Tuesday, 2 June 2009

putatan rubbish problem

DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng had received numerous public complaint from Taman Pasir Putih, Putatan, concerning the garbage which had spilled over the garbage collecting station and strewn all over the surrounding area behind the shops of the new township here. Besides being an eyesore view for the landscape of this area, the smell from the rubbish is unbearable.

As according to some of the residents who lives in Pasir Putih, since they moved into Taman Pasir Putih 2-3 years ago, the rubbish is only collected once a week from their houses, thus forcing them to dump it at the common garbage collecting station near the shop lot, which is always over loaded. Furthermore some stray dogs also tear off those scattered garbage bags, resulting the garbage being thrown all over.
We are urging the Penanpang District Council to act immediately to remove the rubbish at the garbage collecting station and to increase the frequency of rubbish collection in Pasir Putih and Putatan residential area, so as to maintain a higher standard of cleanliness in Putatan. Pasir Putih had been developed into a highly populated area over the recent years, the District Council should ensuring the hygiene and beautification of all ours township, and should not compromise on public health and environment.
By : Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng
(Picture shows the filthy garbage collection centre)

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星多次接获必打丹巴西卜迪花园 (Pasir Putih, Putatan)的市民投诉有关于那里的新店铺后面垃圾收集站的垃圾散布四周,而污水也溢出满地上。 除了环境让人感到碍眼,其垃圾的臭味更是难以承受。

根据一些该处的居民说,他们搬进该园约三至两年前,垃圾车只有每周一次前往他们的住宅区收集垃圾,而迫使他们不得不把家里的垃圾扔到商店附近的垃圾收集站,使到该收集站常常堆积如山。 此外一些流浪狗还扯破了垃圾袋,结果垃圾都铺满该处。
民行党敦促兵南邦议会立即采取行动,清除该处的垃圾收集站,并增加在巴西卜迪花园和必打丹住宅区的垃圾车收集频率,以保持高的清洁水平。 近年来巴西卜迪花园和必打丹已经逐渐发展成为一个人口密集的地区,该市议会更应确保卫生和美化该处,不应忽略公众的健康和美好的环境。