Friday, 12 June 2009

Courtesy call on SDO boss

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu together with the Sabah DAP vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie made a courtesy call to the Director of the Sabah Development Office (SDO), Mr. Matusin Sunsang, in the Federal Building in Likas yesterday afternoon.

The purpose of the call is primary aimed at the recent announcement made on the utilization of the additional MP fund of RM 1.0 million allocated from the Prime Minister Department. Matusin said that the RM 1.0 million is an additional fund for all the Parliament constituencies, to be used in 2009 and 2010. The opposition MP Dr. Hiew can propose and suggest for development projects in his constituency, but he will have no approving power on the use of the fund. That means he has no control over the spending of his fund.

Dr. Hiew request to the Director that since he has no power over the spending of his MP fund because he is the opposition MP, but he still can recommend certain small project work up to a value of RM 50,000 to improve or upgrade the Kota Kinabalu City area. The MP office shall work with DBKK closely for the proposed work. He further requested that the yearly list of the projects carried out to be forwarded to his office for public information. He said this is the people’s money and they should know where it is used. The final list shall include the yearly regular MP fund of RM 500,000, which is handled by the DBKK and the SDO.

The Director also explained the operation and function of the SDO to Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.


该拜访的目地是商讨有关该局最近所发出的宣布,关于国会议员资金额外马币一千万的拨款。 玛都兴说,该项额外拨款是拨给所有国会议员选区,是用于2009年到2010年。 他也指出反对党国会议员邱博士可以在他的选区提出发展项目的建议,但却没有任何审批权力及使用该基金。这意味着邱博士无法控制该国会议员资金的使用。

邱博要求总监,因为他没有权力使用该国会基金,因为他是反对党议员,但他仍可以推荐某些项目(每项价值约马币五万)以提升亚庇市的地区。 国会议员办事处将会和市政厅密切合作,以期达到妥善及有利于民和充分利用该项基金。 邱氏再要求沙巴发展局给于每年所推动项目的清单,提交到他的办事处,方便公布详情及参阅。 他说这是人民的钱,他们有权知道如何被使用。 这应包括每年的定期马币五十万国会议员基金在内,现由亚庇市政厅和沙巴发展局所控制使用。