Monday, 22 June 2009

abandoned house at luyang

Respond to the complaint of helpless house owner at Taman Mukmur, Luyang (near Luyang clinic) who’s houses had been declared unfit and unsafe to occupy few years after the housing project completed and now is being illegally occupied, DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee had inspected the said abandoned housing area and surprising found that most of the unsafe houses are being occupied. According to one of the house owner statement, despite a police report was lodged at year 2005, report reference: KK/RPT/6918/2005, but no action was taken by the police to resolve the issue.

Currently these abandoned house had become an eyesore area in our city, one of the house located at a corner lot is filled with trees and become a potiential mosquito breeding ground and some houses near the jalan lintas had already been burn down, now these houses also become a potiential hideout for drug addicts and snatch thieves or even illegal immigrants, and thus endangering the safety and health of all the near by residents.

In conjuction with those anti litter, city cleanliness programme and the State Government's zero-squatter policy, the city hall should not allow anyone to turn an abundoned residential premises into a squatters which is serious downgrade the image of our city, neighbourhood cleanliness, public safety and confident on our current government. We are urging the DBKK and the PDRM to vacant these abandoned houses promptly and imposed a permanent closure of the unsafe units, because if the building really did collapse, it might become a fatal incident.

By : DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星回应路阳诊所附近岭兰花园无助屋主的投诉,有关房屋局已经竣工好几年的房屋工程,如今被宣布不适当及不安全,并且是非法霸占。因此就前往该处巡视被荒废的房屋,让爱德华及李金星惊讶的发现,大多数的不安全房屋被他人居占着。 据一名屋主声称,尽管在二零零五年向警方报案(报案文件:KK/RPT/6918/2005) ,但直到今天警方却没有采取任何行动的来解决该问题。


依据政府不断的提倡反乱抛垃圾,保持城市的清洁和零寮屋政策,亚庇市政厅不应该允许任何人把荒废的房屋成为犯罪或非法入境者的藏身之处。 现任政府如此视而不见的态度,严重降低我们的城市形象,街坊的清洁,公众的安全并信任。 我们敦促亚庇市政厅及PDRM即刻空置该废弃的房屋,把非法居住的人们赶走,此外必须迅速实施永久性关闭该不安全的单位。 因为如果该建设崩塌,可能会造成一个致命意外事件的发生。