Thursday, 4 June 2009

kota kinabalu / Likas RM 260 million new court house in Likas / proposed new court building next to High Court.

The announcement by the Minister in the Prime Minister Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz to build the RM 260 million new court-building on a 5-acres land in Likas during the 10th Malaysia Plan, is seen to be inappropriate. We need now is some quick solution to the congested and overcrowded condition to the court in Kota Kinabalu City centre.

The present court house in Kota Kinabalu is shared between the Session court, Magistrate court, High court, Court of Appeal, Registrar of Company, Tribunal court and etc. It seems to be more appropriate to immediately to build a new multi-storey building next to the existing court house to relief the congestion faced by the legal profession. Many cases had to be proponed due to the unavailability of the court rooms, both the clients and lawyers suffered due to time lost, some cases are delayed and without longer period of detailed trial.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu today called upon the Minister Datuk Nazri to consider the suggestion to build a new court building abjection to the existing court building. The proposed building can be a multi-storey high rise building with ample up stair car parks and office spaces for rent to legal firms. The cost to erect such a building could be much cheaper than the Likas proposal, may be just RM 60 million to build. This will be the best solution to cater for the convenience of the lawyers who have to run from court to court. The building can be completed in two years time, while we have to wait for another 10 years for the Likas court house to take shape.

The proposed RM 260 million for the Likas court house, after spending RM 60 million on the multi storey building, the balance of RM 200million can well be utilized to facilitate other areas of urgent need like the hospital, agriculture projects, and infrastructure development. We must have a good use on the Tax payers’ money.

By : Dr. Hiew King Cheu

(picture shows the open space proposed for the new Legal building)

首相署部长拿督斯里纳兹里公布政府将在第十马来西亚计划,在里卡士约五英亩的土地建立一间价值马币二亿六千万令吉的新法院,这项计划被认为不太适合的。 我们需要的是立即及快速解决现有的亚庇法院迫挤问题。

亚庇法院是由多种的法庭共用,列如地方法庭,高等法庭,上诉庭,有限公司注册署,仲裁庭和其他等。 我们应该在现有的亚庇高等法庭旁的空地建立一栋新的多层大厦,以解决所面临的迫挤问题。 由于面临空间的不容许,许多案件不得不展期或缩短审讯的时间,无论是客户和律师也因此遭受到时间的损失,在某些情况下,案件也被拖延或未获得详细审讯。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天呼吁部长拿督纳兹里考虑以上的建议,以便兴建一栋新的法院大楼座落于现有的法院大厦隔邻。 该拟议的建设是以多层高楼建筑的概念,有充分的地底及高层停车场,办公室和法庭设备,也有多层的办公室单位可以出租于法律事务所。 该大楼的建筑成本比起将在里卡士所建议来相比将会便宜得多,可能只用到马币六千万而已。 这项建议将是最快的解决办法,以方便律师和法官执行任务。 该建筑可在两年内完成,不须等待十年后的里卡士法院。

建议中的里卡士新法院所需的马币二亿六千万令吉,如果将其中马币六千万用来建该大楼将会省下马币两亿。 所省下的钱将能加以更好的利用,以促进其他领域的迫切需要,如医院,农业发展和基本设施的发展。我们必须有良好计划来使用纳税人的钱。