Thursday, 4 June 2009

Another Project by Barisan National

The collapse of the shell roof of the Sport Stadium in Kuala Trengganu is a typical example of the under standard of the project carried out by the Barisan National government, a “tau foo” project. The collapse of the whole shell roof structure caused and registered a RM 260 million shame and a lost to the country. Luckily, during the collapse there were no people around and only sustained property lost. The stadium is very new and it was opened only last April.

Whose fault is it and who should be responsible? These should be shouldered by the BN government. It is through them that the approval on the project was checked and certified by them. The people in Malaysia want to know what happened and who should be responsible, the incident cannot be swept underneath the carpet and be forgotten about. In the real context, the Minister of works must be held responsible for the seriousness of the collapse. He should not just give a simple reason and closed the case, or publish a report to do away with having to take up responsibility.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the KK Member of Parliament views the case as very serious and wanted a thorough investigation to be conducted on the collapse of the roof which could kill thousand if the stadium is filled up with people. The government appointed engineers, architects, and contractors should bear the blame for such bad job. We are worry for any future job constructed by the BN government said one angry commenter.

The many contracts given out by the BN government were not going through and practicing the proper code of practice and formal pre-qualification tendering process to ascertain the true qualification of the contractors. Many of these contractors are not having experience and qualified personals to handle and execute the contract work. Further more, the main contractor is a supporter or right hand man of so and so politician, the supervision and quality control of the work can be relaxed, or get passed easily. Normally, if the works are strictly supervised and quality control properly carried out, the tendency for any faulty work can be minimized and eliminated. This case happened most in the contract involving “Ali Ba Ba” contractors, where he obtained huge profit and leave the work to the sub-contractors who had to cut corners to make ends meet. When his sub-contractors cut too much corners, the “Tau Foo” job appeared. The BN system of awarding government contracts without proper tendering and only through direct negotiation gave rise to abuses and it’s the root-cause of a lot of bad jobs done. The collapse of the roof may be one case.

DAP demands the BN government to go back to the good old system of tendering out all government contracts and only approve to qualified, eligible and reputable contractors, of course with a reasonable contract price. In Sabah, all government contract work, no matter it is of state or federal contracts, these should give priority to Sabah contractors, and these must be awarded through tendering and not by closed door negotiation.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

国阵政府所进行的工程,似乎都是属于‘豆腐渣’工程。 发生在瓜拉丁加奴体育馆屋顶坍塌事件就是一个典型的例子。 耗资约马币二亿六千万的体育馆,其主要看台的屋顶坍塌,不但是国家的耻辱也是金钱的损失。幸运的是没有任何伤亡的事件,只有财产及建筑物的损失而已。该崭新的体育场是去年四月才启用不久。

到底问题出在那里,是谁应该负起全部责任? 相信应该由国阵政府负责,因为必须要通过他们的核准,检验和认证该工程才能够去进行兴建。 马来西亚人民想知道到底这是什么一回事,谁该负责。 这事件的真相是不能以不了了之或被隐瞒的带过。 在现在的情况下工程部长有责任也必须彻底追根究底,深入调查该严重坍塌问题。 不能只简单的交代然后结案,或只发布一份报告然后放弃采取严格追究行动。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在文告中表示,这个情况非常严重,希望当局彻底的调查该坍塌的屋顶,若当时体育馆充满人群,后果是不堪设想的。 政府所委任该项工程的工程师,建筑师和承包商必须承担责任。 我们担心今后任何由国阵政府所核准的工程将会面对如似的情况发生。

许多国阵政府的工程合约,没有经过深入确认承包商的专业性,规则和正式的预先投标程序,以确定真正合格的承包商才给予投标。 许多这些承包商没有经验,也没有合格及资深的专业人士。 另外,主要承包商都是某某政治人物的支持者或是其左右手,因此,该监督和质量的控制也比较放松。 如果工程在严格的监督和质量妥善的控制下,任何的问题可以减少或消除。 这起案件的发生应该是涉及“阿里巴巴”承包商,他们把工程批给二手承包商并且从中获得巨大的利润,而二手承包商不得不偷工减料以取得利润。 当他们削减过多,就造成“豆腐渣”的工程。国阵政府没有经过正确的程序授予合约,只通过直接交涉论价,滥用权力,使到很多工程都马虎完工,坍塌的屋顶就是其中一例。

民主行动党要求国阵政府恢复正确的招标程序系统,只批准给合格,有经验和专业的承包商,以及要以合理的合约价格。 在沙巴州,无论是州或联邦政府的工程合约,应该优先考虑沙巴州的承包商,而且也必须通过招标方式授予工程合约,而不是以闭门交涉方式。