Friday, 26 June 2009

nanam Luat Housing Estate no land titles

The housing development project carried out by the Sabah Housing Commission (LPPB) at Taman Inanam Laut is until today without individual land titles to the house purchasers. The house owners complain to Sabah DAP and seek the help to high light the long pending issue and expressed their worries.

They complained that it is now six years after they obtained the OC’s and moved into the housing estate which was built by the Sabah Housing Commission (LPPB). The individual land titles were not ready until now for the 475 units of houses. They wonder why the LPPB took so long for the issuance of the land titles.

After checking with the LPPB, they informed Dr. Hiew that the problem is caused by the delay with the Sabah Land and Survey department and certain technical problems connected to the boundaries of the land used for the development. It has taken more than 3 years but still no sign for the titles to be issued. At the moment, the preparation on the titles is still being finalized.

Hiew classifies this as another fault and slackness on the part of the authorities in not performing efficiently and effectively. That is the reason why many of the authorities needed revamp and streamline to enhance efficiency and productivity. We are facing a lot of problems and some times incurred financial losses arising from this sort of situation. It is high time for the Land and Survey department and LPPB to expedite on the issue of land titles to the house owners in Taman Inanam Laut.

Hiew urges the Land and Survey Department to expedite on all the land titles and strata titles that are due for a long time. He suggested if necessary do over time to speed up the process, like what had happened last time. An expansion of the staff strength in the department is necessary for clearing all the back lock land title cases. Now the department has its new complex, and there is plenty of space for the increase staff members to work in. The state government should pay more attention in this particular aspect, because this is affecting many people.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

由沙巴房屋发展局(LPPB)在下南南劳勿住宅区所兴建的房屋发展,直到今天,该处所有的屋主仍然没有得到他们的房屋地契。 因此,该处的屋主向沙巴民主行动党投诉及寻求协助,希望民行党能够帮助他们提出长期悬而未决的地契问题。

他们抱怨说,六年前他们得到了入伙纸,并且搬进由沙巴房屋发展局所兴建的房屋。 到今天,该处约四百七十五单位的房屋地契仍然还没有准备好。 他们想知道为什么沙巴房屋发展局需要花那么长时间去处理这些地契。

向沙巴房屋发展局询问后 ,邱博士被告知说,之所以造成地契延误发出的问题,是因为沙巴土地局无法解决某些边界相连的土地用于发展上的技术问题。 经过三年的时间,但依然无法解决分发地契的迹象。 目前,该地契的仍需要等待最后的确定才能发出。

邱氏指出这是有关当局另一种涣散及毫无效率的工作态度。 这就是为什么有关当局极需要改组及提高效率和生产力。 这种情况不但让我们面对许多不必要的问题,甚至必须蒙受金钱上的损失。 现在是时候土地局和沙巴房屋发展局必须要尽快地解决下南南劳勿住宅区的地契问题,不然他们就是失职。

邱博士敦促土地局,迅速的处理及分发长期悬挂着的地契或分层地契。他建议如果有必要就因该加班,以加快该处理程序,就如以前所进行的加班处理地契的情况一样。 增加该部门的工作人员是有必要,以处理所有堆积的地契案件。 现在,该部门有新的办公大厦,并且有大量的空间,可以容纳更多的工作人员。 州政府应该更多注意在这部门,因为这影响到许多人。