Tuesday, 30 June 2009

PR for Sarawakan and West Malaysian in Sabah

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu received many complaints from people originally moved from West Malaysia to live and work in Sabah some 30 years ago, and until now they were not granted with the status of ‘Permanent Resident’ (PR) in spite of the many years of application submitted.

These people were complaining about the trouble-some procedure of renewing their stay and work permits to stay and work in Sabah, especially for those who had been in Sabah for the past 30 over years. Every year they have to renew their pass and permit over and over again. Many of them are actually no different to the Sabahan now, because they have been working, contributing, having family, properties and deeply involved in the development of Sabah, but until today they are being treated as ‘foreigners’ due to the Immigration Act in Sabah.

When Hiew presented the case to the Minister of Internal Affairs on why they cannot be granted the Permanent Resident status, the answer given was that the power of granting the PR is under the jurisdiction of the Sabah State government for those who had moved from West Malaysia to Sabah many years ago. The Federal government has no power over the matter. All the application must be refer to the Sabah Government.

Dr. Hiew viewed the many cases of not being given the approval on the application of PR for the many thousand of people from West Malaysia and Sarawak residing in Sabah for more than 30 years as unreasonable. They are the people who had contributed much to Sabah and brought up new generations of young in Sabah, but they are still being treated as foreigners like the Indonesians and Filipinos. Many of the illegal immigrants had obtained PR status quickly, and even those who had no identity document were given ‘green card’ by the government recently to stay and work in Sabah. Is it true that our fellow West Malaysian and Sarawakan people not better than these illegal immigrants or foreigners?

We must allow these people to settle down in Sabah because they are a real part of us, and we should thank them for their past contribution to Sabah, and we owe it to their younger generations. With all the young as Sabahan, and the parent still need to apply work pass and stay permit, that is ridiculous and totally not right. Sabah government should review the cases and grant the PR to them.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


这些人向邱博士抱怨说,为了延长他们在沙巴的居留和工作准证,他们必须面许多麻烦的申请程序,特别是已经在沙巴州居留有三十多年的西马人和砂人。 他们每年都必须不断的重复的更新该证件。 他们当中有许多实际上与沙巴人是没有什么不同的, 因为他们一直在沙巴州工作,成立家庭,创业和参与沙巴的发展。 然而直到今天,根据沙巴州的移民条列,他们仍然被视为‘外来人’。

当邱博士将该项案件提交给内政部长并提问为什么他们不能获得永久居留身份,部长所给的答案是,发出永久居留证是沙巴州政府的权力,因此,联邦政府没有权力过问。 所有的申请必须向沙巴政府提呈。

邱博士看到有上万的人士从西马和沙捞越移民到沙巴州已经有三十多年,他们的申请都没有得到批准,这是非常不合理的。 他们许多人对沙巴州有很大的贡献,并且他们的下一代都沙巴州出生,但他们仍然被视为外来人,就如印尼人和菲律宾人一样。 许多非法移民很快就获得了永久居留证,即使是没有身份证明文件的外劳,因为居留并且在沙巴工作也可以获得‘绿卡’。 这是否意表我们的西马和砂捞越人民比不上这些非法入境的外国人?

我们必须准许这些人定居在沙巴,因为他们都是真正的马来西亚人,我们应该感谢他们过去在沙巴州的贡献,我们也必须为他们的年轻一代着想。 他们的后代是沙巴人,而其父母却仍然需要申请工作准证和居留证,这实在是非常荒谬的事,而且完全是不合理。 邱博士敦促沙巴州政府应该慎重的审查该案件,并发给他们永久居留证。