Saturday, 13 June 2009

Debts collector harassment

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu received a public complaint from a local businessman regarding the harassment by a debts collector group towards certain debts owed by the company 6 years ago, while he is only a 1% shareholder. His family, staffs, and business were being threatened, disturbed, and harassed by the debts collector representatives who claimed they are a “licensed debts collection” company, and very unfortunately their behavior is totally like gangster.

The businessman known as Chong, told Dr. Hiew that they have lodged police reports on the various incidents as many as eight times but no immediate action has been taken so far. The debts collector still coming to disturb them and they sometimes come in a gang of more then eight persons. The mental stress and business disturbance caused to them is unbearable. Therefore they have to seek help from the MP.

Dr. Hiew takes the case of debts collection by these so called ‘Licensed debts collector’ are becoming more serious in our society nowadays. There must be some control and limitation towards their operation. Their rude action and using rough gangster- like tactic to make people to pay the dues are getting over-board and causing public concern. Hiew explained that there is no such thing as the so called “Licensed debts collectors”, but merely these people are operating based on registered limited company with ROS and ‘trading license’ issued by the local authority. In this case the company without the local trading license will not be allowed to operate in Sabah. Until today there is no official law or act governing debts collection. Any debts collection involving the use of force and harassment can be taken as a criminal offence, no matter causing bodily harm, damaged to properties, causing disturbances and threats. Any matters arising from the debts or money dispute are best sorted out in court, definitely cannot resort to the use of force or harassment by gangster.

Dr. Hiew urges the police to take quick action when they received any such report on the debts collector who used force or harassment. This must be stop, and we don’t want our Sabahan to become the victims of this style of debts collection. The people being harassed should go straight to lodge police report or seek help from the police, it is the job of the police to protect and safe guard the public.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

(Photo : Dr. Hiew showing the 8 police reports received from Chong)



张姓商人告诉邱博士说,他们已经向警方报案多达八次,但迄今警方却没有立即采取任何实际的行动。 该收烂账公司仍然不断的来打扰他们,并且有时超过八条大汉出现在他的店铺里。 由予精神上的压力和生意不断被他们骚扰而造成难以忍受的地步,因此,他们寻求亚庇国会议员的协助

邱博士发现到如今在我们的社会中,这些所谓“有牌”的收烂账公司的问题演变得越来越严重。因此,有必要以制定法令或规条加以管制他们的营业方式。 他们使用粗暴的手段和流氓般的索款方式逼人们付还欠款,引起了公众的关注及不满。 邱氏解释说,目前根本没有所谓的“有牌”收烂账公司,他们只是使用有限公司的注册及地方当局的营业执照,并且直到今天也没有‘收烂账’的正式立法条规存在,而西马的注册公司如没有沙巴本地的营业执照,根本不能非法在此进行任何业务。 因此,任何收债运作涉及无论是使用武力,造成人体伤害,财物受损,被骚扰或威胁都可以作为刑事罪案处理。 任何事项的债务或金钱上的纠纷,最好的处理方法就是在法院里解决,决不能使用武力或骚扰的流氓方式

邱博士敦促警方,当接收到任何此类的报案,必须迅速采取行动。 这样的举动必须立刻被阻止,警方的职责是保护人民。 我们不想有沙巴人在‘流氓式的收烂账公司’成为受害者。 凡是受到骚扰的人应直接向警方报案或寻求帮助,阻止罪案的发生