Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Kota Kinabalu bus commuters’ headache

There are rising complaints on the bus routes and unavailability of buses connecting the various points in many areas in the city. These caused much inconvenience, waste of time and money for the bus commuters. The bus route system needed total reshuffling, new routing, new terminals, new bus stops, and more buses to serve the whole city.

The very simple case is, how can a person go to Lido from Luyang? He has to go to KK first from Luyang, then after board a bus to Lido. The direct distance from Luyang to Lido is just a few kilometers, but if you have to go to KK first and then to Lido, the distance will be 10 kilometer. This makes no sense, because we are wasting time and resources and creating traffic congestion in town. This applies to many other areas where there is no direct bus link too. Every one has to get to town centre first and then only able to move to other areas. Just imaging if 75% of the mini buses and other buses are not entering into the KK city centre, the city centre will be quite empty, and less people congested. The people will save plenty of time and money. Further more in some area in KK, there is totally no bus service at all, let along connecting bus service.

Dr. Hiew requests the Transport Ministry, its Licensing Board (LPKP) and the DBKK to study to improve the whole buses service in the Kota Kinabalu City area. This is to provide for the benefit of the bus commuters and for the first step to solve the congestion in the city centre. What we need now is a complete system to cover every corners of the city and to connect those areas by direct bus route. The “city bus” project is not solving the problem of the city congestion, but creating another headache for the bus commuters. From the comments DAP has received, it is showing that there is more blaming day by day. The people don’t like the idea, thus the DBKK and the Transport Ministry must work on the proposal made by us, in order to provide a viable solution to the problem. Any delay will definitely increase and worsen the traffic load faced by the City.

With good bus service, we can see more people will leave their cars at home and travel by buses to their work place. That will produce positive result in getting more cars off the streets, in turns saving the country much on the fuel consumption, less air pollution and less parking problem for DBKK. Therefore, the buses are very important to solve the KK City problem. The City Mayor should press on this issue and get it implemented immediately. The well being of the city is in your hand.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

有许多投诉有关巴士路线及其在城市各处的換乘接駁的问题。 由于混乱的巴士路线系统,不但造成许多不便,同时也浪费时间和金钱。 该路线系统极需要修改,新的路线网,新总站,新巴士站,以及要增加更多的巴士服务。

一个非常简单的案件,一个人如何从路阳去到丽都呢?他首先必须从路阳搭巴士下到亚庇,然后再登上另一辆巴士到丽都去。 路阳到丽都的距离只有几公里,但是如果要下到亚庇,然后才到丽都,该距离将近十公里,这达致我们在浪费时间和资源,造成交通挤塞。 此外,许多其他地区也因为没有直接的巴士联系而引起类似的问题。 每一人必须搭巴士到市中心,然后才能換乘接駁到其他的地区去。 可以想象如果有75 %小型巴士和其他私人巴士没有进入社市中心,市中心将不会有塞车和拥挤的问题,并且民众将能够节省很多时间和金钱。 此外,在亚庇市的一些地区,是完全没有巴士服务站,以換乘接駁。

邱博士建议交通部,牌照局( LPKP )和亚庇市政厅详细研究,以改善整个亚庇市及周边地区的巴士服务。 这是加强巴士的服务,以减少空气污染和交通挤塞。 我们现在需要是一个完整的路线系统,以涵盖每个城市的角落,及直通巴士路线到其他的地区。 “城市巴士”更本不能解决目前面对的问题,反而制造令一个头痛的巴士穿梭行驶问题。 民主行动党收到的民众意见,都是更多的指责和埋怨。 民众不喜欢也反对该主意,因此亚庇市政厅及交通部必须慎重考虑我们提出的建议,以提供一个更可行的解决办法。 任何的拖延肯定会增加以及恶化目前市中心的交通负荷和为题。

一个良好的巴士服务,可以让越来越多的人把汽车放在家里,而乘搭巴士去上班。 这将也减少汽车穿梭在市中心,不但节省燃料,减少空气污染,同时也减少泊车的问题 。 因此,巴士是非常重要的解决城市的问题。市长应该尽快处理及立即执行重组巴士路线的系统。