Monday, 15 June 2009

Menggatal town Garbage collection centre misused

The garbage collection centre in Menggatal town had been completed for months and never been used since, but instead the bins are placed next to the car park on the road side. The dirty rubbish is piling up by the road side and dirty water leaking on the road, and the many bins are obstructing the passage way. The new collection centre is used by someone to act as a store for personal belongings.

The Sabah DAP organizing secretary Jeffrey Kumin with DAP member Fung Chi Hiung visited the site after receiving public complaint from Menggatal. He urged the DBKK to take immediate action to place the bins back to the collection centre. This will help the people to dump their garbage directly into the proper location and not creating a nuisance in the car park area. The car park is the usually for the weekly Taumu groung too. We don’t wish to see that tax- payers’ money is used to build a “white elephant” project in Menggatal town.

On the other hand, DBKK is also be reminded that the garbage trucks are having a serious leak of foul water and smelly juice from the trucks while collecting garbage from commercial centre and shops. It leaves trail of dirty and smell juice along the streets and especially in front of eateries shops. DBKK must immediately rectify this problem because our much valued tourists are complaining too.

Jeffrey Kumin – Sabah DAP State Organizing Secretary

孟加达的垃圾收集中心已建好约有几个月,但从来没有被使用过,因为该垃圾箱被安置在停车场的路旁。促使堆积的肮脏垃圾散落在路旁和肮脏水流到马路上,而且垃圾箱阻碍了交通。 反而该新建的垃圾收集中心被某间商店当成货厂使用。

沙巴民主行动党组织秘书杰菲利古明和党员洪子雄接到孟加达市民的投诉后就前往该处巡视。 他敦促亚庇市政厅立即采取行动,把垃圾桶放回该垃圾收集中心。 以便人们把他们的垃圾直接倒进适当的地方,而不是在停车场旁。 此外每周该停车场开放成为‘斗磨’市场,所以必须要保持环境的清洁。 我们不希望看到纳税人的钱用于建立一个‘白象计划’的事件。