Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fraud loan document in land scandal

Dr. Hiew King Cheu the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament received a complaint from a MR.NG concerning certain fraud document and signatures involving a loan agreement using his land as collateral, which the land owner had no previous knowledge what so ever. His land in Sandakan was allegedly being used by someone to obtain a loan of RM 200,000 from an individual who charged loan interest as high as 9% per month. The said loan agreement was used subsequently for the submission to the Sabah land and survey department to caveat the land title. He was shocked, he seek help from DAP.

Mr. Ng found this out when he intends to sell his land in Sandakan. He went to the Land and survey department and he was told the piece of land is under caveat. He then asked for a copy of the agreement, where he found the whole loan document is a falsified piece of agreement, bearing fraud signatures, rubber stamp, company seal, even the witnesses signatures were fraud. The solicitor’s signature and chops could also be fraud. He had reported the case to the Police to investigate into the case and he wanted justice to be taken.

Dr. Hiew views this case as very important and especially this is a case that may be the tip of the Ice berg. In Sabah, there are many such cases being reported and came to the MP office. The land owners sometimes don’t even know that they have lost their land, or the original land titles had became other people’s land titles. In Mr. Ng’s case, there is plenty of wrong and grossly over look mistakes on the part of the registrar pertaining to the granting of the caveat on the title. For example, the original copy of the title was not submitted to be endorsed, and the loan agreement was not properly checked. Dr. Hiew urges the police to probe into the Land and Survey Department to investigate into any abuse of power, irregularity in approval of land registration and any corrupt practice.

DAP wants the police to immediately take action to these reports as instructed by the CP to act on all reports without delay, and to bring those people to justice. As for those people who have problems with their land titles, please come to the MP office and we will help you. The Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie is retired senior civil servant and he is well versed with the government administration and procedure. He will be the best person in DAP to assist and attend to your landed problem.

(pic : Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie showing the police report)

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到了一位吴先生的投诉,有关某些欺诈文件和签字,涉及到贷款协议及利用他的土地作为抵押,而土地拥有者却没有被通知及完全不知晓。 他在山打根的土地,被人利用作为抵押以获得马币二十万的贷款,并且其贷款年利高达9 %。 随后该贷款协议书被提交给沙巴土地局进行及完成扣押土地程序。吴先生感到非常震惊,他前往民主行动党办事处寻求协助。

当吴先生打算要出售其山打根的土地时才发现这项欺诈事件。 他前往土地局查询,被告知这块土地是在扣押土地程序之下而不许出售。 接着他要求该份贷款协议的副本,并发现整个贷款的文件中的签字,公司盖章及印章都是伪造假冒的,连该证人的签字也属于冒签。 他也怀疑该伪造文件的律师签字和盖章也是假冒的。他已经向警方报案调查此案并且希望还给他一个公道。

邱博士对该案件非常重视,尤其是在这样的情况下,此案列可能只是属于冰山的一角。 在沙巴有许多类似的案件被带到国会议员的办事处。 有些土地拥有者甚至在不知情之下,他们已经失去了他们的土地。 吴先生所面对的欺诈问题,因为土地局的官员在进行扣押土地程序时,没有经过详细的查询及忽略正规的程序而引起严重的失职。 例如,正本的地契并没有提交给土地局签证,而该贷款协议书没有被土地局详细的检查。 邱博士要求警方立即介入调查土地局的运作是否有涉及舞弊偏差及利用其职权达致私利。

沙巴民主行动党希望警方立即采取行动,依照警察总监的指示,对该欺诈案件毫不拖延并且将这些人绳之以法。 民众如有土地的地契问题,可以来到亚庇国会议员办事处,我们会帮助您。 民行党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉将会亲自协助,他是一位退休政府高级官员,相当熟悉政府行政管理的程序,由他来处理将会使民受益。