈事件。 他前往土地局查询,被告知这块土地是在扣押土地程序之下而不许出售。 接着他要求该份贷款协议的副本,并发现整个贷款的文件中的签字,公司盖章及印章都是伪造假冒的,连该证人的签字也属于冒签。 他也怀疑该伪造文件的律师签字和盖章也是假冒的。他已经向警方报案调查此案并且希望还给他一个公道。

邱博士对该案件非常重视,尤其是在这样的情况下,此案列可能只是属于冰山的一角。 在沙巴有许多类似的案件被带到国会议员的办事处。 有些土地拥有者甚至在不知情之下,他们已经失去了他们的土地。 吴先生所面对的欺诈问题,因为土地局的官员在进行扣押土地程序时,没有经过详细的查询及忽略正规的程序而引起严重的失职。 例如,正本的地契并没有提交给土地局签证,而该贷款协议书没有被土地局详细的检查。 邱博士要求警方立即介入调查土地局的运作是否有涉及舞弊偏差及利用其职权达致私利。

沙巴民主行动党希望警方立即采取行动,依照警察总监的指示,对该欺诈案件毫不拖延并且将这些人绳之以法。 民众如有土地的地契问题,可以来到亚庇国会议员办事处,我们会帮助您。 民行党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉将会亲自协助,他是一位退休政府高级官员,相当熟悉政府行政管理的程序,由他来处理将会使民受益。


Wrongly built Jalan Kiansom Bus Stop - too close to road

The 2 bus-stops built in Jalan Kiansom, Inanam, infront of the government clinic are too close to the main road which process danger to the passenger, the mini buses, and the vehicles using the stretch of road. The road is very busy in the Kiansom area and usually there is long traffic jam. There is not lay-by for the buses to park safely, and the bus stop sits just next to main road on the road shoulder. If the buses stop in front the bus stop, half of the road is blocked.

DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief, John Lee Kim Seng inspected the site of the two bus-stop, opposite each other, after received complaint from the Kiansom folks and commuters, said it is very through that the sitting of the bus-stop is wrong and should not be there at all. These two bus-stops have to be moved to some safe location with a space to construct a lay-by and parking space for the buses to avoid occupying half the road. We are concern about the safety of the passengers.

We want the authority to immediately put right the situation and move the uncompleted bus-stop to a suitable location to avoid future accident. We don’t want the tax-payers’ money to be spent unreasonably and wasted in such a way. DAP will be watching how the BN government spending our money, whether wisely, foolishly, over spent, and on all improper spending, especially on those untendered projects. The members of the public can bring to us any information on such cases so that we can take action to expose them.

(pic : John Lee and Edward Mujie inspecting the bus-stop)

John Lee Kim Seng

建于下南南建山路政府医务所前的新巴士站太靠近主要道路,对乘客,小型巴士以及车辆使用者是极危险的。 建山地区的交通非常繁忙,通常会面对交通堵塞的问题。 该处的巴士站在路旁没有停车位,而巴士就得停在主要公路上,而将一半的路面诸塞着,造成其他车辆大排长龙。

沙巴民主行动党基本建设局主任李金星接到建山居民和公路使用者的投诉后,就往视察该处相对的两座巴士站。 他说当局不应该在该处设立巴士站,这是非常不合适的做法。 这两座巴士站应该转移到较安全的地点,同时要有足够的停车位让巴士停泊,以避免占领一半的路。我们非常关心乘客的安全。

我们希望当局立即纠正有关情况,把该巴士站移置到一个合适的地点,以避免将来有意外事件的发生。我们不要当局不合理的做法及浪费纳税人的钱。 民行党将密切关注国阵政府如何运用人民的钱,无论是恰当或不恰当,超支,或所有不当的支出,尤其是针对那些没有经过正式招标的工程。 亚庇市民若发现有任何工程不合常规可以把资料带到民行党的办事处,我们必定会采取行动揭露它们的所做所为。

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Take down ‘Ah Long’ banner

The problem of ‘Ah Long’ is getting worse in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, as victims are not only harassed and threatened but also kidnapped and tortured, thus we also need to take pre-emptive measure to safeguard our society, DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng, had recently inspected various housing area at Kolombong, Putatan, Luyang, and Penampang. It is found that various ‘Ah Long’ advertisement banners can be found all over the place. It was difficult to tell which of those advertised were licensed moneylenders, because mostly it is just hand phone number provided but without any company name and address. According to the law, the legal moneylender should obtain proper advertising permit, be governed by the law and be answerable to it, instead of splashing all housing area with their advertisement banner, name card and leaflet, which turn our peaceful neighborhoods into a Loan Shark Villa.

No doubt, licensed moneylenders are an alternative channel in providing short-term or emergency cash for individual to meet the financial hardship requirement. However the extremely high interest rates and unethical modes of collection by illegal moneylenders had become a night mare for many borrowers, as the loan amount could be ballooned into unbearable sums and reach to a dead end where income was not enough to clear his debts with the Ah Long.

We urge the relevant authorities to solve the problem of illegal posters which gave the city dwellers a bad image and thinking that nothing is being done by them. The police and the City Council in Johor Baru (MBJB) had done a good job by seizing some 1,422 posters put up by the ‘Ah Longs’ in a joint operation last Wednesday. Our local Council and the DBKK should also remove all these banners without proper permit, or impose a fine to all unauthorized advertising (littering). With an effective enforcement, less ‘Loan Shark’ posters means fewer victims.

By : Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng

高利贷问题在马来西亚半岛及沙巴越来越恶化,受害者不仅被骚扰和威胁,甚至还面对绑架和虐待,因此,我们必需要先发制以避免问题继续,以保障社会安全。 民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星前往哥隆邦,布达丹,路阳及兵南邦进行视察时,发现在各处可以找到各种不同的‘阿窿’广告的横幅悬挂着,这造成了严重的公害。 该广告布条
只提供手机号码,并没有任何公司名称和地址,因此很难判断这些广告是否有准证。 有准证的私人贷款公司理所当然应该有广告的许可证,而不是到处随心所意的贴放或悬挂在住宅区。


我们敦促亚庇市政厅及市议会解决该非法张贴广告的问题,以提升城市的形象。 如果做不到将会引起公众对当局无能的看法。 上周三柔佛警方和柔佛市政厅 ( MBJB )做的非常出色,他们的联合行动检获约1422的‘阿窿’彩旗和海报。 在沙巴的地方当局也应该仿效,立即拆除所有没有许可证的广告布条及海报,或给予重重罚款。 有效的执法就可减少高利贷和必然减少受害者。

National Pesta Kaamatan celebration in Kuala Lumpur.

The Information, Communication and Culture Ministry may host next year’s National Tadau Kaamatan and Gawai Open House in Kuala Lumpur so that folks in the Peninsula will better understand the traditions and cultural practices of Malaysian in Sabah and Sarawak. Dr. Rais Yatim said hosting the event in Kuala Lumpur would enable to enhance the progress of national integration through organizing national level cultural celebration.

Edward Ewol Mujie, the DAP Sabah vice chairman strongly rejected the proposal to have the National celebration for the Tadau Kaamatan to be held in Kuala Lumpur. He said that it is irrational to move the festive celebration to a strange place and especially to have the National Pesta Kaamatan celebration in Kuala Lumpur. The people from Semananjong should come to visit Sabah and celebrate with us to show their solidarity towards a 1-Malaysia concept, and enhance national integration. How many people from Semananjong have visited Sabah yearly? The State and National level celebration should be one celebration all together, and there should be no duplication in wasting public fund. If the celebration is held in Kuala Lumpur, this means the local folks will miss the opportunity to participate and to earn money. We want the fund for the event to be spent in Sabah and this will be of little help to our poor folks. Just give us the money, and get more people to come to Sabah, then we will say thank you.

Talking about national integration, the government has failed totally in the past years. This can be demonstrated by the lines drawn between races and religions. The “1-Malaysia” slogan is practically not matching with what is happening in the real sense in our society now. We do not see the materializing of the concept, because there is such a wide gap in thinking and polarization of the races and religions, which were created by the BN government. That is “split, divide and rule”. The people in Sabah are different, we are brothers and sisters here, so don’t destroy our close relationship here.

Edward Ewol Mujie.


沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉针对该建议提出强烈反对。他说,该项建议是不合理,特别是沙巴州的全国性丰收节庆典活动要在吉隆坡举行。 如果要展示‘一个马来西亚’的概念及加强国家的团结,西马人应该是前来沙巴州参与当地的庆典。 每年有多少位西马人会到沙巴州来旅游? 他说该项丰收节庆典,无论是国和州的庆典活动,应该是要一起庆祝,并且不应重复的浪费人民的钱。 如果庆典活动是在吉隆坡举行,这意味着沙巴州的土著将失去机会参与活动和赚钱的机会。 我们希望该项活动的拨款能使用在沙巴州,这将会帮助我们的穷人。 把庆典活动的拨款给沙州,让更多的西马人过来沙巴州游玩,我们将会很感激。

政府在过去几年里一直都无法达致全民统合,可以从国阵分划种族和宗教之间所显现。 “一个马来西亚”的口号,实际上是与现实及我们社会里所见大有出入。 我们没法看到该概念会落实,因为国阵政府在种族及宗教的思想和两极化造成了很大的差距。这是他们所惯用的手段,“分而治之”。 沙巴人民是不同的,在这里我们都是兄弟姐妹,所以不要来破坏我们的密切关系。

Friday, 5 June 2009

Seasonal Greeting Advertisement and bill board display overdue

Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Mujie and Publicity secretary Teddy Yang Chan Tsze today slammed the chief minister Datuk Musa Aman for his Chinese new year and Christmas greeting bill board and posters still hanging around after six months since the festive season were long over. It is worst still for the Chinese new year Gaya street fair poster are posted on many walls in the city centre.

We failed to understand why he can put up his bill board and posters all year round, and while DAP bill board had to come down even the date of expire was not due. We look at this as a total abuse of power and discrimination. This is demonstrated by not having the duty to clear up all the posters gummed on the street wall, after the festive season was over by so many months now, it is worst still the Chief Minister’s posters was put along side with all those ‘Ah Long’ leaflets.

Edward Mujie said it is common practice to remove all posters after the event and not leaving them to litter the place. The same goes for the general election poster too. If the posters are not removed, the authorities always imposed a heavy fine. The Musa Chinese new year posters that we can find in Gaya street and other parts of the city, should be fine heavily, no matter it is DBKK was the co-organizer or not. Even more so DBKK should take up the responsibility for not doing so. On one hand DBKK talk so much about a beautiful and clean city, but on the other hand they themselves are the litter–bug.

Teddy Yang said that the Christmas bill board was not taken down, may be the chief minister wants to use this for the next Christmas celebration. There is no meaning for a seasonal greeting bill board standing there when the festival is long over. These may turn out to be an inappropriate gesture.

These people are very irresponsible and how can we entrust them to run our government?

BY: Teddy Yang, Edward Mujie.
(Picture: Gaya Street Poster and Kota Belud Bill Board)

沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉和州宣传秘书扬展之今天抨击首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼说,新年和圣诞节已经过了五六个月,但他的新年佳节海报仍然到处张贴及其圣诞祝贺广告牌仍然高高挂着。 最糟糕的是农历新年的海报还张贴在亚庇市中心和加雅街的墙上,即难看又有碍市容,更可笑的事首席部长的像和大耳窿的街招排排贴在一起。

我们不明白为什么他的佳节祝贺广告牌和海报可以长期的张贴及高挂着,而民主行动党新年祝贺广告牌却还在租期未满就已经被强硬拆下来。 我们看待如此做法是滥用权力和排斥。 而且很明显的看到市政厅当局没有负起责任去清理街头墙上的海报以保持市中心的清洁和美观,何况该佳节已经过了那么多个月,市政厅及主办当局应该负起全部责任。

爱德华慕吉说最基本的做法当佳节及其节目结束后,理所当然的要清理所有的海报,而免得破坏及影响环境和美观。 比如大选海报,如果海报不被拆除,有关当局会严加重重的罚款。首席部长慕沙的新年联欢会海报,在加耶街及其他地方的墙上贴的满都是,应重重被罚款。亚庇市政厅更应当承担起责任。 一方面亚庇市政厅说要制造一个美丽,清洁的城市,但另一方面,他们自己却是垃圾虫,把节日的海报满街贴,极不美观,而过时又不拆除。

杨展之说,恭贺圣诞节的广告牌仍然没有取下,可能是首席部长想用至下一个圣诞节。 这是毫无意义,因为该节日已过去如此之久,而仍然高高的悬挂着,看起来很碍眼即不恰当。

Dr. Hiew the Kota Kinabalu MP received complaint regarding the new painting work applied to furniture in the court room in the Kota KInabalu High cour

Dr. Hiew the Kota Kinabalu MP received complaint regarding the new painting work applied to furniture in the court room in the Kota KInabalu High court which caused severe smell emitting from the new paint. The people including lawyers complain that the strong smell caused them to feel headache and developing giddiness, and can not concentrate on their work. They have to cover their nose with handkerchief.

Dr. Hiew went to check the court room yesterday and found the complaint was valid, the room is filled with the smell from the paint and the thinner used in the paint job. The room is enclosed with air conditioning which made the situation worse. The paint work was carried out during the public holiday, and when the court sitting resumed on Tuesday, the smell knocked everybody off. Just imaging how can they work in such a condition where everyone has to think and to concentrate on the case on trial.

Dr. Hiew stayed in the room for just a short 5 minutes already feeling giddy, how can the people in the court room stayed for few hours? In a normal case, the room must be left unoccupied for a period of 5 days to clear of all gas emission from the wet paint. The gas emitted will affect the nervous system of a person and caused discomfort. If there is further paint job in the other court room, it is advisable to leave it vacant for at least 5 days before it can be used. The federal JKR must be careful to protect our learned judges, lawyers and every body using the court room, these are the people we must protect and take care with upmost priority. Therefore, arrange the paint job in proper order and give the occupant other room to use while undertaking the paint work.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士接到投诉有关亚庇高等法庭的审讯室的新油漆冒出难闻的气味。 投诉人包括律师抱怨说,该强烈的油漆气味,使他们感到头痛和不舒服,不能集中精神工作。 他们必须以手帕掩盖鼻子。

邱博士亲自前往法院检查,发现投诉是确实的,该审讯室里充满油漆的气味。 在封闭空调室里使情况变得更糟糕。 该油漆工作是在周末假期中进行,当星期二法院开庭时,气味使到大家很难受。 在这种情况之下,他们怎么能够专心思考和工作,不能集中精神处理案件。

邱博士在该室内短短5分钟的停留已经感到晕眩,他人在审讯室怎么可能呆上几个小时呢? 在正常情况下,室内新上的油漆必须空置期为5天,以清除所有气体才能够使用。 气体的排放会影响人体中枢神经系统,并造成不适。 如果在该法庭有进一步的油漆工作,最好空置至少5天然后才可以使用。 联邦工务局必须小心,以保护我们的法官,律师和每个使用审讯室的人,我们必须优先保护和照顾他们的健康和工作环境。 因此,应该安排适当的油漆工作程序,并提供其他的审讯室来替代使用。

The DAP local government and housing chief, Edward Ewol Mujie received complaint concerning the dangerous children playground swing in the Likas sport

The DAP local government and housing chief, Edward Ewol Mujie received complaint concerning the dangerous children playground swing in the Likas sport complex. The concern parents said the swings are the favorite of the children. They queue up every day to take turn to have the swing, while their parents are taking their jog around the complex. The children face the danger of being hurt by the worn out swing. They might be hurt seriously if they swing too high. They said the sign board erected there to warm the users, “use at our own risk” is totally wrong. The sport complex must be responsible for any case of accident caused by the faulty equipment installed.

The inspection to the playground found that the swings are bad, and two out of four were removed, and the two left hanging there are near torn off. The hooks are torn off and cannot be used further, any more high swing will cause total cut off of the hook (see pic.). This is due to no maintenance and the playground equipments are dangerous for use by the kids.

Edward wants the Sport Board who is in charge of the Sport complex to immediately replace the swings and make good all the facilities in the children playground. We can not have a kid fall off the swing and get hurt. The simple warning sign will not relief anyone from liability on injuries caused. To allow children continue to use the faulty equipment can tantamount to intended murder.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

(pic: Edward showing the hanging hook which is already total cut off)

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉接到投诉有关里卡士体育馆儿童游乐场的危险秋千。 关心孩子的父母表示,孩童很喜爱玩秋千。当他们的父母在跑步时, 孩子们每次都会排队轮流玩秋千。 儿童在使用该损坏的秋千时,如果他们荡摇得太高将会面临危险而会受到伤害。投诉者说,竖立警告招牌 ‘用者自己保重’是完全错误的。 这些运动的器材必须要有负责任的情况下提供于公众使用。

爱德华检查该儿童游乐场的器材后发现,该秋千是已损坏,四个中的两个已被拆除,而剩下的两个秋千已显出其挂钩已损坏(见图片 )。 这是因为当局没有进行适当的维修和保养,该些设备是极危险和不能让孩子们使用的。

爱德华希望沙巴体育局尽快负责将该些游乐场的的设施复新,及确保没有意外事件的发生。 我们不能让孩子们在玩秋千时掉下来而受到伤害。 在该处的简单的警告牌并不能使到体育局脱离任何责任,如让孩子们继续使用有缺陷的设备,可以等说是意图谋杀罪。


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Another Project by Barisan National

The collapse of the shell roof of the Sport Stadium in Kuala Trengganu is a typical example of the under standard of the project carried out by the Barisan National government, a “tau foo” project. The collapse of the whole shell roof structure caused and registered a RM 260 million shame and a lost to the country. Luckily, during the collapse there were no people around and only sustained property lost. The stadium is very new and it was opened only last April.

Whose fault is it and who should be responsible? These should be shouldered by the BN government. It is through them that the approval on the project was checked and certified by them. The people in Malaysia want to know what happened and who should be responsible, the incident cannot be swept underneath the carpet and be forgotten about. In the real context, the Minister of works must be held responsible for the seriousness of the collapse. He should not just give a simple reason and closed the case, or publish a report to do away with having to take up responsibility.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the KK Member of Parliament views the case as very serious and wanted a thorough investigation to be conducted on the collapse of the roof which could kill thousand if the stadium is filled up with people. The government appointed engineers, architects, and contractors should bear the blame for such bad job. We are worry for any future job constructed by the BN government said one angry commenter.

The many contracts given out by the BN government were not going through and practicing the proper code of practice and formal pre-qualification tendering process to ascertain the true qualification of the contractors. Many of these contractors are not having experience and qualified personals to handle and execute the contract work. Further more, the main contractor is a supporter or right hand man of so and so politician, the supervision and quality control of the work can be relaxed, or get passed easily. Normally, if the works are strictly supervised and quality control properly carried out, the tendency for any faulty work can be minimized and eliminated. This case happened most in the contract involving “Ali Ba Ba” contractors, where he obtained huge profit and leave the work to the sub-contractors who had to cut corners to make ends meet. When his sub-contractors cut too much corners, the “Tau Foo” job appeared. The BN system of awarding government contracts without proper tendering and only through direct negotiation gave rise to abuses and it’s the root-cause of a lot of bad jobs done. The collapse of the roof may be one case.

DAP demands the BN government to go back to the good old system of tendering out all government contracts and only approve to qualified, eligible and reputable contractors, of course with a reasonable contract price. In Sabah, all government contract work, no matter it is of state or federal contracts, these should give priority to Sabah contractors, and these must be awarded through tendering and not by closed door negotiation.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

国阵政府所进行的工程,似乎都是属于‘豆腐渣’工程。 发生在瓜拉丁加奴体育馆屋顶坍塌事件就是一个典型的例子。 耗资约马币二亿六千万的体育馆,其主要看台的屋顶坍塌,不但是国家的耻辱也是金钱的损失。幸运的是没有任何伤亡的事件,只有财产及建筑物的损失而已。该崭新的体育场是去年四月才启用不久。

到底问题出在那里,是谁应该负起全部责任? 相信应该由国阵政府负责,因为必须要通过他们的核准,检验和认证该工程才能够去进行兴建。 马来西亚人民想知道到底这是什么一回事,谁该负责。 这事件的真相是不能以不了了之或被隐瞒的带过。 在现在的情况下工程部长有责任也必须彻底追根究底,深入调查该严重坍塌问题。 不能只简单的交代然后结案,或只发布一份报告然后放弃采取严格追究行动。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在文告中表示,这个情况非常严重,希望当局彻底的调查该坍塌的屋顶,若当时体育馆充满人群,后果是不堪设想的。 政府所委任该项工程的工程师,建筑师和承包商必须承担责任。 我们担心今后任何由国阵政府所核准的工程将会面对如似的情况发生。

许多国阵政府的工程合约,没有经过深入确认承包商的专业性,规则和正式的预先投标程序,以确定真正合格的承包商才给予投标。 许多这些承包商没有经验,也没有合格及资深的专业人士。 另外,主要承包商都是某某政治人物的支持者或是其左右手,因此,该监督和质量的控制也比较放松。 如果工程在严格的监督和质量妥善的控制下,任何的问题可以减少或消除。 这起案件的发生应该是涉及“阿里巴巴”承包商,他们把工程批给二手承包商并且从中获得巨大的利润,而二手承包商不得不偷工减料以取得利润。 当他们削减过多,就造成“豆腐渣”的工程。国阵政府没有经过正确的程序授予合约,只通过直接交涉论价,滥用权力,使到很多工程都马虎完工,坍塌的屋顶就是其中一例。

民主行动党要求国阵政府恢复正确的招标程序系统,只批准给合格,有经验和专业的承包商,以及要以合理的合约价格。 在沙巴州,无论是州或联邦政府的工程合约,应该优先考虑沙巴州的承包商,而且也必须通过招标方式授予工程合约,而不是以闭门交涉方式。