Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The purchase of SMC seems CHILD PLAY

The whole process of purchase of the SMC seems very “child-play”. The Health Ministry can’t even have a definite and final figure for the deal to take over the SMC hospital in Kota Kinabalu. This comes no surprise when the Prime Minister announced during his visit to Sabah, a total figure of RM 245 Millions for the said purpose, but later was corrected by the Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai that the actual price is RM 280 millions plus an additional of RM 90 million to upgrade and improve the facilities.

Dr. Hiew felt very sorry for the stage of affairs arising from the deal on purchasing the SMC complex, especially there is no mention about letting SMC to continue to use two of its floor for 2 years until their new SMC-3 building is completed. The government did not do their home work well and there is many more items needed to spend millions of ringgits before we can have a proper hospital in the SMC complex. For example, there is the need for additional car parks, hostels, mortuary, emergencies treatment unit, ambulances and other supporting facilities, may be another RM 100 million. What will the final figure to be spent on this “new” hospital, Rm 425 millions?

The first Heart Centre for Sabah is to be established here in the SMC complex, it is good news. We hope the project to set up can be speedy and a lot of patients are waiting for the facilities to cure their heart problem.

As on the proposal by Dr. Hiew to revive the Sabah Ministry of Health, Datuk Liow said this is up to the Sabah government to decide whether to carry out or not, and this is the state decision. The proposal is of good intention, because there will be a direct control over our own health services in Sabah, with more direct and effective administration managed by the Sabahan. Now in Sabah, we have many capable and trained specialists who can handle the health services, and it is about time that this should be handed back to the Sabahan. The Sabah government should consider to accept the proposal. They should make way for more Sabahan to be involved in the health ministry.

With the financial assistance from the Federal coffer, there will be absolutely no problem for us to set it up. After all, the money is our share under the Malaysia Agreement. The Chief Minister should not say no to it without giving it a responsible though over the proposal. Is the BN not capable in carrying out such a simple task and has to rely the federal to do it?

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP
购买沙巴医药中心让人感到非常“儿戏”。 卫生部对于购买该沙巴医药中心的数额,都不能给予一个很明确的数字。 这是毫不惊讶,当首相在访问沙巴州期间宣布说,该购买金额的总数马币两亿四千五百万令吉,但后来卫生部长拿督廖仲莱在报上更正说,实际的价格是马币两亿八千万令吉,另外再加马币九千万令吉作为维修,提升及提供基本医药设施。

邱博士感到非常遗憾的是政府是如此毫无计划的处理购买该私人医院的问题,特别的是更没有提及关于该私人医院会继续使用其中的两层楼为期两年,直到新的第三沙巴医药中心建设完成。 政府没有做到自身的功课,如需要花费数百万令吉来购买建设及医药基本设施,然后才能有一个设备齐全的医院。 此外还需要增加更多的停车场,住宿,太平间,紧急室,救护车和其他的设施,这些可能需要另外的马币一亿令吉。 那么最后的价格数字用于成立这‘新’医院,是否需要马币四亿两千五百万令吉吗?

沙巴第一间的心脏中心将设立在该私人医院里,这是个好消息。 我们希望该计划可以迅速进行,因为有很多病人正在等待他们的设施,以治疗心脏的问题。

邱博士曾经向卫生部长拿督廖仲莱提出有关恢复沙巴卫生部的问题,拿督廖说该决定权是在于沙巴州政府是否要进行。 这是一个很好的提议,因为将能够直接控制和管理沙巴州自己的医药服务,而且由沙巴人直接管理更为有效妥善。 现在沙巴州有许多有能力和训练有素的专家和医生可以处理医疗服务,该是时候交还给沙巴人管理。 沙巴政府应考虑接受这一提议,也应该让位于更多沙巴人参与。
有联邦的财政援助这将绝对没有问题来成立沙巴本身的卫生部。 毕竟,根据马来西亚协定,我们是应该得更多到该方面的拨款及享有最好的医药设备。 本州首席部长在没有仔细的考量之下回应说不能接受该建议。 看似国阵没有能力进行这样一个简单的任务,反而必须依靠联邦来协助。