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Malaysia , Sabah , Land title being changed/overlapped with new title and sold

Land title being changed/overlapped with new title and sold

Sabah DAP chairman cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu received yet another case of land title abuse and alleged fraud. This time the old and original title for a piece of land in Kuala Menggatal, Sepangar, had been totally changed into another piece of new title covering and on the same piece of land belonging to some other people.

The complaint came from Mdm. Ho, who came to the MP office to seek the help from Dr. Hiew concerning the land title belonging to her family being changed to a new title own by some other people on the same piece of land. According to her, the land belonged to her father who passed away in 1959, and subsequently her mother became the successor of the land, and then the land was transferred to her and other family members.

In July 1974, they were informed by Land and Survey department that their piece of 4.87 acres land was to be acquired by the government/ Yayasan Sabah for the purpose of education facilities. During that time, the land owner had already passed away for many years, how can a dead man agreed to the acquisition. The family also did not see the case as serious during that time, and also did not agree to the land compensation amount. Nothing happened during the date thereafter. It is only when Mdm. Ho in 2008 enquired for the return of the original land title, then the department replied her that the land title cannot be returned due to the compulsory land acquisition made according to the government gazetted land acquisition executed under Ordinance Section 3, Chapter 69, (No. G.N. 791/73). There is detail development plan prepared on the whole area including her land.

Very surprisingly after the land search and being informed that there is a new land title issued to a party of three individuals during 1992, and was sold subsequently to another company in 2005. She was shocked and wanted to know why the land acquired by the government can become someone’s property and sold at a high price of a few million ringgits. She said she is still the rightful owner.

Dr. Hiew viewed this case as very serious and he wanted a thorough police investigation on how the new land titles can be issued on a piece of land acquired by the government using public fund, later to become someone’s private property. The situation with Higher Education department development plan done the land, it is further unjustified and more mysterious. Someone will have to do explanation and be made responsible.

At the meanwhile, Dr. Hiew advised Mdm. Ho to immediately lodge a police report to effect an investigation. All the details were forwarded to the police to assist their investigation.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP. (pic: Mdm Ho with Dr. Hiew showing the documents)


贺女士前往亚庇国会议员办事处投诉,并寻求邱博士的协助,有关于属于她家族的地契被更改成为另一个新地契。据她说,该土地是属于她父亲,而他于1959年去世。 后来她的母亲成为继承人,然后该片土地被转移给她和其他家庭成员。

在1974年7月,他们被土地局通知,他们的四点八七英亩的土地已由政府/沙巴基金局征用为教育用途。在这期内,其父已经去世多年,试想一位去世了的人如何去签署任何文件。 他的家人当时也没有同意土地补偿金额,过后也没有跟进。 贺女士于2008年间向土地局索返原来的地契,土地局答复她说,根据政府强制征用土地宪报公布的条例第3条,第69章,(No. G.N. 791/73),该地契不能被归返。 政府已有详细的发展计划在整个地区,包括她的土地。

非常奇怪的是,当她搜索和被告知,在1992年期间一个新的地契已发出于三个人,而后来在2005年又被出售给另一家公司。 贺女士感到非常震惊,并想知道为什么由政府征用的土地可以成为他人的财产,并以几百万令吉的高价格出售。 她强调说她仍然是合法的拥有者。

邱博士对认为该事件非常严重,他希望警方深入调查,如何有新的地契可以在一块被政府征用的土地,后来成为他人的私有财产。而在这种情况之下高等教育部又进行筹划发展计划,这是完全让人耐人寻味。 必定要有人做出解释,并负起责任。